Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

THE ENGLISH .:1-. onco formit As under KingCharles II. and Kinggames Ih TRULY STATED and ARGUED, By R I C H A R D B A X T E R. Who earneí"ly befeecheth Rulers, and Clergy, not-to Divide. and Def"roy the Land, and cat" their ownSouls on thedreadful Guilt and Punifhment of National PER TZ' R r, Lying, deli- berate Covenanting toSin againft God,corrupt his Churct,and not Amend, nor by Laws or blind Malignity, to reproach faith, ful Minifters ofChrit}, and Judge them to Scorn and Beggery, and to Lieand.Die in !ails as Rogues, and fo to ftrengthen ero- fanenefs, Popery and Schifm, and all for want of WILI,INc- NESS and PATIENCE to READ and Hear their juf" De- fence;while they can fpend much more time in Sin and Vanity. The .Author humbly begs that he and his Books ofunconfutable Defence of a ,Miftaken persecuted Caufe may not be Wit- neffes againft them for fuch great and wilful Sin to their Con- demnation. Mat. I2. 25. Every Kingdom divided again,i it felf is brossght to I)efcation. Luk. T 3. 3. 5. Except ye Repent, yediaa all likemife Periji. LONDON, Printed for Thl. Parkhurff at the Bible and Three Crowns, at the lower End ofCheap/ de, 1689.