Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

X68) III.And fo far are theyufually from performing it. That t.íne- ver yet knew one Parent that expected any fuch thing from them, or that ever ferioufly asked them, Do you understand what you are to promife ? and do you refolve todo it. 2. I never in all my life knew one Godfather that made the Parent before hand believe that he intended any fuch thing. 3. if he had. it's not credible that threeperfons should all intend to educaVeone child of another man's, and perform it 4. Nor did I yet ever know to this 68th. year of my age, one Godfather that before adopted the child, or took him for his own, and took him home with him, urlefs he was a Grand- father and did it as fuch and not as Godfather ; much lefs could all three do it. 4. Nor did I ever to this day know one man or woman that performed-this which all three undertake. A very few I have known that will ask Row doth my Godfon, and fay, you muff be agood Boy and learn your Book, and perhaps give him a piece cif Silver : But ufually they never look after them. I confefs with fhame that I have been Godfather to four; to one when I was a Child and knew not what I did , but thought, it was only to be a Witnefs of Bal tifw... And to three more when I was twenty three years ofage; of all which I agreed beforehand with the Parents to be but a Wit- nefs, and that they fhould iland there themfelves as the un- dertakers and lignifie it. Two of thefe I never Paw fnce ; a third now dead, I never faw lince his Infancy till a little be- fore he dyed, and the fourth never lince till that lately he came a begging to me. I confefs one Bifhoptoldme once that he knew one or more that had performed this Vow, fo did never I, who have li- ved in many parts of the Land. Thofe thatiperform it not, lure are guilty of heinous perfidioufnefs; as breaking fo fo- l.emn. a Vow to God. And it this be fo common in"Englanel that to this Age I could never know of one performer, is not the cafe doleful anddreadful; that the Nation should by fuch perfidioufnefs be made Christians L. But this is th Parents or Godfathers fault : what's this t« Os Minnie'', or to your Affent and Gonfent ? 4 If