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C39) fore not to be milled by man. I nestr yet read or heard of any Fùn itioner more but one Divineof any reputation who denyed that Pref- in ecciefi iper.. byters as now called are appointed in the Scriptures, and I think, petux funt that one Math deítroyed his caufe by it, of which more anon. dux ; PrQ,4.- 2. Becaufethe Church cannot with any fafety fpare the Office terorum of thePresbyters, becaufe they are many, perhaps many hun- PleasC;sasá dred toone Prelate : and if fo many of Chrifis Officers be laid by, voco cumOmni it is eafïe to fee what lofs the vineyard and har veil may fuftain. Ecclefia veteri? The Minor I prove thus. That Epifcopacy which taketh from COS, qua EC"' the Presbyters the power of Church Government, and alloweth fcCeutryprbi them only the power of preachingand adminiftring Sacraments, prædicatione. and thole other parts of the work which they diflinguifh from sacramentis Government, do thereby deftroy the very Office of the Tres- laviñús',z. byters ( and fo degradeor fufpend them ) But the late Englifh q1 ófont Epifcopacy taketh from the Presbyters the power of e hurch- individ Governing ; &r. therefore. (hemeaneth TheAntecedent iswell known by thole that know their Canons, înfeparable claim andconllant l}ra&ice in England, till the timeof their ex- ,o that its ,na- elufion. That the Confeq.uence is currant appeareth thus. aePrebyteróre Church-Government isas real and as effential a part of the Pref- have the Piyv.. byters work and office as any other whatfoever. Therefore they er of the that take this from him, do deflroy his. Office. Keyes. Grot.. The Antecedent is proved thus : if thofe Texts of Scripture de imp7.e. pag:zGV.e.r which mention the Office of Presbyters, Oils 20. and id.. 23. and many other places do (peakofPresbyters as nowunderftood, and not of Prelates, then Ruling is as much cffenthil to their office as Preaching. This is proved, a`. From the exprefs words- of the feveral Texts, which make themOverfeers of the flock;_ leis 20 28. and to be over the people in the Lord, to whom they are tofubmit, a Tbef.5.1 2,13 . andRulers of them ,whorn - they mutt obey, as well as Preachers to them,_ Heb a 3.7, 17,24,.. a Ti m.3 4,5. 2, Its proved from common Content. _ For,.,. a . Thofe that think thefe Texts fpeak of Presbyters as now un- derftood, do moll commonly confefs this fenceof theTexr, that it makes them Rulers ; only force of them add, that them felves muff beRuled by the Bit$ ops. 2 He that denyeth thefe Texts to fpeak of fuch Presbyters; doth confefs that thofe.. of whom it doth (peak; are certainly Rulersof the Church. AndthenI alàme.t.Bar ttiegenerat:voteEof almofl ali;.Expsaa-