Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

C37) 6. That they have fet up a falfe humane Difciplíne ( be. fore defcribed ) inftead of Chrift's, which they have taken. down. And all this we dare not juftifie by a confederacy by Oath. IV. And we think that the fourth thing which we nick at needs no other reafon ; fuppofe the fpecies of Diocefans were. ®f God's appointment, and only the numerical Bifhops ufur- pers, we can fubmit and live peaceably, but we cannot fwear obedience to them. They plead more than we for the power: of ancient Councils, and Canons. I have elfewhere fully proved ( as Paul of Venice hath done, and Mr. Clarkfon, and Dr. Burnet, and many others ) that many great Councils . nullified the Epifcopacy ofall that came in without the electi- on, or confent of the Clergy and Flocks : And we our felves cannot conceive .how any man can be the. Paftor of thçQfe that confent not;. though we can eafily conceive that Diffenters, may oft be obliged to confent when they do not; fo may a Son. or Daughter be obliged to obey their Parents in confenting_ to Marry, filch as Parents choofe for them, when. yet it is no marriage till that confent. How few in a Diocefe ever know of theBifhops Ele&ion till it's pall, and how few con fent, I neednot, tell. We can fubmit to thefe, but notfwear ,Allegiance to them. V. And in all the forefaid cafes, we have another difi'wafiveó. . It is fo much of the King's Prerogative that all Subjects mutt fwear Allegiance and Fidelity to. him , that in almof1 all Nations it hath been thought dangerous, tomake the Sub- jests alfo fwear obedience to every Juftice or inferior Officer,., 'left it fhould make them too like Kings. 2. Left the Subjects fhould be entangled between their Oath to theKing, and their Oaths to all thefe Officers, in cafe of the Officers contradkti. on to the King's. 3. Left fo, many Oaths fhould make that Government a fnare to the confcientious, which thould he.. for their cafe and fafety. 4. Left fo much fwearing make: Oaths contemptible, and bring in perjury, and endanger the: King, who fhould by our Oaths be fecured. 2. And I have elfewhere named many Councils, and Canoga which prohibit Bifhops this practice of making the Clergy fwear fidelity to them, and have condemned it, as ofdangco, Tan,