Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

149 Defpife not man, nor lay any Mumbling blocks be= fore them ; but as toyour ozrn intereft in their e- fteems ( farther than Gods fervice and their be- nefit requireth it) account it but a fhadow, and a thingo.f.nought : And fay of it as Paul, With me it isa very(mall thing , to be judged of you or ofmans day ( or judgement) For Ihave one;that judgeth me even the Lord. r Cor. 4. 3. his 0 0 (NChriltians) it is GOD, it is only GOD, whole infallibility ., juftificatiòn_, and unfpotted truth and goodnef, you muff make your rref}.It is Heaven,it is Heaven,it is only Hp. wen where perfe& truth, and impartial righte- ,oufnefs, and the full vindication of all the jut+, and the fruition of perfe& Love and Concord, is to be expe&ed : and where malice, and lies, and difcord, and the father of them, are totally and finally ihuto:it. As yo'a would not be ufed as Hypocrites by God, and deprived of the true Rewardof faith, feek not after the hepocrites reward ! What is the applaufe of mortal man ! Can younot bear thecenfure of fuçh a ihadow.ì How then would you fuffer martyrdome for Chrift ? Over-value not the efleem of Highor Low,oF thereat or of the Godly, ofthe many or of the few. Gods ap- probation isfuflcient to be your reward. See tl- t you be Godly, and then be more indifferent though you are thought ungodly. See that you le loyal, and peaceable, and then you may bear it, if yoube cal= led the contrary. Abhor all unwarrantable di- vifions,and thenyou may bear to be reputed fchif aticks. Study you to be good, and not tobe ac- counted good. N 3 And