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FIVE DISPUTATIONS OF Church-government, A N D WORSHIP. I. Whether it be Neceffary or Profitable to the right Order or Peace of the Churches of England , that we Reflore the extruded Epifcopacy ? Neg. I I. Affert. Thole who Nullifie our prefent Miniflry and Churches, whichhave not the Trelatical Ordination , and teach the People to do the like, do incur the guilt of grievous Sin. III. An Epifcopacy defirable for the Reformation, Prefervatien andPeaceof the Churches. I V. Whether a Hinted Liturgie or Form of Wor(hip be.a deftre- able meansfor the Peaceof thefe Churches? V. Whether Humane Ceremonies be Neceffaryor Profitable to the Church ? By 7"chard Baxter. LONDON, Printed by R.W. for Nevil Simmons, Bookfeller in Kederminfler, and are to be fold byhim there, and byThomas Johnfon at the Golden Key inSt. Faith Church-yard, z 659. At 4.s. 6.d. bound.

To his Highnefs RICHARD Lord Prote±or OF THE Common-wealth of England, Scot- land and Ireland. SIR, Hefe Papersare ambitious of accompany. ing thofe againft Popery into your High- nefs pretence, for the tender of their fer- vice , and that upon the fame account. TheControverfiesheredecided, are thofe that havehad a hand inmolt of the great tranfaEtions that of lateyearshave here paft and that hill have a hand inthédifferences that hinder our defired peace. I A obferve

The EpiJle Dedicatory. obferve that the Nation generally rejoyceth in your peaceable entrance upon the Government. And are of fe6ted with indignation, if they hear but any rumors, that troublefom perfons would difturb their hopes. And many are perfwaded that you have been ftrangely kept, from participating in any of our late bloody contenti- ons , that God might make you an Healer of our breaches, and imploy you in that Templework, which Davidhimfelf might not behonoured with , though it wits in his mind, becaufe he hadshed bloodabundantly, and made great mars, r Chron.z 2. y, 8. I perceive alfo that fome fettlement ofChurch-affairs will be expeted from youby the molt. And therefore it concerneth all our welfare that you be well acquainted with the Rate of thole differences, about which all will expeâ your judgement. For my own part I think not that mat-. ters are half fo far out oforder in the Churches, as moft difcontented men imagine But yet I know there is .. much to bemended, whereinboth God and moft good men expe6t you fhould contribute a confiderable part. Somethink there is no fertlement in the Church , till they are in the faddle, andall their Brethren are become their fervants, and do themobeyfance. And alas, we have thofe that take it forno fettlement, till they have . the fword in their own hands , or have engaged . you to ufe it at their difcretion, and may again ,fill the Prifons . or other Lands, with their Brethren that are far better then themlelves t Thofe I mean that in their writings fó glory that their predeceffors hang'd the Puritans, and lament that of late they were but filenced,as being a lefs eflec}uall means. Some would have no otherfettle ment then we lave, or elfe wouldhave Licentior:fflefs fettledby a Law, and haveunlimited Liberty_inReligion, Dtubtlefs thefe are confcious what it is that they have need

The Epifile Dedicator.;. need of : it Heathens, Infidels and Papifts be butei- cepted out of theToleration, it difpleafeth them : And we caneafilyconjecture why. If wegrant them all the Libertyof their confciences ( that is) of their mif-belief, becaufe, alas,we cannot cureit) it fatisfieth there not, unlefs they may have alfo Liberty of tongue and Pra- äife. When I have heard and read the Reafonings of fome of them againft the Immortalityof the foul; and the Chriftian Religion it Pelf , I have wondered why they ihouid take it for fuch apoint of Liberty, to have leave todraw others to their opinion:,_: when they feem to think that mens Happinefs or Mifery is no more concerned in it. Thefe are the men that tell the world that Magiftrates have nothing todo with Religion, but onlywith our Peace and Bodily welfare, contrary to the fulleft Teffimony of the Scriptures : Which is but to perfwade men to efteemyou as the dirt of the earth , and to, value the Miniftry above the Magiftracy,asmuch as the Soul is better then the Body , and as Heaven is better then this dunghill -world. And for this odious dotrine, they haveno ftronger reafon , then becaufe that Heathen Princes are uncapableofdecidingmatters about Religion. As if mens wilful' and wicked indif- pofition would change the office, and difoblige both them and thofe that are guilty of no fuch unfitnefs , from the obligations laid upon them by the Lord : They may as wifely fay that a fober Phyfitian is ob- liged to no more thena drunken one can perform or that a teeing man may do no more then the blind can do : Or that a Learned Prince may not meddle with Learning , becaufe an unlearned Prince is unfit for it. But anyman that hath read Belldrmine, Parffons, Grerfer, or fuch like Jefu tes, may know theFathers of this do- arine : Nothing more familiar with them , then that A z Princes

TheEpuleDedicatory. Princes have nothing to do but for our Bodies , and the Common Peace r but forfooth it is the Pope that muff Rule all about our Souls. The Libertines know whole caufe they plead. But verily men that re- gard the Intereff of Chrift and their falvation, would fet light by Princes, if they believed them to be fuch terreftriall animalsas Papiftsand Libertines would make them. Some allo there be, that would have a feulement up- on too rigorous terms, though theywould not have it executed with cruelty. Molt men would fain have their own opinions prevail, and toomany place toomuch of their Religion in cenfuring as Heterodox all that differ from them, and think it an evidence of their God- linefs that they are Uncharitable ; and feeing many minds and waies, they think that punifhment muft heal them all : Not that they would be driven to their Brethren , but all their Brethren muft be driven unto them. In themidft of all thefe crois expectations, if you will confult with, and obey the Lord, I dare boldly tell you, it is paff all doubts that you muff avoid extreams , and keep as tenderly the golden mean, in this point, as in any that concerns you. If you give Liberty to All that is called Religion, you will loon be judged of no Religion, and loved accordingly. If you fo far dole with any Partyofthem that walk in the faithof Chrift, and the fear of God, as to deal rigoroufly with the reft, you will be hated by them as a Perfecutor. Andifmen be oppreffed in that which they value above their lives, it will tempt them toneglet their lives for their relief. If you joyn with no Church in the Lords Supper and other holyCommunion, left you feem to efpoufe the party that youjoyn with, you will by molt be judged to be 4

The Epi/IleVedicuory, nefs among the Godly , as lately there bath been A Spirit ofPeaceand Healing is lately rifen in the hearts of many thoufands in the Land, and Minifters that dif- fered,do lovinglyaífociate, and molt do feel the fmart of our Divifons and are fo prepared for a perfeaer clofure, that theywait but for fome Leadinghand., l am certain that there are Healing Principlesbeforeus, and a temperament is obvious to judicious charitable men, upon whichwe might accord. And, though fome are too rough to lie in any building, yet moderate men are to be found ofevery party, that deferveth your en- couragement, whomyoumay ufe as a precedent to the reft, and inftruments to promote this work. It is you that have thofe great advantages that can facilitate that which to others were impofíible : and from you it is ex- pehed. In this Book, and one of Confirmation,which I lately publifhed , I confidently affirm, is contained much of that Reforming, Reconciling Truth which mull heal us if ever webehealed. And though theflu- dy of fuch matters require much time, yet Peeing God commandeth Princes that theBook ofbis Lawdepart net out of their menthes, but that they meditate in it day and night, that they may doo according to it, 7ofb. i 8. I may fuppofe that they will be willing alto to meditate on fuch Books ashelp them tounderhand it. I fhould have been as ready as another to cenfure fuch an addrefs as this,as guiltyofprefumptuous boldnefs,but that Icon- fider what is the work of my Calling, andwhat it is to be faithful' to the Eternal' God , and am confcious of fidelity to your Highnefs in my boldnefs , and know that there are neceffary Truths , and that to the Cm- fellers of Peace isjoy, Prov. 12. 2o. and have no interefl in this world that I regard , in comparifon of the Churches happinefs. My earneft Prayers for your Highnefs

'TheEpfileDedicatory. flighnefs (hall be , that your own foul being firft fub.- jefted anddevoted whollyunto God, you may Ruleus as one that is Ruledby him, and never know any Inte- reft but his, and that which is fubfervient to him , and nay efcape that {tumbling- flone, on which the Princes of the earth do commonly dafli themfelves in pieces , even by efpouíing an Intereft contrary to Chrifts, and fo growing jealous of his holy waies, and falling out with them : and that Godwould endue your Highnefs with that heavenly Wifdotn, that is firft Pure, and then Peaceabte, Jam. 3. 17. and you may efcape the flatter* ing fuggeftions of the Wifdom of the flefh , and ferious Pietymay be the firft part of your Policy, that fo the Eternall God maybe engaged in the ProteEtionofyour Dominions and You : That you may alwaies remem- ber, that you are Chrifts and your Peoples , and not your Own and that the diligent promotingof G OD- LY N ES S. and CONCORD may be the ftu- dy and refolved workof your Life. This is the way , and only this, ( let flefh and blood fay what it will) to make you truly Great and Happy. God is the Center and Common Intereft of all his fervants. Keep dole tohim,and they will all keep dole toyou There is no other Common Interefl, nor any thing that the Godly do fo highly value. If they fee that it is indeed for God, theycan bear any thing, or do any thing ; for they are wholly devoted to him alone. The more of God ap- peareth on you, and the more you promote his Intereft in the world, thehighlyer will you be advanced,and the dearer will yoube to all that Love him. And even with the ungodly multitude, that Piety is honoured in Prin- ces, that is defpifed in their neighbours and the hand of. God is plainly demonftrated in their furviving Ho- nour,; the names of Pious Princes being Great ,, when the

The EpifileDedicatory. the Greateft leave a name that is. vile , even in the mouthes of common worldlymen , who are ready to keep a Holy-day for a Saint when he is dead, though they hate or will not imitate the living. Your Zeal for God will kindle in your fubjeas a Zeal for you. The more your Life and Government is Divine , the more Divine will you appear, and therefore the more Ami- able and Honourable to the Good, and Reverend to the evil, Parliaments will Love andHonour you, and ab- hor the motions that tend to adivifion, or your juft dif- pleafure. Miniffers will heartily Pray for you, and Praife the Lord for his mercies by you, and teach all the people to Love, and Honour, andObey you. The peoplewill rejoyce in you ; and you will be Loved or Feared of all : Such happinefs attendeth ferions Piety, when impiety, felfiihnefs, andneglect of Chrift is the fhame and ruine of Prince and People. I crave your Highnefs pardon ofthis boldnefs, and your favourable acceptance of the tenderedfervice of A faithfull fubje& to your Highnefs, as you are an Officer of the Uni- verfall King. gWardBaxter.

A PREFACE tO thofe of the Nobility, Gentry, and Com, nions of. this Land that adhere to PRELACY, Honourable, Worfhipful,and BelovedCountry. rrjen. T being much for your fakes that ihave publifhed the following Difputations , it behoveth me here to addrefs my felf to you, in afees preparatory words. What difiance there halb longbeen,andHillcon- tinueth between you andyour Brethren(for to they are) is too much known tofriendsandfoes, at home and abroad, and too much daily manifefled 6y each fide.. Shall it fltllcontinue, or wouldyou have it healed ? Ifit mull continue tell udhow Iong,andtell uswhy: Would yore have it go with us toEternity e andwillyou not be recon- ciled, nor dwell with us in Heaven ? It is not in your Pow- er to /hut us out ; Andwall you not be there, ifwe be there ? or dóyou think there will be any Difcord where Love is P()felled, andweare One in God e If you can be content to be faved with us, and believe that all ofboth opinions, that truly love andfear the Lord, /hall live there in Bearefl (a) Love

The Preface. Love for ever ; how canyou chufe, when you forethink of this, but Lore themnote, that you mufffor ever Love ? aid long to be reconciled to them , with whom you mutt there fo harmonioufly accord ? Tau know that Earth is our preparationfor Heaven : andfuch ru men would be there, they mull begin to behere : As they muff be Holy here, that ever will therejee the Lordin Holinefs ; fo mull they here be Loving andPeaceable, that ever will live in that per- feel heavenly Love and Peace. And why is it that the di(lancemuff be fogreat ? cire ive not all the Childrenof one Father ? Havewe not a`l the fame God, the fame Re- deemer, thefame Spirit in us ? (if we are Chriflians in- deed, Rom. 8. 9.) Arewe not in the fame Eaptifmal Co- vinant with God ? Have we not the fame holy Scripture for our Rule ? andare we not in thefame uninerfal church, and of the fame Religion ? fome ofyou fay, No; to the griefofyourfriends, and the (hame ofyour own under- ¡landings, and uncharitablenefs. 1 befeechyou bear it, if I touchthe fore :For my work is Healing; and therefore though it Muft be touch't, it fball be (asgently as the cafe will bear. If Imayjudge byfilch as 1 have had any op- portunity to know, 1 mull fay, that the diffance on your, partis continued in forneby confuted apyrehenftons of the cafe, andnot diflinguifbing thingss that differ ; in formby difcontents ofmind, and too deep a fenfe ofworldly loffés, and the things that you take a's injuries from others fame by the advantageof a co-interefl andconfociation with thole Divi ses' that are ofyour way, and fo bya Willing- nefs to think them in the right , and thofe in the wrong that you take for adverfaries In fame by a fliffnefs and ftoutnefs ofdifpofition, that culs it Con¡Laney to_holdyour own, andManlinelr not to floop to others, and takes it as difbonourable to feekfor Peace, even in Religion withyour. Jappafeat adverfaries ; or toyieldto it at leaft without much irpor-.

The Preface. 3 importunity: With too many (rniferable fouls!) it is meer isngodlinefs,andenmity to that way of Piety, that in many that youdiffer from, appears : And in the heft ofyou it is a Bemifsnefs of Charity, and want of Zealfor the Churches Peace, and the Love and Vnity of Brethren. To con- fute thereafonings ofall thefe forts; would draw out this Preface to too great a length. The firfl fort my experience bath caufed me to obferve. oft have 1 faln into company with men that pour forth bitter odious words againfi Pref- byterie : and I ask them what that Presbyterie is that they fpeak ofwith fomuch abomination ? Is it the Name or the Thing,; which they fo abhor ? If the Name , is it not a term of Scripture ssfed by the Holy Ghofr ? I Tim. 4. 14. Are not the Pafiors ofthe Churchmo,fifre- quentlycalled the Presbyters, or Elders ? Tit. I. 5. Ad. 14. 23. &15. 2, 4, 6, 22, :3. I Tim. 5. 17. Ad.2o. 17. James 5. 14. I Pet. 5. it, &c. it muffneeds then be the Thing, and not the Name which they abominate. And what is that Thing ti moll ofthem cannot tell me. Some prefently talk of the difufe ofthe Common Prayer; if that werea part of Presbyteries and Government, and the form of war/hip were all one. Some prefently run to Scotland,and talk offorcingmen to Confefsion offn, and of theirfecular enforcement of their Excommunications. But I. Ifthis be odiorss, whywas it ufedby the .Bishops ? Is itgood in them, andLad in others ? 2. And why plead youfor Difcipline, andagainfi Toleration, if you to loath the things you plead for ? 3. But will you not, when its known fo openly,difiingi iJh the Minifterial Powerfrom the fecular ? Its known by their Laws and confiant Prance, that allthe Power that was exercifedby violence, en Body or Eflate, by the Asfemblies was derived from the ma- gifirate, wholeComrnifisoners alfofate among them. And the Bishops in England were fecorded by the Sword, as (a 2) much

4 The Preface. muchits they. Its known that the Presbyterians common7 ly maintain in their Writings, that Paflors haveno Coer- cive or Secular Power, but only the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, to exercife on the Confcience, committed to them by Çhrifi. 4. And the writings andpractice of tho[e inEngland, openly manifefi it and its them with whom you have mofi to do. Some tell me that Presbyterie is the Government of the Church without Bithops : And is itonly the Negationofyour Prelacy that is the odious thing ? Is, there nothing Pofitiveodious in Presbyterie ? Thus our Be- lief is condemned by the Papifis, even becaufe we Believe not fo much os they ; When in the Pojtives of our Faith there is nothing that they can blame. Some make it the odious thing that they haveLay-Elders ; But z. The Pref. byterians account them not Lay , but Ecclefiaficks. 2. And what is the odious harm that there men do among them ? They are prefent, and confent to the ad- moni/hingandcenjuring of affendors. c_./Ind what great harm doth that to the Church ? Is it becaufe they do not Preach :' No fare ; in that your Readers are much like them. What work canyou .Name that thefe Plders are ap® pointed to, that byyour Confefsion is not to be done ? It is not theWork then, thatyou blame, but that thefe men do it. 3. But what is this to all that are in thispoint ofyour mind, and think that unordained Elders wanting Power to preach, or adminifier the Sacraments, are not Officers in the church of Gods appointment ? Asfar as ! can un- derfiand, thegreater part, ifnot threefor one of the Eng- li(h Minifiers thatyouhandat a difiancefrom, are ofthis mind,andRfaragain Lay-Elders as well asyou; ofwhom 1 confefs my fell to be One. (andthat Mr Vines was one, Ihave(hewedyou in the End.) Surely thenall we arenone of the odious Presbyterians in your eyes. Wily then is there fuchadifiance ? Andare Lay Elders as badas Lay-Chan- cellors ? _ So

The Preface.' 5 So 4fo when fame have been hotly condemning sd as be- ingagainfi Bithops, I ask them what a Bifhop is a and whatfort of Bi(hops it is that theymean? And moll of them are, unable togive me a rational anfwer to either of the £,uefiions ? But tome that are wifer, though they know no moreforts ofBithopsbut one, yet they can fay, that by a Bifhop they mean an Ecclefiaflick Governour of Presbyters and the people. And iffo, then why do they vilifle Bithops under the name of Presbyters ? I have here fbew- ed you that ifthis be all, then every Parifh hath a Bifhop where there is a Pallor that bath Chappels, and Curatesun- der him : Or any two Minifiers that will fubjett them- felves to a third, do make a Bithop. You delude your[elves and others, while you plead only in general Bithops : We areallfor Bi[hops d/s well as you. All the 9ueflion What fort ofBithops they mull be ? Whether only Epifcopi gregis, or alto Epifcopi Epifcoporum gregis r and if fo, Whether they mußbe Bifhops of (ingle Churches, as our Parifbes are , or a multitudeofchurches, as Dieceffes are ? Andif the daft were granted, Whether there be not pro- perly Archbi/hops ? In all other parts ofthe Controverfie 1 find, that the followers of eachparty go, muchin thedark, and take much upon trufifrom the Teachers whom theyva- lue, and little underflandthe true fiate of our differences So that it is more by that common providence, commonly called Good luck, that fore ofthem are Protefiants or Chrifiians, thenfrom any lavinggrace within them. Had PapifEs or LI ahometans but as much interefi in them, as theBithops, it is like they would have been as much for them.. Asfor thofe ofyou that knowyour own Opinions, andthe Realons of them, you muff needs know that the Div'nes called Epifcopal in England, are of two forts, that very much differ from one another: And thereforefuppoin0 you (a 3 ) to

9. =6 The Preface. tobe the followers ofthefe differing Divines, I (hall ac- cordinglyfurther [peak toyou as you are. I. The Bilbops of England, and their followers from the firft Reformation, begun by King Edward the fixt, and reziived by queen Elizabeth, were found in Doc` rive, adhering to the Auguftinian Method, expreffednow in the Articles andHomilies : They differed not in any confide rable points from thole whom they called Puritans : But it was in theform of Government, and-Liturgy, and Cere- monies that the difference lay. II. But oflate years anewfirain ofBilhops were introdu- ced, differing much from theold, &yet pretending to adhere to the Articles andHomilies, and to be Fathers of thefame Church of England as the refl. I know of none before BP,Mountague oftheir wayband butfew thatfollowedhim, tillmany years after. And at the demob/Ting of the Pre- lacy, they were exiflent ofbothforts. Would you know the difference ? Ifyou have read the writings of BP Jewel, Pilkington, Alley, Parry , Babbington, Baily , Ab bot, Carlton, Morton, Ufher, Hall , Davenant, with fach like on one fide ; and the writings of the New J pifcopal Divines that are nowmoftfollowed, on the other fide, I neednot tellyou the difference. And ifyou will not be at the-lab-our toknow it by their writings, its like that you willnot believe it if I tell you Forifyou willtake all on truft, I mullfuf1ieff that you will put your truft in Vim; to whomyou are addicted. The Newparty ofEpifcopal Divines are alfa fubdivi- ded : fame of themare (i f their Defence of Grotius, and Grotius-his own Profefsionmaybe.believed) of Grotius his Religion, that is, Papifis : others of them, though they draw as neer the Grotians as Proteftants may do, yet own not Popery itfell. So that we have three notable parties of .Epifcopal Divines among as. I. The old Orthodox Protefiant

The Preface: 7 Proteflast Bi/hops and theirfollowers. 2.2 he New Recon- cu ing Proteflant party. 3. The New ReconcilingPapifis, or Grotians. cAr brieftafle ofthe difference I willgiveyou. i. The old Epifcopal party, a 1 Paid, in Doc`t'rine agreed with the Non-conformifl, and held that Dot1rine that nowwe findin the Articles, and Homilies, andin the Synodof Dort, whereBr Carlton, BP Hall , BP Dave- nant, and three more Divines ofthis Nation were, and had agreat hand in theframing of thole Canons, and by con- tenting, didas much to make them obligatory tous in Eng- land , as commonly is done in General Councils by the De- legates of moll Nations. But the New Epifcopal Divines, bothPrateflants and Papifls, do renounce the Synod of Dort, and the Docirine of our Articles and homilies, fofar as it is conform there- to, in the points of Predeflrnation Redemption, Free- will, Effecival Grace , Perfeverance, and Affurance of Salvation : following that Doctrine which is commonly maintained by the efuites and Arminians in theee points. 2. The old Epifcopal Divines did renounce the Pope as LAntichrifl, and thought it theduty of the Tranfnarine Churches to renounce him, andavoidcommunion with his Church, as leprous and unfit for their communion. But the New Epifcopal Divines do not only hold that the Pope is not lntichrifl, but one part of them (the Protefants) hold that he may be obeyed by the Tranfmarine Wejiern Churches as the Patriarch ofthe Wefl, and be taken by rai 411 to be the Principium unitatis to the Catholick Church, and the Roman Determinations gill may ¡land, except thole of the lait.four hundredyears, and there, if they obtrude them not on others. So BP Brarnhall , andmany more : And Mi' Dow, and others tell us that the Canon Law, is frll inforce inEngland, except force parts ofit which the

8 The Preface. the Laws af the Land have cafl out. "Ind the Grotians, teach, that the Church of Rome rc the miAis of other Churches, and the Pope to /land fes the Heìd f the Vni-- verfal Church, and ta Govern it according to the Canons andDecreil ofCouncils: and they receive the Trent-Creed andCouncil, and all other councils which the Pope receives, exceptingonly againfl force School-points , and abufe of manners among the Papifis, which their Canons and .De- crees condemn. 3. The old Epifcopal Divines did take Epi[copacyto be better then Presbyterian Equality, but not neclary to the Beingofa Church, but to the Better being where it may be had. But the New Prelatical Divines ofbothfan's, unchurch tho(c Churches that are not Prelatical: 4. The oldEpifcopal Divines thought that Ordinatiora tyPresbyters without Prelates was valid, and not to be done a,gan, though irregular. But the Nev ones take it to be Na ordination, nor thofe fo ordained to be anyminifiers, but Lay-men. 5.. Andaccordingly the oldEpifcopal Divines didhold the Forrein ProteflawChurches, of France, Savoy, Rol- land, Geneva, Helvetia, &c. that had no Prelates, olP true Churches, and their rafters as true Miniller,v of chrifi,and highly valuedand haiioared them as Brethren. Big the New fort do eltirown them all a no true chrrches, though they 4cknowledge the church of Rome to be a true, Church, and their ordination valt.l. 6. The old EpifcopalDivine.;: 'iought it lawful to joym in a5tual Communion with the Pips and Churches that 'were not Prelatical. But the Nem one; feparata from their communion, and teach thepeople tado fo, fuppofing Sacra- mental adminifirations to be '.7)ere performed by-men that aYcno .114inifiers, andhaveno authority. 7. The oldEpifcopal Divines thought it meet toftifpendi filence

The Preface. 9 filence, impri fon, or undo thole Godly Divines that did not bow towards the Altar, or publifh to their People Decla- rations or Infirutlionsfor Dancing on the Lords Day, or that did preach twice aday. But many oftheNew ones pratlically told us, that this was theirjudgement. of thefe differences I have givenyou forne proof here- after : and would dohere in the exprefs words of the Au- thors on both fades, were it not that Ifhould be needlefly te- dious, and that 1fhould unneceffarily offend theparticular Divines of the Newpartywho are among ua, by reciting their words. moreofthe differences ipals by. I. Andnow I wouldknowofthole of you that follow the Ancient EpifcopalDivincs,what hinderethyoufrom a cha- ritable,peaceablecommunion with theft orthodox Minillers now inEngland, that fame ofyoufland at adiflancefrom Dat;rinal differences (at leafl, requiringfucb a diflance) you cannotpretend. BP Hall tels you in his Peace-maker (after cited) that there is none betweenyou and the For- rein (Presbyterian) Churches. And asfar the matter of Epifcopacy, ifyou will infifi upon the late Engli(h Frame as necefary, viz. [That there be but one Bi/hop over many hundred Churches, andthat he have the foiepower of Ex- communication, andthat berule bya Lay-Chancellor, &c. and be a Lord, and fecondedwith aforcingpower, &c. thenyou willforfake the judgement ofyour Leaders : For they will tellyon that forme of thefe are but reparable ap- purtenances, forne ofthem corruptions and blemifhes , and fonte not NecefJary. What need weany more ado ? You fee in the publifhed Tudgernents of BP Hall, BP Ufher, D f-oldfworth, Forbes, and others, (after cited) that they would have all Presbyters to be Governors of the Churches, one ofthem having aHated Prefidency or Mo- deratorfhip, andt i willcontent them. And are we not then agreed ? I am confident mall of the Nimflers (b) England

lo The Preface. England wouldbe content to yield you this : But what if there befame that are not ofyour mindconcerning the flared Preftdency whichyou defire ? will you therefore unchari- tably refufe communion with them ? fo would not your Leaders ! In this thereforeyouwillforfake them, andfor- fake many holy churches ofChrift, andforfake charity, and Chrift himfelf that teachethyou another le(fon. Will it not contentyou that you have freedom your [elves to do that whichfeemeth belt inyour own eyes, unlefs allothers be of your opinion ? But perhaps you will fay that you havenot Libertyyour felves to prac?i[e according to this yourjndgemerlt. Towhich I anfiver, t. Tour Brethren ofthe Ufrtini(tery have not the power of theSword,and thereforedo neither deny you Liber- ty,nor cangive it you: It is the Magifirates work. Andwill you [eparate from us for other mensdoings? For thatyou haveno rationalpretence. If you knowof any thatperfwade Magi(irates to reflrain your Liberty , thats' nothing to others : Cenfure none but thofe that you know to be guilty. 2. 1 never knew that you were deprived of the Liberty of exercifing fuck an Epi¡copacy as the forementioned Bithopsdo defire. 1 do not believe you could be hindered, andwe that are your neighbours never hear ofit. 1 know not ofeither Law or Execution againfi you If you think that the claafe in the Covenant, or the ordinance againfl Prelacy, or the late Advice that excepts Prelacy from Liberty, are any refiraint to you, I think you are much miflaken. It is only the lateframeof Prelacy it flood by Law, exercifedby Archbi/hops, Bithops, Deans, Chan- cellors, &c. and that byforce upon diffenters, that is taken downs Tou have net Liberty to force any by corporal pu- nïfhment to your obedience: But you have full Liberty (for ought that ever 1 heard) to exercife themeer Epifcopa-. cy defired by Hall, Lifher, and filch like, on all that are of

*I he Preface. ofyour judgement, and will fubmit to it. That we may hold confiant Affemblies ofFaflors we findby experience : LAnd in thefe 4ffemblies if you will choofe one for yourflatedPrefident, who will hinder you ? No one d am confident ; Tell as whoever fuferedforfo doing ? or was prohibited, or any way hindered from it by anyforce ? Nay more,ifyouwillgive this Prefident a Negative vote,in ordination and 7urifdillion,whowill hinder you ?yea who can e If twentyMinifiers (hall refolve that theywill never Ordain, or Excommunicate any without the confent (yea or Command ifyou muff have it fo) of[rich a man whom they takefor their Prefident, who can or will compell them to the contrary ? And all the People that areofyour mind, haveLiberty to joys themfelves with fach Pagors on filch terms, and fubmit themfelves to you, iftheywill. Butyou will fay, that this is nofelling up ofEpifcopacy, whileevery one that is unwilling to obey as, may refufe it. Ianfirer, This is allthat the Nature of Epifcopacy requi- reth : And this is all that the Church raw praClifed (even Rome itfelf) for above three hundred years after Chrifi. And is not that now tolerablefor your Communion with usä whichfervedthen for the Communion of all the churches on earth ? Is the Primitive pattern ofpurity and fim plicity become fo vile is your eyes, as to be inconfîfient with Chriflian Communion ? Let not fuck principles be heard from your mouths, or Peen in your prallifes. Whether the Magi/irate ought to compell us all to be ofyour mind er way, 1 will not now meddle with : but ifhewill not, will you therefore feparate from your Bre- thren ? or will younot exercife the Primitive Epifcopacy on Confenters, becaufeyou havenot the[word toforce Dip fenters ? And areyou deniedyour Liberty, becaufe you are not backedby the Sword ? Thisconcerneth other mens"Li- berties and not yours. You have the Liberty of (b 2) Epifco

11 The Preface. Epifcopal Government, ( though not of fruiting others with the Magifirates Sword) and as much Liberty for ought I know as Presbyterians or Independents have (though not fomuch countenance) And how comes it topats that the othermodes ofGovernment are commonly exercifed uponweer Liberty, andyours t net ? Is it becaufeyou have no confidence in any Arm but fie(h ? Ifyour Epifcopal Power be ofDivine appointment, why may you not trufl to a Divine afsifiance as well as others, thatyou think are not ofGod ? 1 fit can do nothing without the Sword, let the Sword do all without it, and retain its proper honour. If it can do lefs onvoluntary Subjec`t`s, then other ways of Church-government cando, fay fo, and confefs it mots in- firm, andgiveplace to them. But ifyours havemoll Au- thority from Chrifl,andfpiritualforceupon the Corafcience, exercifeit, and let usfee it by experience ; or elfe expet' not that any fhoruldbelieve you, er takeyou to be refolute fervants ofchrifi, and true toyour Miniffry.. But perhapsyouwill fay, that youcannot have Commu- nionwithus, becaufe weare fchifmaticks For fo muchBP Ufher bimfelfBothfeem to charge us with.] TO which 1 anfwer, i . BP Ufher chargeth nonewith Schifm, but thole that cafi of Bi/hops to whom they hadfworn obedience. But if 1 mayjudge ofother Counties by this, there are fo few ofthofe,that they can affordyou nopretence of fcruple againfl the Communionofour e.Affemblies. I knownot (to my remembrance) ofone ctinifler in thú County liable to this charge : but moll never (wore to them, and the rift hadno hand in their exclufton. 2. Whoever among us dideither fwear to, or difobey fuckBt(hops as BithopUfher thereaffureth us were the Bithops of the antient Churches ? If theyfet up another ( intolerable) fort in head of the Bithops. whichbe himfel f requireth, fudge whether it were agreaterfin to (wear to them,or to difobey them. 3, LAnd the

The Preface. 13 thefchifmwhichhe mentioneth is not fuch in his ownjudge- ment as makes mega uncaple of your Communion. This pretence therefore is frivolorts. Eßecïally confidering that moll of as bave no Prelates that fo much as claim a Government over to. In this Countyfence Br Prideaux died (whowas one ofthe ancient moderatefort), we knowofnone that ever madea pretence to theplace. Andare we fcbifneaticks for not obeying a Bi/hop when wehave none ? Andfurely none can julily lay aclaim tofuck a fuperiority, even according to the ancient Canons, unlefs he be firfì chafer; by our (elves,yea andthe people, its a Reverend Bi/hop (1 hope yet living) of the ancient fort bath toldyou, Morton Apolog. Cathol. Part. r. cap. 85. p.$J7. Bellarmine himfelfconfefing that ut Clerus & populus Epifcopumeligeret, hic mo- dus fuit in ufu tempore Chryfoßomi, Ambrofti, Auguflini, .eons,, Gregorii. Bellarm. L r . de Clericis cap. 9. And other ofourBijhops fay the fame. I conclude therefore that we are not only ofonefaith and Church wìth you, but differ fo little in our opinions about dower things , that you can thence have nopretencefor an alienation : And thereforewith thofe ofyou that are godly- andpeaceable, 1 take itfor granted that we are a lualfy agreed. But ifany will facrifice the Churches Peace, their Charity, theirfouls to theirparties, or pafsions and di fcon- tents, I leave them to God, and to the reading of other kind ofBoos,that tend to change an unrenewed mind. I T. And to thole ofyou thatfollow the newer flrainof Prelatical Divines, IPall adventure a few words, how (mallfoever the probability is of their fuccefs. And T. To tholeofyou that are not departed from the Communion of all Proteflants ; norgone with Grotius over to the Ro- mani/ls. 1 befeecb you, as before the Lord, proceed not in yourbitternefs, s ncbaritableners , or feparatuon from your (b 3) Brethren,

The Preface. Brethren, nor your hindering theworkofGod in their mi- nifiration, till you are able toproducefuch fälidgroundsfor what you do , as you dare Rand to at laft , before the fudgement-¡eat ofChrifl. z. Some ofyou charge us with no lefs thenHerefe,asfollowing Aerius in the rejectingof Bi/hops, or equalizing Presbyters with them : and can you holà communion with Hereticks ? Ianfwer, i . All isnot here f e that every angry man bath called fo, no not of the venerable Ancients. Do you indeed takeyour Dignity and preheminerce to be an Article ofour Faith ? Why then was it never in the Creed ? a. (Many among us arefor Epif- copacy, that are notfor yourfort of Prelacy. It is that tpe- cies that our Controverfie is about. 3.1 ¡hall anfiver you in thewords of our Reverend Morton (a Prelate, though not of the Newfirain)- 'Apolog. Cathol. Par.'. cap.33. pag. 96, 97. who anfwereth the Papifis that up againfi us thefame abjection [ Non de differentia omni, fed de differentia ordinis, feu roteflate ordinandi ( .NB ) qux- ftio eft inftituenda. Adverfar. Aerius hareticus.ordinis differentiamnegabat.elfe juredivino; idem Proteftan tes : Refli. Quod idem forte fandins Hieronymus, nec aliudPatres alii aflëverarunt : hoc fcholx veftrx Do- fitorprimarius non ita pridem facile largiebatur : Mich. Medina, lib.r.`"de fac. orig. affirmat, non modo S. Hiero- nymum idem in hoc cumAerianis hxreticis fenfiffe, ve- rum etiam vlmbrofium, fluguftinum, Sedulium, Frirna- fium, Chryfoflomum, Theodoretum, Oecumenium, Thäophy-. 'atrium. Beliarm. lib.4. de Ecclef. milit, c. 9, Ita, (in- quit Valent. Jefuit. Tom.4. difp. 9.p. I 41470. 2. ) ill viri alioqui fanaifíimi & orthodoxi At (inquit id. ibid.) non eft tolerabilis hxc refponfio. Probabo vero hoc non modo ferendum, fed etiam omnibusaliis re- fponfis prxferendumelfe. Advocatus. Erafmus Annot. in I Tim.:}. [Anciquitas inter Prxsbyterum&Epìfco- pum

The Preface.' ¡5 pum nihil intererat, ut teftatur Hieronymus : Sed poft propter fchifma à multis deletus eft Epifcopus, & quotquot Presbyteri, totidem erant Epifcopi. ], Tua, Erafine, apud Jefuitas fordet authoritas ( but not with you that Iwrite to) ------ Advocat. c.íAlphonfus a ea/tra advert. hxref. tit. Epifcop. [ Hieronymus in ea opini- one fuit, ut crederet Epifcopum & Presbyterum ejuf- dem effe ordinis & authoritatis] Ecce etiam alterum Bellarm. lab.z de Rom. Pontif. c.8, [Videtur RE V E.. R A Hieronymus inea opinione fuiffe. ] An ille folus t [ Anfelmus & Sedulius opinionem fuam ad Hieronymi fententiam accommodarunt. ] Qom eandem fenten- tiam Medina vefter Patribus pariter omnibus tribuit Quid ex his, inquies r oftendam ; fi cognoviffent Patres hanc in Aereo hxrefindamnatam effe, tantum abeft ut ei errori verbis fuffragari viderentur ; ut potins in contrarium errorem abriperentur : fi non cognove, runt hanc opinionem in Aereo damnatam, cur vos earn hoc nomiñe in Proteftantibus danïnandam effe con- tenditis fi. Cafjander lab. confult. art. 14. [ An Epifco patus inter Ordines Ecclefiafticos ponendus fit, inter Theologos &Canoniftas non convenit convenitau- tem inter OMN ES in Apoftolorum xtate inter Epifcopos & Presbyteros N El L LUM DI S- CR I MEN fuiffe ; fed poftmodum Schifmatis. evitandi Caufa Epifcopum Presbyteris fuiffeprxpofi- turn, cui Chirotonia, id eft Ordinandi poteftas con- ceffaef ] If you will not keep company with Reverend Morton, 1 pray you go not beyond thefe moderate Pa- pills. 2. But you fay, that at leali we are. Schifinaticki, and youmull not holdCarrimunion with fchifm. And how are we proved Schi fmatièks` Why, [ 1. Becaufe me have salt of Bilbops. 2. Becaufe we now obey themnot.] 1. have-

t 6 The Preface. have anfivcred this already ; to which I add : 1. Its a fine world, when men will feparate them(elves from the Churches of Chrifl to avoid fchQ(m , and they that are againfi feparation, and offer Communion to the Separa= tills, mull be taken to be the Sehifmaticks themfelves. It isfchifm that we detef, andwoulddraw you from, or elfe what need we fay fo muchfor Concord and Communion ?. 2. Ihave told you already, that st is not one Minifler of a multitude in our Communion that did cafe off the Pre- lates ; half of them didnothing to it, and the other half were ordainedfince. 3. Nor canyon only fay, that now they refufe obedience to Bsthops, where there arenone to obey, or none that command them. 4. Again 1 tell you, it is not Epifcopacy, but only the fanfrtl fpecies of Prelacy, which the Parliament, and Affembly, andcovenanters did cat?of. Andwhat if you think this ípecies bell ? mnfl all think fo, or elfe be Schifmaticks ? And why not all Schif. maticks then that are againfl the Papacy, which is thought by others the bellform ? Ihave heregivenyou forme Ar- guments to prove your Prelacy which was call off, tobe againfi the will ofChrifl,and the welfare of the Churches. And Ifhall not believe that its Miry) to be again() fin and the Churchesswine. And 1 cannot but admire to read inyour writings, that Difcipline andPiety are pretended by you, as the things which you promote, and we defray, when I ammoll certain that the deflrutálon of Piety and Difcipline are thevery things by which you have fo much ofended your Brethren; and we would heartily come as near yens aswe can, fo that Piety and Difcipline may not be deflroyed. Hadwe not kno,vn that the able faithfl Preachers whom yeti called Puritans (conformable and not conformable) that laboured inthe word anddolfrine, were fitter to promote piety then the ignorant, drunken, worldly Readers, arid lazy Preachers, that once abymild reacl3

the Preface. 17 preach againfl doing too much to be faved ; and had we not known, that Pietywas better promotedby Learning the will of God,and praying, andmeditatingon the Lords Day, then by dancing ; and by cheri(hing men truly fearing God, then by fcorning, imprifoning, perfecuting and expelling them; we would never have been fo much againfl your doings as we have been. But mens falvation is not to contemptible a thing, as to begiven away to humour the proud, that cannot live in Communion with any, tin/eft they maydrive them to deftruétion. Wewill not fell mens fouls to you at fuch rates,nor buyyour Communion, nor flop the reproachful r,neuths of any by fuch horrid cruelties, We talk not now toyou of matters that are known by hear. fay only : we fee which way promoteth Piety, and which deflroyeth it ...we fee that moll of theungodly in the land, are the forwar4efl for your wayes. You may have aimoft all the Drunkards, Blafphemers, and Ignorant haters of godlinefs in the country, tovote for you, and if theydurli, again to fight for you at any time. Icannot be fo humble as to fay, 1 am blind, and feenot what indeed1 fee, be- caufe another tells me, that his eyefight is better then mine, and that he feeth things to be other then 1 fee them to be: I doubt not but thereare fome Pious perfons among you : 1, cenfure you no further then experience conflraineth me. But I know that the common fenfe of moll that are ferious in praí'tical Chriflian:ty, is"aaain/llour formal wayes of worjhip, andagainfl thecourfe that'you have taken in this land ; andthe fpirit of propbanenefs complyeth with you, anddoteth an log, in all places that ever 1 was acquainted in. Bear withplain truth : it is in a cattle of everlafling confequence. There is fomewhat in a gracious foul, like health in the body, that difpojeth it to reli/! wholefem food, andperceive more difference between it, andweer air, or toyi/s kick(haws then itcan eafily expre/s. In abundance of (e) your

The Preface. our mofl applauded Preachers, the things of God were [oaken with fo little life and feriou[nefs, as if they bad not been believed by the fpeaker, or came not from the heart; yea Godtinefs and Diligence for Heaven, was the thing that they ordinarily preached againfl under the name of precilenefs, and being righteous overmuch. And the Puritans were the men that Pulpits renderedmoll odious to the people, andyour Preachers exercised their wit and zeal aainft 5 while aimoft all their hearers through the Land did take a Puritan to be one that was ferioufly Religious. many a place have I lived in, where there was not a man that ever [poke a word againfi Bilhops or ceremonies ; but a few there were (alai, a few ) that would fometime read a chapter ìn the Bible ,and pray with their Families, and 'peak of the life to come, and the way to it, and for this they were commonly called Puritans. If a man had but mildly askt a [wearer why he fwore, or a drunkard why he would be drunk, or had once named Scripture, or the life to come, onler, prophanely, the firfl word he Jhould hear, was, 0you areone of the holy Brethren ! you would not drink or [wear, but you will do worfe fecret ! It was never 4 good world fince there was fo much talk of Scripture and Religion : but the Kingand theBijhops will take an order with you, and all the Puritans and Precifi- ans in the Land] I profefs upon my commonfad experi- ence, that this was the common language of thepeople that were ignorant andprophane in all parts of England that ever I came in ( which were not afew5) and thefe were the men that theyCalled Puritans, and en fuch ac- counts. .4nd what could the Prelates and Preachers of the Land have done more to mens damnation , then to preach them into an hatred of Puritanifm, when it was known by allthat lived among them, that Pietywas Puri- tanifm in their account, andno man WAS fofree from it as-

The Preface. as he that woad ;corn at the very name of Holinefs, and drink and fwears as if he had defied God. This is trmsr, and England knows it; and if qou will after this th;nk that youhave wiped your mouths clean, by paying as Mr Pierce,that by Puritans,he means none but [men of blood, (edition, violence, defpifers of dominion, painted fepu.i- ehres., Protefants frightened out of their wits, &c. j the righteous God that loveth righteoufnefs, and bath faid, 'e ye holy for I am holy, willmake you know to year penitent or tormenting furrow, that the thine which commonly was reputedPuritan/fin in England, was no fach thing as you defcribe : And that ifs none of your ,wifdom to l ick againjl the pricks,andplaywith the appleofGods eye and bring men to bate the membersofChrifl,and then tell them you meant the members of the Devil and to thruft men into Hell in jeft : I have heardbefore the King many a Sermon ogainf Puritans, which Ijudged impious, but yet had this excufe, that much of the auditory partly underflood, that it was not Piety as fuck, that was direó ly reviled: And fo per- haps itmight be in the )seiverfties, and fume few intelli- gent aue itories : but fo it was not among the common peo- ple through the Land. 4 Puritan with them Fvae of the fame f gnifrcation as a lerious Chriftian is with me. And if you bring the Land to an hatred of (tech as Ore called Chr ftians , and then fay that by Chriftians you meant none but madmen, feditious, bloody, &c. you (hall an/wer in earneft for fpitting in the face of Chrifl in jef ; and that before him that will not take your fears or jingles, or adding reproach.unto reproachfor afufficient excufe. I knew alp that the cafting out ofthe c..'einifters of your way, is much that offendette you : concerning which I flailonly fay, that Imeet with none, or very few that pro fefs not their wiliingne,fs that at men of your mind that truly fear God, and are able anddiligent, fbould bekept in c a) .Ana`

Za The Preface. And if you be angry for the calling out of the ignorant, infufficient, negligent or fcandalous, there's no remedy. But be a4hamed to reproach us for calling out filch from the fervice of Chrifl, ru Julian the Apoftate would have calf out from the Prieffhoodof his Idols : and let us crave your leave toexpect as much Devotion in the fervants of Chrifi, as he expected in hisenemies. Vid. 9uiian. Oper. pag549,5 5o, 5 5 1, &c. fragment. [ Faceffant itaque procul à nobis illeberales joci, ac petulans omne collo- quium In his occupanda funt ftudia, & cum privatim, turn publice Diis Pape fupplicandum eft maxime quidem terde die : fin minus, faltem diluculo ac tub vefperam. Neque enim Sacerdotem decet,dietn ullum ac nodlem fine facrificio tranfigere. Eft auteur ut initium diei diluculum, ita noc`tis vefpera. Itaque rationi confentaneum eft, ut amborum intervallorum, velus primitix qua=dam Diis confecrentur . Equidem fc ftatuo, facerdotem oportere no6tes atque dies para,n fe ab omnibus & integrum fervantem p.5 5 5. Non enim mediocriter adverfus Deos delinquimus cum facras veltes oftentamus, & o:nnium oculis tanquam mirun aliquid objicimus. Ex quo id accidit, ut cummulti adnos impuri homines accedant, facra ilia Deorum fymbola contaminentur. At veal nos facerdotali uti velte, nifi ut facerdotibus dignum eft vitam inflituamus, id ipfum noxas omnes crirni- num, ac Deorum maxime contemptum in fete coati- net. ----Ad obfcæna ilia theatrorum- fpectacula nullus omnino facerdos accedat neque cum hiftrione ullo vel auriga, vel faltatore, fit amicitia conjuntus , ad eorumve foras accedat. placeat eos ex omnibus conflitui qui in Civitatibus optimi font, &imprimis quidemDei, deindeverohominum amantiffimos quo% que,five pauperes lint, favedivites. p.557. Duo -_ bas

The Preface. it bus hifcepixditus fit ornamentis, Religione erga De- um , & in homines benignitate Et Epift. 49. p 203. [ Sed velim omnes noílros facerdotes omnino, qui Galatiam incolunt, vel minis impellas, vel ratione perfuadeas, ut fint honefti ; vel facerdotali minifierio abdices, fi non una cum uxoribus, liberis, & famulis Diis colendis fedulo animos attendant Deinde fa- cerdotem quemque hortare ne accedat ad fpeetacula, neve in taberna bibat, neu' artem aliquam aut opificium turpe infameve exerceat. Et qui tibi in his rebus mo- remgerunt, eis honorem tribuito : qui autem reCtlunc expellito. ] Leg. & fragm. Epiff. 62. We crave your leave to rife the Presbyters as firtElly as Julian did thefe Priefis, and toexpelt as much pietyand Jobriety in them ; and that you will rot condemn allthofefor Puritanifm,that will not be werfa then this Apotllate Pagan. And for Difcipline , could we have any from your Epifcopacy worth the naming, we mould be the more re- concilable to it : But it bath not been, nor it cannot be. Common drunkards that were for twenty or thirty years together drunk ufually once or twice a week, and abundance propbane in other kinds, were theRated members ofthis Parifii Church wherenow I live, in the Beiops dayes ; and were fafer fror any trouble then the Puritans among them that would not imitate them. Let me here mind you of two of the following Arguments, whichperfwaâe us that your rrelacy is not of God, becaufe it is deflruelive o f Dif cipline. z: Yrhen Epifcopacy was fill known in the Church, every Presbyterie, or Confeffus Piesbyterorum had a 8iep ; and every Tresbyter had right to be a member of fame fuch Presbyterie. And ferioufly wouldyou have all the Presbyters in a Diocefs to be a Presbyterie, where your Bijhop muff preide for the ordinary Government of the (c 3) Diocefs

2, The Preface. Diocefs r one Church .? Are you grangers in England or do raa not know what abundance we have that in one Fari(lr are every weck fcandalous, bydrunkenne fè, cur(ing, fwearing, railing, or fach like ? And can all the Pafirs travail fo far to the Presbyterie to frequently without negleiling their Pafloral work ? or can all th.fe people be perfwaded without the Magifirates [word to travail fo far to anfiner for their impiety ? Will they not tell us, we have fomerrhat elfe to do ? Are me not like to make them su.ait fcven years and [even, before the moll of them can have a tolerable tryal, when fomany hundred Pariies, cf which forneone may have hundreds of obflinatefcandalous perfous, muff all gofofar, and have but oneyudicature ? 2. 1 befeech you give me leave but fromScripture, and from Dr. Hammonds t'araphrafe, to lay before you the work of a Bifhop, and then tellme whether one manor ten, or an hundredcan do this work forone of our ordinary Di- eaI's, anymore then one man canbuild a City ? 1. A Bi[hop mull be the publick Teacher of all theflock which he is to overfee. Andcan one man undertake this for many [core or hundred Churches ? a, A Bi/hop mull perfondly overfee andtake care of all the flock, as Ignatius [peaks, enquiring of each oaae by Name; andcan a Bi(hop know and perfonally infrufl fa many hundredPari(hes ? Thefe twoparts ofhis office I prove together : At .2o. 20. [ I taught you publickly, and from houle to houle. 28. Take heed therefore to your felves and to all the flock, over which the Holy Gholt hath made you Overfeers, to feed the Church of God which he hath purchafed withhis own blood. 31. Thereforewatch, and rememberthatby the (pace of three years, I cea(ed not to warn every one night and day with tears. See Dr. Hammond on the Text, who tellsyou that it is [poke toB!Plops. ;Pete