Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Who muff not be fcandalized. 139 vfe ones 111 H-Heroi or the Pharifees? enf re. Chrifl feared not todifpleafe the grea-: tell, when it would be done by doing good : No more mul+you or they be pleafed by our negle& ofany duty. But Chrift was againft laying any trap before either Herodor the Pharifees,to make them fin. And it is not your cenfure of others that will warrant us to ufe them as Reprobates, forfaken of God. If every man that can be uncharitable enough, to call his neighbours.Pharifees or ene- mies of Chriff, without proof, (hall keepus from communion with them, then the worfe any man is, the more he (hall be Lordof all other mens confciences DIRECT, XXV. e not over-tender of your reputation with any fort of men on earth; nor too impatient of their cenfares , difpleafure, or contempt. : . He fangs of the cenforious are a common fcandal ; and as ftrong a fnare or temptation to force men, as worldly preferments are too- thers : When we come among men whom we take for themofl Religious, and hear therri keen- ly cenfureall for hypocrites, or fórmalifts, pro- fane or fchifmaticks , who are contrary to them in opinion or prafife ; at the firft we are in dan- ger of being carried away as Barnabat in diffìmu- lation, and to lay as they fay , or at leaa comply with