Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

THE CURE U F Church-divifions:! OR, Direhions for weak Chriftians, to keep them from being Dividers, or Troublers of the Church. With fame Dire&ions to thePallors, how to deal with fuch Chrif}ians. By RichardBaxter. Job. 17.21. Fíat they 411 may be one, as thon, Father art in me and I in thee : that they al fo may be cne in us, that the world may believe that thou haftTent me. 22. /4nd theglory which thougávefl me,' have giver them, that they may be OTre, even as we are One. 23.1 in them,and thou in me, that theymay be made Perfet in Ole and that the world may know that thou haftlent me , and haft Loved them, 4s thoAl . haft loved me. t Cor. 1.10. Now Ibefeechyou, brethren,by the name of otir Lord fefur Cbriff, that ye allfpeak thefame thing, and that there beno divifions among you : but that ye be perfe5ly joined together in thefame mind, and in the fame judgment. t Cor. 3. 3. Fer ye areyet carnal : for where& there is among you envying and firifeand divifions, are )e not carnal, and walk e s men ? London, Printed for ?evil syzmonr at the three Crowns over againft IHolborn- Conduit, 16 7 Q.