Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

E.e I2 about this isfrom the argument of fcandalous hardening the Pa- pills that live among us : Though indeed our Doftrine avoideth that ícandal. VII. They never accufed the Ceremony of laying the hand on the Book; and kitting it in taking an Oath. VIII. Theynever fpake againft. the Ring in Marriage. . IX`. Theymeddled not with the Surplice, Tippet, Hood, Ro- chet, Cope, but only the calling men out of the Minittry, that dare not ufe them, thinking themunlawful Though we juftifie them not. X. They accufednot all frghificant ufe of the Crofs, but only that in Baptifm it feemed to have all or molt of the nature of a Humane Sacrament of the Covenant of Grace, as it is expound- ed in the Liturgyand Canon. XI. They ípake not againft Epifcopacÿ, as it is a preldency among and over Presbyters differing in Degree, and not in Office, called ORDER, and that in aChurchof the loweft Species. XII. Theyoppofed not Arch4Bithops as over many fuch Chur. ches and Bithops, nor Diocefans, as Arch,Bifhops ruling but by Gods Word. XIII. 'They faid nothing againfl Metropolitans, Patriarchs, Lay-Chancellors, Commitfaries, Officials, Surrogates, Archdea- conn, d c. as Officers of the King, appointed todo nothing (be- tides the Sacred Miniftry, if they be Clergy-men) but what be- longs to Magifiracy. XIV. They faid nothing againft any promife of Obedience to them only in the capacities, and in the exercifè of the power fore- mentioned. XV. Much lets did they ever oppofe or queftion Swearing to the King, according-to the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy : And I with divers others altobeing (for fòme ends) entered as his Chaplains in Ordinary, took alfo that Oath of Fidelity which the Kings Houfhold Servants take, XVI. Wenever were for any difhonouring of Kings by pub= lick Excommunications, much lets by Subjeâs or Forreigners, whom Kings never choofe to be their Pallors ; but only in cafe of neceflity, for fuch a denyal of Sacramental Communion to them; as Bifhop Andrews in Tort. r.x Torti, and Bifhop. Iiifon plead for ; which is but to forbear our (elves a finful aft. XVII. We