Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

q, The peril of the Churcb ceiveth not in this example, a mofi notorious Condemnation of thepride of thofe that run with the thell on their head into theMiniflery, or that h flen to be Teachers ofothers, before they have had time or means to learn ; and that deridaor vilifie the judgments of the aged, who differ from their ccnceits, before they underfland the things, in which they are foconfident. It was thought a geed anfwer, in Yang, 2 a . [Ue ie of age, as kinc :] But they that areunder age now think their wcrds to be the wifeL, becaufe theyare the bold- ti fl and the fierceft. The old were wont to blefs theyoung, andnow the youngderide the old. It is the chara&er of a truculent people Deut.28. 50. that they regard net the perfore of the old that is, They reverence not their age. Howmany vehe- ment commands are there in Solomon: Proverbs to the younger fort, to hearken to the counfel of their Parents ? The contrary was the ruine of Eli's fops ;. and the ihame ofSamhels, i sam.8 . I,. . Was Rehoboarn unwife in forfaking the counfel ofthe aged, and'harkning to the young and rath ? And are thofe people wife that in the. Myfleries cf Salvation,. will prefer the vehement paffions of . a novice, before, the well- fetled judgment of the experienced aged Minifters? I know that the old are too oft ignorant, and that wifdom doth not aI- ways increafe with age : But I'know withal!, that Children are never fit to be the Teachers of the Church; And that old menmay befoolifh, but too yourg men arenever wife enough for fo high a work. We are not now confdering , what may fall out rarely as a wonder, but what is ordinarily tobe expec`led. M oflr