Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

f o ( 66 ) them not themrelves 5 and fo were fain to hold that the Sure- tie(s Faith andRepentance was theirs,and a performance of that required condition. But our new Bookmakers faw that this would not hold, and fo they fay, 71/2ough Faith and Repentance be requiiedofperfons to be baptized, yet Infants are baptized becaufe they promife them by their Suretiel to be hereafter performed ; a- =ending the former errour by a greater, or a double one. i.Granting that Faith and Repentance are pre-requifit,and yet confeffing that Infants have neither, of their own or Sureties imputed to them 5 and yet are to be baptized : 2. Or making Fromife of future Faith and Repentance to be prefent Faith and Repentance. 3. Or like the Antimonians that fay, all that are Eletted to believe hereafter are juftiaed before they believe, fo they imitate that ; though Faith and Repentance be requi- fite in baptizanciii, yet God at prefent will jultifie and fave all that have it not in infancy, becaufe they prom.ife it hereafter. All plain contradictions : as if they faid, it is requifite in per- rons to be baptized, and it is not requifite. L. How would you have them have anfwered theft. M. Profeflèd Faith and Repentance are requifite in adult perlons to be baptized : And in Infants, that they be the Seed of the Faithful, devoted by them to God in Chrift, accor- ding to his offered Covenant of Grace. L. V. What mean you by your fifth ObjeStion. M. Alas, the worft is yet behind. The common Perfidi- ournefs that is committed under the name of Godfathers Bap- tirmal Vows and Covenants : Baptifm is one of the greateft actions of all our Religion and Lives. Our riling from Death to Life ; our viable new Birth, our folemn Covenanting with God the Father, Son and Holy Ghoft : Our folemn Tranflation from darknels to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that we may receive remillion of Sin, and inheritance among the Sanctified : What more-holy, great and venerable action can be done by mortal man, than to enter a folemn Covenant with God and our .Redeemer, in which we wholly give up our felves to him, and Covenant for a holy Life, and are to receive the pardon of all fin , and the gift of Grace, and right to Everlafting Glory : And if men 'turn this great Ordinance which is the Summ of ail our Re