Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

11561 Do you know how God maketh Marriages? r. He inftitutetli theState, and by his Law maketh the Husband the Ruler of the Wife. z. He caufeth their natural Capacity and Inclination. 3. His Providence acquainteth them with each other. And 4. He n oveth them to Confent. And 5. He maketh it the Minifters Duty to do his part ; fo that the Husbands power is ofGod. Doyou know who giveth the Lord Mayorand Sheriff's ofLon- don their Power ? t. The King by Charter determineth what Power, they fhall have , and how they (hall be qualified, and how chofen, and how fworn and' invefted. 2. The Citizens ac- cordingly choofe them. 3. And the Recorder Sweareth them. WhR is it now that giveth them the Power ? The King's Char- ter; tho' not till they be duly qualified and chofen. The Recorder cannot depofe them again; No, nor the Citizens (who may do more) unlefs it be in the Charter. L. lint what Sin fear yon by ceafing-yourrninijry ? , M. r. We fear the guilt of Perfidious breaking ofour Ordina- tionVow, by which we folemnly obliged our (elves to diligent performing of our Miniftry. The Biíhops put thofe of us on this whom they ordained , who now would force us to vio- late it. 2. Therein we fear the guilt of Sacriledge, as alienating Per fops confecrated to God. And we can judge it to be no better than Pharifaical Hypocrifie, in them that aggravate the Sacriledge ofalienating confecrated Utenfils and Lands, and yet will alie- nate confecrated Perlons , and take it to be well done : whereas the Landsand Goods are but to ferve the Perfons who are nearer to God, while they ferve him. 3. We fear the Sinof Cruelty, Unmercifulnefs, and the guilt of Damning Souls. As if we were commanded to forbear feeding our Children, or the Poor, we fhould expel to be charg'd with Murdering them, if they died of Famine, by our Neglec`ir. 4. We fear being charged with fighting againft Chrifl, or as Enemies tohis Kingdom, and to his SavingWork : He was fo great an Efleemer of Souls and Holinefs, that by the greateft of Miracles, hecame in Flefh to redeem,and fanStifie, and fave Men : And ifwe flarve andbetray them to Satan by our negleó , we are Enemies to his faxing Work and Office. And he that.condemneth them