Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

I Art. 23; Seems ciefe ive about calling Minifters to them that are for uninterrupted Canonical Succeflion, erc. Art. 25. Contrary to this Article , fome great Church -men think that Confirmation, at lean, is a Gofpel Sacrament, and that it bath a vifible fignordained by God. I will proceed no further herein. By this it is evident , that many Subfcribers are great Nonconformifts , and,if they (peak their Minds, are Excommunicated ipfofaEto. L. You make our Articles of Rêligion a doubtful thing ; what cer- tainty then is there of the Proteftant Religion.? M. The Proteffant Religion is the Holy Scriptures, older than our Form, called the 39 Articles ; which are a laudable found account how we underftand the Scriptures, but not of fuch perfection, that all Men mutt be Excommunicate that fay any word in them is faulty., Chap. XXV. Point XXII. Of Tublifhing the Sixth Canons Excommunications. L. _ j V ]'Hat is the Sixth Canons Excommunication ? ®( M. " Whofoever thall affirm, that the Rites and "Ceremonies of the Church of England. by LawEfiablifhed, are " wicked, Antichriftian, or Superuirious, or fuch as being com- "manded by lawful Authority, Men who are Zealoufly and God= " ly affeted, may not with anygood Confcience approve them, " ufe them, or, as occafion requireth, fubfcribe unto them ; Let "-him be Excommunicate ipfo fano, and not reftored till he re- " pent, and publickly revoke fuch his wicked Errors. L. 1 confefs it founds harpy to lay fo great ßrefs on every Ce= remony of the Church, as to Excommunicate every one that Calleth any one of them unlawful. What could be faid more of the Ten Commandements, or the Creed ?' I f it be a wicked Errour to mifakç about a Ceremony , or to account a Cope or a Pair of Organs un- lawful, the Lord have Mercy on us, what a Cafe are we all in by wicked Errours ! What shall my poor Country Neighbours and Tenants do that fery of them underfiand one half the Creed ? A, Yet r. TheArticles andour Ordination-Vow oblige us to believe and teach that nothing is neceffary to Salvation , but what is contained in the Scripture , or certainly proved by ir. And `