Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

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THE CURE U F Church-divifions:! OR, Direhions for weak Chriftians, to keep them from being Dividers, or Troublers of the Church. With fame Dire&ions to thePallors, how to deal with fuch Chrif}ians. By RichardBaxter. Job. 17.21. Fíat they 411 may be one, as thon, Father art in me and I in thee : that they al fo may be cne in us, that the world may believe that thou haftTent me. 22. /4nd theglory which thougávefl me,' have giver them, that they may be OTre, even as we are One. 23.1 in them,and thou in me, that theymay be made Perfet in Ole and that the world may know that thou haftlent me , and haft Loved them, 4s thoAl . haft loved me. t Cor. 1.10. Now Ibefeechyou, brethren,by the name of otir Lord fefur Cbriff, that ye allfpeak thefame thing, and that there beno divifions among you : but that ye be perfe5ly joined together in thefame mind, and in the fame judgment. t Cor. 3. 3. Fer ye areyet carnal : for where& there is among you envying and firifeand divifions, are )e not carnal, and walk e s men ? London, Printed for ?evil syzmonr at the three Crowns over againft IHolborn- Conduit, 16 7 Q.

M9,fAMAA'flfiAMilffA The Authors I. Purpofe,Il. Redfons and III. Prognoflicks of this Book. I, T is none of the buhnefs of this Book to fingle out any one Party in the world,& to tell you by Application how far they are under the guilt of Schifm : I med- dle with the Caufe, and leave each perfon to make application to himfelf, It is SIM- PLE CATHOLIC( CHRISTIANI- TYwhich I plead for , and the Love and Unity and Concord which are its Ligaments and Efieutial parts. And it is a SECT as a SECT, and a FACTION as a fanion, and not this or that seU or Faóion, which I deted and blame. Yet I doubt not but as in the fame City there are the wife and the foolifh, the found and the fick, and in the fame Army there are valiant men , and Cowards, fo in the fame Churches there are Chriftians of various degrees of Ofdor, , Integrity and ¡lrengtb : And all men fhould earneftly defire tobe of the prifefl, the Ho- lief/ and the molt fraitfd fort , and not of Aa the

the more erroneous, impure , or fcandalbt and unprofitable- And if the f ch will make themfelvesr a Party, . and call the found , the 4averfe Party, I will endeavour to be one of a Party in that fenfe ; and to obey God s exarly as I am able, and to werfhnp him fpiritu,dy and toddy as I can, and to 'Love him with all my 4ind , and Heart, no Strength, and lament that I reach higher , and do no more : And if any will call this by the name of Herefie or Schifrn, they fhall fee that I can avoid Herefie and Schifm at as dear a- rate , as enduwhichhe Name and Imputation of that avoid. It is not the Name of a Schifmatick that I amw iting againft, but the Th:ng, by. whatever Name it is called. It is UN i rY, LOVE and PEACE which I am pleading for : And it is DIVISIONS, HATRED and CONTENTION which I plead againfl : And it is the ¡fypacri f e of men which I detea, whobetray Loie, unity and Peace by a ludos kifs ; and ad defie them, not openly renounce them, but kill them with diffembling i d hem who cry them pup , while they down and follow peace with all men, that are not of their party, as the Dog followeth the Hare , to tear it in pieces and deftroy is : Who fight for LOVE by making. c- thers

thers feem odious and , nlovely ; By evil fur- mifìngs, proud under valuing the worth of others,, buie and groundlefs cenfuring of men, whole cafe they know not-, aggravat- ing frailties ; fligmatizing the perfonss , the anions, the worfhip and . religious perfor- mances ofdill-enters, with fuch odious ter- rible names, and Chara6ters; as their pride and faFion do fuggeft And all this to flrengthen the interel of their fide and party, and to make themfelves and their onfenters to feem Wife and Good, by mak- ing others feem foel:/h and bad Though -they thereby proclaim themfelves to be fo much the worm, by how much they are gnoft void of Love,. They are all for C'on- ord, but it is only on their narrow fa tious terms; T hey are for Peace; but it is not of the whole flreet, Eÿut of their hone alone ; or not of the whole City, but of their fi.reet alone ; or not of the whole Kingdoms , but oftheir City alone. O what a blefied thing werepeace, if all would derive it from their Wills, and terminate it its their mntertfl ; and they might be the Center of Unity to the world I that is, that they might be gods or Chrijh I fuch excellent Archítehs are they that theycanbuild Chrifts houle by pulling it in pieces ; and fuch excellent Chirur- geons, that theywill heal Chrifts body by A 3 feparating

feparating the members , and can make as many Bodies as there are fep/rated parts. 2, Nor is it any or much of the bufinefs of this book, to ípeak to thole that I think are deeplieft guilty of the Schifms of the Chriftian world : For they are out of hear- ing,and will not read or regard my writings. It is the Roman Head and Center of Unity which hath done moll to divide the Church. And it is the contending of Rome and Confiant:ro_ple for the Supremacy which 'oath made the greateft Schifms that the Chriftian world hath known And the Regiment of fuck Lords mutt anfwer:able to their Tower, and Greatnels; and the fim- pie terms of Chriftian Unity lef us by Chrift and his Apoftles,mufi be turned into a Religion large as the Decrees of all the Councels, and (fay hallo! 0-,em) and the Popes Decretals alto, Ari,r that there may be no way out of this wilde,nefs , but the Conteffors lirePent will , you muff not in all there fo much as di!t nguilh tundémentals from the refit 7 but fo much material belief is necFary tv Salvati n, as each mans oppor- tunities and helps obliged him to receive that is ; The faith which is neceffary to Salvation ( materially or objeChvely) is as various as the number of perlons in the world 5 To one more is necelffary to ano- then

ther lets, to foche none at all of the Chri- ftian faith). And you muff fuppofe that the Prieft is well acquainted with the internal ,capacity ofevery mans Soul , and with all the inttrutions , opportunities , and fug- geílions ofhis whole life, and can tell what meafure ofbelief he path , and whether it be proportionable to his helps; and fo can tell him whether he be capable of Salva- tion, though neither Pope nor Councel have given any Standard by which to judge. And though no man can beaffured of his own Salvation; and though another man could not be faxed by the faith that faveth him. So much are we miiaken to think that it is the Pope that bath the Keys of Heaven, when it is every Prieft , who is the onely judge of the meafures of the pert Eons faith. Thefe new made multiplyed Articles of Religion, thefe Additions to Chriftianity, this proud Church-tyranny, I doubt not is the great caufe of Schifm in the world : And when I have had oppor- tunity towrite againft it , I haveborn my teftimony againft it, as is yet legible. But -ic is not that fort of men that I am here molt to fpeak to : but to them that profefs to be more teachable and willing to know the truth. A 4 3, And

3. And yet I add though this Book be writtenprincipally to fave the darker fort of honeft Chriftians, from the fin and mifery of Church divifions , I write it not princi- p,aIly for them to read For I know their prejudice, weaknefs and incapacity, after- mentioned But I write it to remember the Teachers of the Churches , what prin- ciples they have to Preach and frengthen, and what principles--to confute and to de- liroy, if ever theymean to fave the peo- ple from this fateof fin, and the Churches from the fad effehs. And ifMinifters neg- t the faithful difcharge of fo great and heceffary a duty, let them remember that they were warned if they find themfelves 'overwhelmed in the ruipes. II. The Re4fons moving me to this work are thefe. Fira It is my calling to help to fave people from their fins ; and Church divi- lion is a heap offins. 2. The more I love them that I hope are tender Confcienced, and dare not fin, when they are convinced of it , the more I any bound to endeavour their convition , re- niembring who bath laid, Thou (halt not hate irhy 13,,rother in thy heart, thouHiatt in 411 wife ve sa e tphy Neighbonr and not [fiferfin upon 19,3 Z I 7'~ -`'3. LOVE

3. LOVE is not an appurtenance of my Religion, but my Religion it (cii. God us Love, andhe that dwelíetb in Love dsrelleth in eod, andGodin him : (who can fpe It a higher word of any thing in all the worid ?) Love is the end offaith, and faith is but the Bellows to kindle Love : Love is the ful- filling of all the Law; the endof the Gol ,psi;the nature and markof thrifts pilcï- pies ; the divine nature ; . the funi of poli- nefs to the Lord; the proper note by which to know , what is the man , and what his Rate, and how far any of his other ads are acceptable unto God : without which if we had all knowledge and belief all gifts of utterance and higheft profeffion , we were but as founding Brais , and as a tinkling Cymbal. And if all our goods were given to thepoor, and our bodies to the fire , it wouldprofit nothing. Love is our foretaft cf Heaven , and the perfeäionof it is Hea- ven it (elf , even the ifate and work of An- gels and ofSaints in glory. And he that is angry with me, for calling men to Love, is angry for calling them toHolinefs to God and Heaven. Holin e fs which is againft Lone isacontradiéion : It is a deceitful .name, which Satan putteth upon unholinefs. All Church principles which are againft Uni- .Cerfal Love, are againft god, and IHolineff, and

and the Churches life. And he that faith , he loveth God, and hateth his Brother is a Lyar. Tobe holy without Love , is to fee without light, to live without life. He that faid, The wifdom from above is f rfi cure, then parable, gentle, &c. did no more dreamof feparating them, thenofdividing the head of a man from his heart, to fave his life: yam. 3. 17. Nor nomote than he that faid, Fellow Peace with all men , and Holinefs Heb. 12.14. No neceffity can juftifie fuch a divilon : Holinefs and Leve to God, are but twonames for one thing. Love to God and toman, are like Soul and Body, thatare feparated no way but by death. Love and Pexceablenefs, differ but as Reafon and Rea- foning : Love may be without Pa[Jive Peace (from others tous,) but never without A- ive Peace (from us toothers.) 4.1 have had fo great opportunity inmy time, to fee the working of the myfterie of iniquity, againft Chriftian Love, and to fee in what manner Chriíls Houfe and King- dome is edified by divifions , that if I be ignorant after filch fad experience , I muff be utterly unexcufable , and of a feared Confcience, and a heart that feemeth har- dened to perdition. God knoweth how hardly fin is known in its ferret root , till men have rafted the bittercuefs of the fruit: Therefore Thereforehe hath permitted the two Ex- trcapjs to Phew thenifelves openly to the world in the effects : And one muff be not- ed and hated and avoided , as well as the other, I thought once that all that talk againíl Schifm and Seth, did but vent their malice againfl the bet Chriftians , under tlrode names : But f nco then I have feen what Love-killing principles ha-ie done ! I have long flood by. while Churches have been divided, and fub..divided; one Con- gregation ofthe divifien labouring to make the other contemptible and odious; and this called, the Preaching of truth, and the parer wor(biping of God : I have feen this growup to the height of Ranters in horrid ßlafphemies, and thenof 9,jakers , in dif- dain#ul pride and furlinels ; and into the way of ,Seekers , that were to feek for a Miniftry, a Church, a Scripture , and con- fequently a Chriff. I have many a time beard it breakout into more horrid revil- ings of the belt Miniftry and Godlieft peo- ple , than ever I heard from the molt malignant Drunkard : I have lived to fee it put to the Queftion in that which they called, the little Parliament, whether all the Minifters of the Pariffhes of England Mould be put down at once. When Love was frft killed in their own br afts, by thefe lame

fame principles, which I here detea, I have feen how confidently the killing of the King the Rebellious demolifhing of the Government of the Land , the killing of many Thoufands of their Brethren the turnings and overturnings of all kinds of Rule, even that which they themfelves fec up, have been committed and juftified, and prophanely fathered upon God. Thefe with much more filch fruits of Love- killing principles, and divifions I have feen. And I have feen what fierce, cenforious, proud, unchriftian tempers they have caufed or lignified In a word, I have long feen that eniotts wífdom (whatever it pretend) is not from above, but is earthly fenfual anddevilip ; and that where envy and /trite is upon pre- tence of Religious precedency of wifdorn there is centrafion andevery evilwerk, Jam.;. 15, 16. And if after fo long, fo fad, fo no- torious experience , you would have me lain to be tender of the brood of Hell , I mean thefe Love-deflroying wayes, and to thew anycountenance to that which really hath done all this, you would have me as blind as the Sodomites, and as obdurate as Pharaoh and his Egyptians , and utterly re- folved never to learn the will of God , or to regard either good or evil in the world. 5. The

5. The fate fins are continued in with- out repentance. The farepride and igno- rance is (till keeping open our divifions And if after filch warnings , as the world fcarce ever had the like, we (hall be ftill im- penitent ;, ifwe íha11 fin our (elves into fuf- fering, and fin in our fuffering as we did before, even the very fame fin ofDivifions which brought us to it; how heinous is our Crime, and how dreadful the Progno- flick ofour greater ruine ; And howguilty are thofe Minifters of the blood ofSouls , that will not tell men of the fin and dan- ger, 6. I know that Dividing Principles and Vifpofitions, do tend diretly to the ruine and damnation of thofe in whom they do prevail. That which killeth Love killeth all graceand holinefs , and killeth Souls That which quencheth Love, quencheth the Spirit (a thoufand fold more then the retraining ofour gifts of utterance doth:) That which banilheth Love , baniíheth God. That which is againft Love is againft the defign of Chrift in our Redemption , and therefore may well be called Anti. chriftian And if the Roman Kingdom (for fo it is rather to be called than a Church) had not fuch Moral marks of Antichriftia- nity,(which Dr. More hash - notably opened in

in his Myflerie Of iniquity ;) If they were not the Engineers for the vì- ifiors of the Chriftianworld ; by a falfo Genrer, and by impoffible terms of Unity , and by thti en- gine of tearing dividing impeOrions ; If a- mong them were not found the blood of the Saints and the, Martyrs of Jefus , I fhould in charity, fear to fufpet themof Antichri{lianity , notwithfianding all the Prophetical paílages which feern otherwife to point them out ; becaufe I fhould í6l1 fufpect my underfl anding of thofe Prophe- cies, when the Lawof Loving my neighbour my [elf, is plain to all. They are dangeroufly miflraken that think that Satan hath but one way to mens damnation. There are as many wayes to Hell, as there be to the extinguifhing of Love. And all tendeth unto this , which tendeth to hide or deny the Lovelit efs, that is, the ggood.nef$, of them whom I mutt Love : much more that which reprefent- eth them as dim. And there are many pretences and wayes to make my Neigh- boar Teem unlovely to me : One loth it as Effectually by unjuft or unproved accufa- tions of aingadlinefs , or Paying , Their wor- fhip is Antichriftian, formal , ridiculous , vain ; as another Both by unuft and un- proved accufations of Schifm,Difobedience

or Sedition. And they that love Godli- nefs, may be tempted to call off their love of their Neighbours , yea of the truly Godly, when they once believe that they are ungodly. And the white Devil is a Love- killer as well as the black. He is as mortal anenemy to Lóve, who backbiteth another, and faith , he is Prophane , or he isan empty formalift, or he is a lukewarm temporizing complying manpleaferJ as he that faith {He is a pievith factious Hypo- crite.] I am Pure he was no Malignant, nor intended to gird at Godlinefs, nor togrieve good men, who told us that it is Satans way to transform himfelf into an Angel of Light ( that is , one that pretendeth to make higher motions for Light and for Re- ligions ílrianefs, than Chrift himfelf doth5) and that his Minders are fent forth by him as Alinifltrs of Rágbteaufnefs, 2 Car. 11. 14515)16. who will feemmore Righteous, than the Preachers of truth. Satan will pretend to any fort of firit}nefs , by which he can but mortifie Love. If you can de- vile any fuch flridnefs of opinions , or ex- ailnefs in Church orders , or f}rietnefs in worfhip, as will but help to kil/ meals love, and fet the Churches in divifons, Satan Will be your helper, and will be the ílrid & and exateft ofyou all ; He will reprove Chrift

Chriff as a Sabbathbreakers and as a glut- tonous perfon, and a Wine-bibber , and a friend (or Companion) of Publicans and Sinners, and as an enemy to ciefar too. We are not altogether ignorant of his wiles, as young unexperienced Chriftians are. You think when a wrathful envious heat is kindled in you again ft menfor their faults, that it is certainly a zeal of Godsexciting But markwhether it have not more wrath than Love in it : and whether it tend not more todifgrace your brother than to cure him, or tomakeparties and divifiions than to heal them : It it be fo, if St. lames be not deceived , you are deceived as to the author ofyour zeal , yam, 3. i 5, 16. and it hash a worfe Original than you fufpec. It is one of the greateft reafons which mak- eth me hate RoLniflh Church tyranny, and Religious cruelties againft diffenters, be- caufe as they come from want of Love, fo I am fare that they tend to deftroy the Love of thofe on whom they are inflifted, and to domore hurt to their Souls than to their Bodies. The Devil is not fo filly an An- gler as to fifh with the bareHook; nor fuch a Fool as when he would damn men , to in- treat them openly to be damned ; nor when he would kill mens Love, to intreat them plainly, not to Love but hate their neighbours

neighbours : But he doth it by makingyou believe that there is just and neceffary caufe for it ; and that it is your duty, and that you should be lukewarm in the caufe of God, of truth of Godlinefs , if you did not do it : that fo you may go on without fcruple, and do foagain, and not repent. Even they that killed Chrifts Apoftles,did it as a duty , and a part of the fervice of God, yoh. r 6. 3, And Paul himfelf did once think verily that he ought to do mangy things which he did, againfi the Name and Caufe and Servants of Jefus, Ac . 26.9.' And as hedid, fo he was doneby ; and as he meafured to others, it was meafured to him again ; For they that bound themfelveì in an oath tokill him did deeply interef e God and confcience in the cruelty. But be- lieve it, it is Apoftacy to fall from Love : your fouls dye , when Love dyeth. The opinions, the ChurchPrinciples,, the fide- ings , the Pra&ifes , which deftroy your /bye, deftroy your graces and your fouls: You dye whileyou haveaname to,live, and think that you grow apace in Religion Thereforebetter unrderfland the Tempter and whenbackbiters are deriding or vilify- ing your neighbours, take it to fignifie in plain English [I pray you love not thefe men, but hate them,] And I have told B yo

you in this Treatife , that when one faith unjuttly [Kill them, banijh them.1 and ano ther faith [J-lave no Communion with themj ¡E is too often the fame inward afieetion which both exprefs, but invarious wayes They are agreed in the gumption , that their neighbour is unlovely. And when Love is dead,and yet Religion feemeth to furvive and to be increafed by ir, it is lamentable to think what a dege- nerate, fcandalous , hypocritical Religion that will be, and how odious and &ho- nourable to God. To preach without Love, and to hear without Love, and to pray without Love , and to communicate without Love, to any that differ from your Sea., O what a loathfome Sacrifice is it, to the God cf Love ? If we mutt leave our guift at the Altar, till we are reconciled to- one offended brothcr what a gift is theirs,, who are unreconciled to alma' all the Churches of Chritt ? or tomultitudes of their Brethren,becaufe they arenot of their way yea, that make their Communion, . thevery badge and means of their uncha- ritablenefs and divitionsl Sirs, thete are not matters of indifferency, nor tobe indulged by any faithful Pattor of the Church. 7, And I know that thefe principles are s mortal to the Churches, as they are to- Sosdh

souls. And that ifever the Churches have peace, protperity or healing; it mui be by the means of Loveand concord , and by de- ftroying theprinciples which would defiroy them. One thinketh that it mutt be by a Spanifh Inquifition, and by forcing or kill- ing the diflencers ; And another thinketh it muff be by Excommunicating them all and making them odious, and making their own party feern thereby to be better than theirs. But I know that it muff be by re- vived Love ; or it will never be. I know it, and whoever is angry with me for it , I can- not choofe but know ir. When the Papills hadmurdered fo many hundred thoufands of the Albigenfes and Waldenfes, who would bave thought , but they had done their work '' When the French Maffacre had murdered 3ooc© or 4c oo, and difpatcht the Leaders of the Protefiant party, who would have thought that they had but ftrengt!hened them e When the Duke D' Alva had done fo much to drown the Belgick Proteftants in blood he little thought that he was but fortifying them. Queen Maries Bithops little thought that their Englifh Bonfires were but to light men to fee the mifchief of their caufe ; and like the firing of a Beacon to call all the Land to take them for the Enemies ofman - B kind,

kind ; and that the cafe would have been fo quickly altered. When the Irifh had murdered two hundred thoufand, they lit- tle thought that they had but excited the Survivers tö a terrible revenge. I will come no nearer,- but you may eafily do it your (elves. if we bite and devour one another, theball be_devoured one ofanother, Gal. 5.15. The queftion is, but who (hall be devoured firft , and who referved for the fecónd -courfe. If any man have an ear to hear let him hear : He that leadeth into captivity fball go into captivity : He that killeth with the Sword, mull be killedwith the Sword : Here is the Patience and Faith of the Saints. Rev. 13. 9. jo. God Ruleth the world Bill when he worketh not miracles ! Have we not feen a proud \rietorious Army dif- folved without a drop of blood and have we not feen that God approveth not of proud Pelf- exaltation, and violating the Sacred power of our Governours , and ufurping their places of Authority : Hath not the drunken world had yet experience enough to teach them, that the Church of God is not to be built up or repaired, by their tumultuous quarrellings and frayes. How long Lord, muff thy Church and Cade, be in the hands of unexperienced furious fools, who know not what Holinefs or

or Healing is, but think that vi&ory over mens Bodies , mull be the cure of their Souls, and that hurting them is the way to win their Love ! or that a Church is con-, ftituted of Bodies alone while semis are ab-, lent, or no parts who will make them- felves the Rulers of thy Flock in defpite of thee and of thy Caule and Servants, without thy call or approbation , and think that the workof a Soldier, is the work of a Faheyand a Phyfician! whole cures are all by amputation; and whole piety confift- eth in flying from each other , and efreena-; ing and ufing their Brethren as their foes ; who fcatter thy flocks on all the mountains, when Chi ill hath prayed that they may all be one ! Perhaps, Reader, thou art one ofthem that thinketh, that the fettlement and happinefs of the Church , mull be won like a game at foot-ball; and therefore fcrupleft not to tofs it in the dirt , and tumultu- oufly to ftrive with and ftrike up the heels ofall that are againfr thee, (fo that peace- able paffengers cannot fafely come near your game or pals the ftreets.) But when you have got the Ball,have youdone the work,: Are you frill fo ignorant as not to know, how uncertain frill you are to keep it , and that one fpurn can take it from l'you ;' And fuppofe

fuppofe you could fecure all your con- quefts, are the Churches healed ever the more a Mens hearts mutt be conquered be fore this healingwork is done. And there- fore the Apoftle faith that we are more than Conquerours, whenwe are killed all the day longand accountea as Sheep to the "laughter, Rom, 8. 34, 3 5. that is, it is more gain and honour to our felves , to fuffer'in faithand patienceby our enemies , than to conquer them in the field; And it is more profita- ble alto unto them, and tendeth toa more defirable conqueft of them : Becaufe when Conquerors dobut exafperate them; and if we hurt their bodies, we harden them the more againft our caufe , and againft the means of their own Salvation , our patient Martyrdom and fiiffering by them, may tend at lait to open their eyes , and turn their hearts, and fave their fouls , by thew-, ing them the Truth , the coednefs and the Power of Chrift, and of his Word and Spi. rit " This is the meaning of being more than Conquerours. The /rip are conquered by us, but not converted The Scots and .ngli fb were çonVeyed by Cromwell , but their hearts were not conquered , nor their Religion changed by him. They that trin% that if they could get and keep the upper ground , and have Diflenters bodies and (fiats

eftates at their will:, they could loon fettle the Church inUnity and Concord , do tell all the world, how ignorant they are ofthe ,,natureofChriftianity, and . of the fear of God, and of the means of thepeace and Con- fordof the Church : Eitheryou would give -up your own judgments and Confc>ence.r, or praelice your felves to the will of men , if you were in their power, or not. Ifyou n+odel no.t, why Ihotild you think that others will t .Ifyouwould, yoça do but tell the world , that you are Atheifls , and have neither a God, nor Confcience , nor Reli- gion. But it is not evidence enough ofyour folly, to fay in your hearts there is no God, and to fear them that can but kill the body, more than Him that canpunifh both body and foul in hell; but you muff alto fhevv that you know neither God nor Man , by thinking that all others are Atheifts allo, and judging of themby your fives ; as if they fet their $owls and their everlalling hopes, at as bate a price as you do yours. I tell you again that a Bartel ora Foot -ball skuffle will not fettle, thedifcompofed and divided Churches ; unlefs you think that a heapof CarkafTes (lain in the field, pof- ¡refs the quietnefs, and concord which you delire : The Soul is the man , and Love is the ÇhritianLife, and the true CenIerIr. L 4 the

theChurches unity -And Lovemutt caufe Love , as fire cauteth fire ; And hurtful wrath lothmolt powerfullyquench it, and bath thefe fifteen hundred )7 ars,(but efpe- daily thefe thirteen hundred) been the wolvifh Scatterer of the flocks of Chrift And mutt that be now the way tó build it, which path fo long been the way to pull it down. It is Love that mutt be our Union, and Love that muff caufe it, or we fhall taevez have the Union of á Chriffian Church. By this fhall all men know that you are Chrifts Difciples,ifyou have Love one toanother. Ifyou believe not this,pre- tendnot to believe in JefusChrift, who doth affirm it. I confefsI am fo far guilty of fuperftition my' felf , that if I had been one of the Changers ofour ancient Government , I íhould have been fomewhat the moreback- ward for his ,carnefake to the beheading of Chrifiopher Love, left it Ihould be an ill 9men both to Church and State , but efpe- dally to the *4Eorsof it. 8. Another of the Motives of this Dif. courfe is , becaufe I know that times of gnoft temptation , are times of greateft danger , and commonly of greateft fin. And all faithful Paflors muff know what 'aie the fpecial Temptations of the Time and

and Place which they live in. When had we ever greater Temptations toLove-kill- ing principles and practices than now , ex- cept in the times of the miferable wars ? I need not name them to you. The harder it is for men to Love them that hate them, that cenfure them unjuftly that revile them, and reproach them, and make them odious, or that hurt them, the more caufe have Minifters and all Chriftians to fet a double watch upon their Love ; Left before they are aware , a flaming and confuming zeal, do tell others that they know not what manner of Spirit they are of, Luk. 9. 55.. 9. Yea it is not only a time of great Temptation to this fin,but of commonguilt : They are multitudes that are overtaken al- ready with this fin. Is not the Land in a continual heart war ? Are there not parties againft parties, and caufe againft caufe, and heart-rifings , and pallions, and cenfurings of Difíenters, to fay no work And is it not time to bring water when we fee the flames ? io. And I perceive fern knew fo heinous a fin tobe any fin at all ; But all _factions and parties are ftill juflifying their Love - killing wayes, and reproaching thofe whom they bave wronged ; As ifwhen they have fin- fully withdrawn their Love from them , it were

were no crime to take away next, their goodnames , and all that they have but power to take away. Andwhen they have cafe their brethren out of their eJhnsation and affe¿T on, they think it a piece of coin vendable zeal or juftice, to calf them ous ofChrif}ian communion, and ifthey could out of the Land and of the world. And ;hall Minifters ftand by , and fee men take luch fin for duty., and fcrve gadby abufing his Servazstc, and look for a reward for di. viding and pulling doWn his Church , and sever tell them what they are doing. i 1. And the old Nonoconformifts who wrote fo much againft feparation, were neither budnor temporizers. They faw the danger on that fide. Even Brightman on ,R.ev. that writeth againft the Prelacy and Ceremonies, feverely reprehendeth the fe- paratifts.Read but the writings of Mr. John Paget, Mr. fohn Ball , Mr. Hilder(bam , Mr.13n:ultimo , Mr. B'ai se, Mr. j athband , and many fach others againft the feparatifts of thole times, and youmay learn that our Light is notgreater, but lefs than theirs, and that we ire t;ot further into that caufe than they did ; and that change of times' doth not change the truth ; nor will warrant us ochange our Religion,unlefs we will make our It elision fubjeCt to the wills and inte- refis

refis ofmen , and change it as oft as the times fhall change. 12. Laftly, if ypurfriends tell you not of your faultsand errors in Love, thole whom you account your enemies will do it in wrath. And though all lober Chriftians thould learn by the keeneft rebukes of their Adverfaries, yet paffion and prejudice ma. keth it fo difficult, that it ufually hardeneth men more in their fin: And this is another thing, whichcaufeth me the more to abhor divifion, and to long for the reconciling of the minds of all diffenting Chriftians; Be- caufe while they take each other for adver- fades, nothing that is written or laidby any is like todo the Adverfaries any good. Nay I muff confefs when,I fee an adverfary tell men of their fin, efpecially with furious fpleenand wrath, mixing together words and fwords, I amgreatly afraid, left by that temptation, Satan will draw the reproved to impenitency, and greatly harden them in their fin, and make themglory in that as a virtue, which filch a perfon loth fo re.: prove. But if you will neither hear of your fin nor duty by adverfaries nor friends, by fair fpeeches nor by foul, you faften the guilt upon your felves. Remember I pray you, that I am not kindlinc, fires, nor drawing Swords

I! Swords againft you,nor furringupany to do youhurt, but only perfwading all diffen- ters to love oneanother, and to forbear but all that is contrary to love. And if fuch an exhortation and advice kern injurious or in- tollerable toyou, the Lord havemercy on your Souls. I I I. And nowwithout a fpirit of Pro- phecy I will foretel what entertainment this Paper muft expe&. I. Some on the one fide will fay; It is arper and rounder dealing than all this, that muft cure the Schifines in the Church: And if you would heal our Divifions, why doyou not conform your felt, but fand out as one of the party that diyideth ? 2. Some on the other fide will fay, that it is an unfeafonable time, when fo much anger is breaking forth againft thofe that we account Dividers, to mention their faults, and fo to fir up more. I will give thofe men noother anfwer, than tobid them read the laft part of this Book; or elfe do not talk till they knowof what. 3. And force will fay that I am doing that which will prove ahurt to my elf and others. For,if I fhould,draw thePeople to Communionwith the Conformifts, there would little companion be (hewed to the Minifters that cannot conform. But fel- fifh

fi(h wifdome muff be Phut out of the Coun- cil, when we are confulting about the heal- ing of the Churches, and the good ofSouls. And indeed there is little danger of this confequence, as long as the people are far more averle to Communion or Concord with the Parifh-Churches, than the Non- conforming Minifters are. But fuppofe it prove true,fhouldwe not do good to Souls, and fave men from fin, and heal divifons, at the deareft rate ti What though it colt us more than is here mentioned ; The reviving of decayed Love, and theclofureof any of the Churches wounds, is a recompence worth our liberties and lives. 4. And thofe that atemolt guilty of the Love-killing principles here detected, and are moli eminent in felf-conceited ignorance, will do by me and by this book, according to their Principles, and as they ufe todoby others, Before they have foberly read it over, they will carryabout theSeófarian re- ports of it from hand to hand; And when one hath laid it, the reft will affirm it, that [1 have clawedwithone party,and have gir- ded at theother, and have fought to make them odiousby bringing them under the re- proach ofSeparation, and ofcenfuring and avoiding theungodly; and that being luke- warmmy Pelf, and complyer with fin, I would

wouldhave all others dolt) too : And that thefe Reconcilers are neither flelh nor fith; and attempt impoffibilities, even to recon- cile Light and darknefs, Chrift and Belial And that for the fake of Peace we would fell the Truth, and would let in Church- corruptions out of an overeager defire of Agreement : And when they have all done, neither party will regard them, but they !hall fare worfe than any others; and will lofe both fides,whileft they are for neither.] I know it is the natureof the difeafe which I am curing, tofend forth fuch breath and fcentsas thefe ; And I intend not tobellow a word to anfwer them. 5. And fome of the wife and foher Mi- nifters, who markmore the inconveniences of one fide,thanof the other,and lookmore to outward occurrences, than to the ?Rule, and to the inward !fate of Souls ; efpecially fuch as have not feen, the times and things that I have Peen, will think that though all this be true, it is unfeafonable, and may give advantage 'to fuch as love not Reformation. And to them I !hall return this anfwer. I. That if we !fay feven years acre for a feafonable time, tooppofe the radical finof uncharitablenefs, we may be in our grave?, and the !inners in their graves, and the fin may be multiplied and rootedpaft all hope of

ofremedy. And why may you not as well flay fevers years more, for a feafonabie time, to Preach down all other finsas well as thisc Is this the leaft malignant, or leaft dange rous fin ? 2.. Therewas nevera more fea- fonable time to tell menof their fin, that when the tempt Lion to it is the greateft when it is rngft growing and multiplying among us , Wheit Goehath been fo hei- noufly difhonoured by it; when theworld loth ring of it 5 when many Volumes re. proach them for it ; And when the fenfual and ungodly are hardened by- it in their fcornof godlinefs, to the apparent peril of their damnation : yea more , to tarn our complaints fron Law-givers upon our felves. It is want ofLove, and it is Dividing principles and prances, that have filenced fo many Minifters, and brought us into all theconfufions and calamities which we fee and undergo. 6. But there are many fincere and confìà derateMinifters, who knowing this which I fay tobe true, will be the more excited by, it to lead the youngerand paflionate fort of Religious people, into the wayes cf Love and peace, and to fave them from the dan- gers here detected, and perfwade them to the praâife of thefe Directions. And for the ufe of thefe I write this Books And

And yet, to end asI began, I mufi add the ee notices, for your right underftanding of it. Y, That this is not my firft attempt up on thiswork ; but the progrefs of what I have been upon theee three and twenty years. About fifteen or fixteen years ago, I preacht on the third Chapter of Saint f ames,in a larger and a elder manner on this Subject, than here I write: becaufe the times thencalled me to it. 2. I perfwade no Chriflian to juftifie or own the fins or the leaft defects of any Church, Minifter or People, in their Wor (hip or in their lives,though I perfwadeyou toCommunion with the Churches, perlons and worthip.acions , which have many faults (For on Earth there is no perfon, Church, or Worfhip faultlefs, and without corruption.) I juftifie not the faults of my own daily Prayers, and yet I never pray without them. 3. I am not perfwading Minifters to any unwire and unfeafonable Preaching, againft the dividing Principles of the weak, when the neceflitiesof the Auditory more require other Doctrine ; (Much lefs to exafpera- ting railings and inveetives ; And leaft ofall towrathful violence). But onlywith pru- dence, in feafon and with Love and gentle nefs,

nefs , to-lead men into the truth . If even with Infidels and Hereticks , the Servant of the Lordmull not /lrive, but begentle to all men ;apt to teach; paticnt,in meeknef inß u cling thofc that oppofe therefeltes, ifGod, per- adventure will give them repentance-to the acknowledgingof the truth, 2 Tim. 2, 24, 2;. How much more muff the Children of Gods family be ufed with Loveand tender- nefs. But if the fiercenefs ofany contradict what I fay, I only add, that it is not an un- experienced perfon that fpeaketh it , but one who through the mercy of God, hath long kept a numerous flock in Love and unityand peace by fuch like means; and hath teen the lamentable effec`Is of the,cona teary way. 4. While I fay fo much in this Treatife againft the ralb centring ofothers, I give you not the rule for mens cenCuring of them f -Ives : They know more by them., (elves : They may fearch into the depth of their hearts and intentions , which we can- not do. They are allowed to be more fufpicious & cenforious of then ìfeives, than ofany others : It more concerneth them : And they have more to do with theme (elves; and may be bolder with themfelve*. We judg others inorder to vitible Church- Communion by vifible and publick evi- C deuce.

dence. But in order to their preparation for the judgment of God , we muff dire& them to judge themfelves according to the truth in the inward parts. 5. While.' draw you to peace and mo- deration towards others, I defire not to quench the l'eaff degree of Chriffian zeal: Nay I endeavour to kill that which would kill it. The purified peculiar people of the Redeemer are zealous , but of what ? not to confume and deflroy one another, nor to hateand flye from one another ; nor to vilifie and backbite oneanother ; but they are zealous of good works : And Paul will tell you what aregood works, Gal. 5. x 232 3. Love, joy, peace, long-fuffering , gentlenefs, goodnefs, faith, meeknefs, temperance Be zealous in Loving all Chriftians as Chri- fians, and all mess men : Be zealous for peace : It it be po f jible, as much as in you lyetb,live peaceably wish all men,Roni. 2 z 8. Be zealoufly patient-, gentle, good, meek, temperate:And theworks of the fiefhare-- hatred, variance , emulation, wrath , firife, (edition, herefies : A zeal for thefe is earthly fenfual and devili(b , as lames telleth you. And remember that the word which is tranflated there [Envyl is [ Zeal] in the Original : But our tranflators were afraid, left the prophane would have miftaken it , if

it they has tranflated it [Zeal] ver. 16. where zeal and firife is (that is , a /lriving contentious zeal) there is confuPion andevery evil work.] If you believe this , how dare yeti blame me for writing to rave you from confa/Jon andevery evil ,yorá ? á.I Will conclude with the repetition of one thing delivered in this Treatife; that among all the rufl, two feparating dividing principles will never give peace to the Churchwhere they prevail. The one 15; the confounding mens ?'isle to viß6le Church Member/htp and Communion, with their Title to Juftification and Salvation. Theother is, the Impofing ofnew terms and titles of Vifible memberfhip and Cormitz; pion ; and rejeäing the fufliciency of the terms and title of Chrifls appointment. Chrift path folemnly and purpofely made the BaJtifmal Covenanting with him to be the terms and title to Church ñ emberfhip and Communion; And the owning ©f this fame Covenant is the fufhcient Title of the adult. And the impofers that cone after,' and require another kind of evidence of Converfion , or Sanelication than this, doconfound the Church, and enflame the people,, and leave no certain wayof tryal -, but makeas various terms and tïtles,ras there are various degrees of wifdoae andCha. C á city

rity, and various opinions, in the Paftors (yea in all the people to whom they allow the judgement oflush Caufes) in the fe- weral Churches. In this point , the fober Anabaptifts feem tocome nearer the truth than they. I add no more, but Chrifts condemn, that a houfe or Kingdom divided againft it felf cannot Rand ; The Book it felt was written near twoyears ago but this Pre. face, Feb. 2.1669.

MiiiMMittttgffM AN ABSTRACT, OF THE DIRECTIONS 1. Orget not the difference between the younger fort of C'hriflians , and the Elder. The e ril ofthe Church fromy.onng Chriftians. p Obferve theferret workings offpiritual pride,and how deep reotedand odicu, afin it is, and what fpecial temptations toil, the younger andemptier fort of Chri- dans have. 3. Overvalue not the Common gift of utterance, nor ea highprofefon, 43 if grace were appropriated to fuck alone, who are to be called Profefors, , API not to be made eminent and confpicuous in ho/me/s, by Handing at a further diflance from corn- mon Chriflians, than God would haveyou. .underfland the true differencebetween the Church as Vifibre and as Regenerate or myflical ; and the fe yeral qualifications of the Members. that Scandals were in the primitive Churches, in Scripture times, 6. Under%land well the different Conditions and terms of Communion with the Church as m}fiical and vi(ible, and the different priviledges of the.members that you may not prefume to :impfe any Conditions C 3 which

which God bath not impojed , nor ssnjuftly grudge at the pretence of thofe that are notfncere. 7. Get alit' and deep appréhenfiani of the neceffity And reafons Of Chriftian Vnity and Concord ; andof thefin and mifery ofdivife;onsanddifcord : what Scrip- turefaith herein. 8. When any thing needethh amendment in the Church, the belt Çbrifians msa%t be the forward.eft to Reform , and, the back ardelt to divide on that pre- tence. 9. Forget not the great di,erence between the Churches calling out the impenitent ; and'the Gedlycs tepíratinnfromthe C'hi-srch it feif, becanfe the wicked Are not caft out. Thefirfi is agreat duty : the fecond uftsally a greatfin. LUth'ers cafe. 1,10. Lxpeff not that any one lawfully received into the Church by Baptifm, fhould be call aut of it,or denyer the priviledges of :he Church , but according to the rues ofChriftian difcipline, by theposer of theKeys ; that is, for olflinate irnpenitency in a grofs or fcanda- lots fin, upon proof , and after (iifficient private and public!admonition. at. Underftand what the Power of the Keys is, and what the Paftors office it ; as they are the 'Çovernòuurì of the church, entraffed by thrift with the power of admiffton and re eciion thatfo you may know how . far you are to refl. in the Patton judgment , and may 'nòí ufurp anypart of their office to yourfelves. St.vdy veil Chrifts gr.:cior nature and office ; and his great reaclinefs to receive the wealeft that come to him ; that fi you may defire a Church difciplinè Agreeable to the Gofpel. 13. ret leftyou run into the torteexercam, remem- ber(till that the clef /raying offin , and thefanaifjing -of

of man to God, was the work of our Redeemer : And that Holinefs and Peacemull go together : "4nd that or open Church-order and difcipline, mi(l be fubfir- vientto the inward fedrituality and,profperity of the Church-regenerate; wind no fetch favour mull be Jhhezeed:tofanners a1 favourethfin, and hindereth Ho- 1 inefs. I4. Though your Governours are the Nudges , whit perfonsfhall be of your publick-Church- Communion ; yet it is you that mull judge who arefit or unfit foryour private familiarity. Vnderfland how much it path pleafed God to lay all mens happinefr or mifery upon their own choice 4nd f ek not to alter this order of God. 16. Though theprofeffonof Chriflianity which en- titleth men to Church-Communion, mufl..lie credible ; yet remember that there are varioi degrees of Credi- bility : And that every Profejon which is not proved falfe, it credible infetch a degree as mNfl be accepted by the Church. 17. Know how far it is that either Grace or Gift; are neceffaryto a 1!/finrf er, that you maygive to both .their due. a $. Vaderfland well the neee ity of your Commu anion with all the Zlniverfal Church, and wherein it confffeth; and how far it is to be preferred before your Communion with anyparticular Church. J9. Engage not your¡elves too far in any divided Sea, and efpotefe not the interefl of any party of (hri.- ¡liant, to the neglea or injury ofthe univerfal Church, and the Chriflian Caufe. ;ea. Be very fa fpicious ofyour Religious paffions, and carefully diflingu fhbetween a found andfnful zeal ; lea;you father your fan on the Spirit of God , and !Ç 4 think

think 3014 pleafe him more when you molt offend him. 21. Lendnot apatient ear to backbiters ; nor ha- filly believe the molt religiouspeople, when they fpeak ill of others. 22. Make notyour elves judges of other mens 4.. Wons ; much lefs of theirflare, before you have a Call; or before you havefkfficient knowledge of the perfon and cf theCate. 23. iliftake not the nature ofthe fin of Scandal, as ifit were the bare chfpleafing of another :when it is the laying of ftumbling-blockor occafion offinning before another. 24. Make Conircience ofS'eandiliting one party as well as another : and thofe moll, who are molt in danger by your et;nce. al. Be not over tender of your reputation with any firt ofmen on earth : nor too impatient of their difplea- litre cenfures or contempt. But live above them. 26. life not your felves (needlefly) to the familiar company of thatfirt of Chrigians, who ufe to cenfure them that 4re morefiber,Catholickand charitab. e than themfelves you be as much or more, with the fobererfort, who willlimo you the fin and mifchief of Love.killingprinciples and divifions. 27. Take heed of mil-judging ofthe anftters of your prayers, and of taking' thofe things to be from God, which are but the ejfeds of your prejudice pailion or we2knefs ofunderflanding. 28. !Do not too much reverence the revelations, im-. pulfes confident opinions of any others upon the Account of theirfincerity or holinefc ; but try all judi- ciou y and foberly by the word of God. 2P. Takf

Take heed leafl the trouble of your own difquiet- ed doubting minds, do become a fnare , to draw you to force uncouth way of Cure ; andfo make the fancy of force new opinion , fed or pra lice , tofeem your reme- dy, and giveyou eafe ; andfoperfwadeyou that it is the certain truth. 30 Keep in the rankofa humble difciple or Learner in Chrifis Church, till you erefit and called to be Tea- chers yourfelves, 31. Grow up in the QreatTub practical truths and duties; andgrew downwards in the roots of aclearer belief of the Word of God, and the life to come : And neither begin tooloonwith doubtful opinions , nor ever lay too much upon them. 3 2. Lay not a greaterflrefs uponyour different words and manner of prayer , than God hath laid : And take heed of (corning , reproaching or jli.;hting, the words and Manner of other mens worfhip , when it it fuch as God accepteth from thefincere. Where the Cafe e about forms ofprayer is handled. 3 3. whenyou are [we that other mens way of :tor- fhip i f nful ; yet make it not any other, or greaterfin, than indeed it is 5 andfpeak not evil o ffomuch in it as is good : Andflander not God as a hater or reje .er of all mens Services which are mixt with infirmities ; or as apartial hater of the infirmities of others , aid not yours. 3 4. Think.nct that all is unlawfully obeyed which r unlawfully commanded. 35. Think not that you areguilty of all the faults of other mens worfhip with whomyou joyn ; no not of the Miniflers or Congregations :, Nor that youare bound to feperate from all the worfhip which ù faultily perform- ed ; For then there mull. be no Church- Communion upon

upon Earth. where wmore about extemporary prayer and impofed forms. 36. ret know ghat Paflors andChurch-Communion youtoy joyn with, andshatnot : And think not that am perfwadingyou tomake no difference. 37. Inyour judgingof Difcipline, refornsation,and any means o,4tke Churches good be fare your eye be dpon the true End; andupon the particular Rule; and sot on either of them alone. Take not that for a means yhich is either contrary to the word of Cod ; or is in itsnature defiruClive of the end. 38. Neglet1 not any truth of God ; much leis re- pounce it, or deny it. But yet do not take it for your duty to publifhall, whichyou judge to be truth ; nor á fin to (Uwe many leffer truths , when the Churches peace and welfaredothreguire it. 39. Know which are the Great duties o fa Chrifliar life, and wherein the Harare of true Religion loth con- And then retend not any lef jer duty , againi thefegreater ; hough the leafy when it is indeed a duty, ù not to be denyedor neglected. 40.. labour for a found juigement to know good from evil, leafs you troubleyour felves and others by miftakes ; Forfake not the guidance of a judicious Teacher, nor the Companyof the agreeing generalityof the Godly. 41. Let not the barefervour of a Preacher , or the lot«dn f of .ham voice , or ofeElonate utterance, drag you toofar to admire or follow him, without a proportion of folid underftanding and judicioufnefi. 4L Tour beliefof the neceffary Articles of faith, muft be made your own, and not taken .meerly on the Authority ofany. And in all points of belief or pra_ slice, which are neceffary to 4alvation, you me eve?- ---- = keep