Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(6) day that they were fo to Affent to it., Aag. 24. fo that no doubt they did it on an implicite truft in 'others ; except the few that were inor near London : This fully í'news that though almoft all the nine thoufand or more Minifters that were in poffefion when the King carne in, did before conform'to the way of the Diredto- ry, and not to the Common - Prayer Book, yet there was a great latent difference between the (even thoufand that conformed, and the two thoufand that did not. L. But feting all the firers lyeth upon the queftion, Whether it be only things Lawful, indifferent or good, which you refute, or any thing which God forbiddeth : I pray tell me plainly, what it is that yon take to be finful in the Conformity required ? And what it is that you would have as necefary in its fead. M. I will tell you on thefe Conditions ; t . That you pardon me for repeating here what I have already written. 2. That you bring not your felt a Confcience fo laxe as will take nothing for fin, which men ufe to make light of, though God forbid it, and then think that our Confciences fhould be as wide as yours. 3. That we may premife the things prefnppofedas agreedon. C HA P. II. The tkinss pr^efppcfd as agreed on. L. W Hat are the 4 reements which yon prefrppofe ? M. Thefe following. I. That God is the Abfolute Soveraign Ruler, and hath made inNature, and in the Sacred Scripture, Univerfal Laws for the whole Church and World : And that Kings are His Subjec`Is and Officers, and have no Power but what He giveth themdirealy or indirectly, and therefore none againft Him ; no more than a Confiableagainft the Sovereign Power ; and that he and all men are bound to obey Gods Lawes, whoever are againft it or for- bid it. L. I cannot deny this, without denying God to be God, and the Law of Natureand Scripture to be His Law and Word. M. II. That next to his Government, God inorder of Nature and Time made Self_Government and Family-Government before the Government of Republicks, Kingdoms or Cities : And that publick Polity hath no Authority to abrogate Self-Government or Family-Government, but only to over rule and ufe them for the common goodand fàfety. L. This