Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

j And do not the Condemners hereby imitate the Separatiils in the (ìn, and reviling as they are reviled. The Separatifts falfly fay that you are no true Churches, and you requite them with fa} ing fali'y tiffe fame by there. Chip XXIX. Point XXVI. Of Executing Canon zy. re- jediUg Nßyico4ormi/IS from cornunion. L. His is but the fame that we heard before. M. Before I fpeak againft publifhing Excommunica- tions : This Canon commandech the Minifter executively before they are Excommunicated to rive the Sacrament to no one that receiveth it not kneeling, or that is guilty ofany of the forefaid Points of Diffent, unlefs he confefs his fault, and promife to do fono more. So that here the Minifter is to be himfelf the prime Executioner againft fuch Diffenters, before the Courts or Ordi- naries Excommunicate or meddle with them. L. But nonefubfcribe to this,Canon. M. I told you they Swear. Canonical Obedience and the-Ca- non fufpendeth them ifthey do not do it : Therefore it is a ne-. cefhary part of Conformity. But of this I" fpake before about Aífent and Confent. .Chap. Xv)(X Point XXVII. Of refufiNö C©ffmu,aicafrts frati ether Parir-es, Canon 28: L. 11M. vuiy not this be obeyed ? In tome cafes it may, when Perfons ftraggle -without caufe But there is frequent need that will juftifie it as a Duty: Pariah Bounds are a humane Order for conveniency but the benefit of an able faithful Minifter, and the choice and ufe offuch where they may be had, is of Divine Appointment, and a matter of far greater weight. The Canon ftippofeth Mi- nifters that neither can nor may be fuffered, to Preach or Fa.;- pound any Dohrine : Ifa Neighbour.Pare il] have anable Teacher, mull he drive away poor hungry Souls that leek Confolatory Communion and Help If Farifhes that are bound to maintain theirown Poor, fuffer any of them to be in danger of rei ifhing . by.