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Can. 3 2. Irrita erit dongitio Epifi.oporms, vel versditio,vel mutatio rei Ecclefiaflica,abfq; conniventia & fubfcriptione Can. 34. Vt Epifcopus in quglibet locofedensflarePresbyter:gm nonpatiatur. Can. 35. Ot Epifeopsts in Ecclefia is courefrot Prsebyterum fublimiorfedeat bons donut?, verb collegam fe Presbiteror4ing efe cognofcat. Can. 3 6. Presbyter qui per ditecefes Ecclefias regsnt, non gi qui. Can. 37. Diaconsgsita fe Presbyteri ut Epifcopi Minifirutts eff cognofcat. Here you fee that Bifhops may not Ordain, hear any caufe, accufeaClergyman or Lay-man, not give, fell, or Change any Church goods, without the Presbyters: and that he is their Col- legue , and mutt not let them nand if he fit, and that they Rule the Churches through the Dioceffes, and that the Deacons are Servants as well to them as to the Babop. 4urelims and Aquiline were in this Council. If they that think it uncertain whether Presbyters be mend- commull+Pre.r- oned in theNew Teftament,and that think they began about /g- byterorum watts his time, do mean that yet they were of Divine Apolloli-nab Concanitlim'or,grubie(5; cal Inftitution, then they Itrike inwith the Papifts in making the Hier. Scriptures to be but part ofGods word,and infufficient to reveal Sec Grotius all Divine inftitutions about his Church-Government,andWor- ubif"-P.P'3541 fhip,andfo we muff look for the refi in uncertainTradition.Nay p3 55;,Wg57. I know not of any Papia to my WI remembrance that ever Prroclalci is ;tot reckoned up the Office of Presbyters under their meer unwrit- of Divine ten Traditions. precept,and If they fay that theyare of Ecclefiaftical Epifcopal Inftituti- that of iold on, not by infpired Apoftles, but by Ordinary Bifhops, then h'aadnymCantyet i. They makeall Presbyters tobe jure Epifcopali, and Bifhops Churches and only and their Superiours to be:pre Tivino,as the Italians in the Bifhops in Council of Trent would have had all Bifhops to depend upon peach: and tharesbyte, thePope : But in this they go far beyond them ; for the Italian except o di a tion ( as Hier. and chryfoft.) may doall that a Bifhop and he addeth , °Vat q uominus id ita interpretenuer ut Presbyteri neminempotuerint ordinare contempto EpTcopo ? And pag. 359. He thews that where Bifhops are not , Presbyters do rightly ordain; See the beginningof Bithop lepers Reaffirmof Epifcopal Government, Papifts