Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

L,. You are veryfevere in your Cenfure. 0 I doubt forcewill find Chrift more fevere, and be lefs' a-' ble to endure his Cenfure than mine, when he (hall call forge men to account for turning facred Names, and Offices, and Or- dinances againfl him, to banifh Confcience and ferious God ti- nefs (to fay nothingo,f Veracity, common Honefly and Huma- nity) out of the Church, and turn his Houle of Prayer into a place of Merchandife, and a Den ofThieves ; and tempt y'urc and Heathens to hate Christians for their wickednefs, . and to fly from the Chriftian Church,- left they íhould lofe all Religion, Truflinefs and Honefly, or the Reputation of them : But I fpeak not nowofour Governours, whom I leave to Cod. Chap. XLIII. 'Point XL. Of fòrfakind our Minillry, and ceafing to Preach the Gofpel, anti B,znifhment Five Miles from Corporations. M. THE laft part ofMiniflerial Conformity which I named to you, is, that if we cannot conform to all aforefaid, for fear of Damnation, we muff ceafe our Miniftry, and muff not PreachChrilts Gofpel to any more than four betides our Fa- mily, nor perform any Worfhrp of God with more, ( but in their way) and we mutt neither dwell nor come within Five Miles ofany (Burgefs) Corporation, or any place where-ever we lived or travelled, and preached fince the Ad of Oblivion : Otherwifewe mull lye in the common Goal. L. Doubtlefs they that made this Law againj you, thought you very wicked intolerable men, and thought your Preaching very dange- rous : .And indeed fo they fay ofyou in the Preface of the Oxford A. M. They do Co ; and I am glad to find that falfenefs, and wick ednefs as fuch is yet difowned in the World, and that .men. do not glory in the very names of them. It is a notable evidence that there is a Life ofretribution, that naughtiness is difowned by all Mankind, and the woríl would be thought and called ho- ned, and true, and good ; and that the World would not Cru- cifie Chriil, nor Perfecute and Murder his Apotlles under the name ofrig!;teous holy men, but under the name ofMalefaw`lors, Enemies toGafar, Breakers of the Law, and Peftilent Fellows that