Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[101] not being defirous-of it ; nor one Neighbour that ever was exa- minedon this Point, whetherhe were Confirmed, or were ready and defired it. 4. Some few elder Votariesto the Bithops perhaps may be fe' rious in it ; but what a mere running Ceremony it is ufually made, Ineed not tell you. I have formerly laid, that I was at 15 years or Age Confirmed my feif, by Biíhop Morton (one of the Lear- ned'fi and bell Bithops that ever I knew) and we ran thither from School, without the Minif}er's knowledge , or one word from our Mailer , to tell us what Confirmation is ; and in a Church yard in the Path-Way, as the Bifhoppafl by, we kneeled down, and laying his Hands on every Boys Head, he faid a few words, I knew not what ; nor did any one ofmy School - fellows, as far as I could perceive , know what he laid.; nor know what Confirmation is , any.more than to have the Bifhop's Blefling nor were we ask'd by him , or any , whether we flood to our Baptifmal Covenant , fave only by faying by rote the Catechifm to.our Matter : nor did I fee any one make any more than a Ce- remony of it. When the Bishops were down, I faw it made a ferious Work by divers Miniflers , who inflruted Young Men till they found them ferioufly refolved for Chrifl , and then taking the bell of Confirmation and Penitence , called them publickly before the Congregation to profefs their faith and Repentance , and to re- new the Covenant they made in Baptifm to Chrift. And were it made the workofGodly Minders to do it, or to prepare Men perfonally for it, and.not make it a Game for Boys, much good might be done by it. L. Well, What have you againft it betides Aiiufe, which no body defireth you to fubfcribe to. M. Were I a publick Minifler, I fhould be glad of that Ru- brick to enable me to keep away the grofly Ignorant , which I know no other Claufe that enableth me to do : But I. durfl not ufe it, to turn from Communion all Godly Perlons whom it excludeth ; nor can I confent fo to do. L. What can snake Godly Perfons fcruple it as finful M. Many things : z. The words make it feem to. fame to be yet made a Sacrament, which are [" Vpon..whom after the exam- " pie of thy holy Apo%ties , we have now laid our hands to certifie "them by this fign of thy. favour and gracious goodnefs toward them.] Here