Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[r 37] L. It muff be taken for granted that the King will give no Conn- mi,on again¡ï himfif. M. But his former Officers are not himfelf and if they mutt refign to new Commiffioners , how know they but it is the King's Will ? L. I tell you we muff trufl thofe that the King trufieth. M. Then the queftion is, whether it (hall be in the Power of a Lord Keeper to depofe the King, or betray the Kingdom to whom he will, becaufe the King trufleth him with the Seal ; Or in the Power of a Parliament to judge whether a Commiffion be Legal , or whether Laws or Commiffions be of greater Au- thority. L. There is no end of anfwering abfurd Suppofitions : It is not to be fi'ppofed that the King will dowrong, orfo far trufi untrufty Men. M. r. We muff fuppofe that a Parliament may do wrong. 2. Izaal¿son and other. Hifforians fay, That King johnmade over his Kingdom to the Dope, and offered it to the Mahometan King of Morocco, to help him againft his Lords. 3. Is it not poffible that a Queen Mary, or a. Charles the Ninth of France might do what they did. 4. Have not many Kings been ruined by trufting Traitors. Did the King of ortugal"s Bro- zte Story of the King of ther and Lords anfwer the truft repo- Cappadocia and big Brother, fed in them, When they Depofed and that confpiredwithfome Nobles imprifoned him ? Is not Hiffory full of to depefe him, and take his fuch Examples ? Who depoffed the Empe- Kingdom, andhow theSenàte ror L.udovicaeo Pim, but his miffed Clergy d defeatedeitby the help Plot, o and Servants ? Who depofed the Empe- Cicero, then Proconfut there, perour Henry 4. but his own Son ? and his is worth the reading in Cice- Clergy and Lords ? Abundance of the r°'s Epifles. Greek, Emperours were fo ufed,, and force Englifh and Scottifh Kings. L. Some body mutt be trufied ; and if they be Traitors , who can help it ? M. But (hall all entrufted Lord-Keepers or Lord Privy-Seals be fo far encouraged to Treafon, as to tell them, If you will de- pole the King, who can help it ? We areall Sworn not to refift you ? ] How ffands this with our Oath of Allegiance tò the King ? And is not the King's lifeglad welfare the intereft of the King- dom ? and is he not an Enemy to the'Kingdomwho deftroyeth T. the