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(s©) Countreyman, or that he will have his .Churches fo limited to> foil, or pace, or fcItuacion :it is the number, of-perfons where- ever they live, that mull be. regarded, that the Church be not too great nor too fmrll,: but if there be the fame number of people Cohabiting in the Couratreys as . one of the Apoflolcal` i:hurches did conlill of, then, there is,,che fame reafon to have a Church and Bifhop in chat Country. Village, as. was . then for having one in a City. 3,._E'ders fhould :be ordained in every, Church, and therefore B;thops. ( for force of them. fay that theft were Bifhops) But Chunches may be in CountryVillages ; therefore Eiders and Bifhops may be in Country - Villages., 4. I prove from Scripture that there were Bifhops in Village, or out ufCities,thus.Wherethere wasa Ch'trch,chere was a Bifhop.But in a Village there was a Church ; therefore. TheMajor I prove, from, Aft. r 4.23. compared with a Tim 3: They ordained them Elders in every Church,or Churchby Chut;but [bete Eldersare calledBithops in t7"nr,3, (and by. fome_of tho way maintained tohe fuch, ) For the Minor I prove itfrom R'=no. r 6- 1. wherea,..-e is men, tionoftheChurch atC'enchreu: but Cenchrea was no C,,.t, but as Grains (peaks, Portals Corinthiorum, set T irtus Athenie#j..,,n viz. adfnun Saronicum; apparet ibi Ecclefaim fuiffe Chrift> ant raw, Gror, in AA .18.18. c in Rorn. r 6, . vide et Downam', .D,efenf. pag. r o5,; . who, our of Strabo faith , it was the Port that ferved moll properly for. Ara. But Bifhop Domxam faith ( ibid) that Csnchrea was a Parifb rubordinate tothe Church of Corinth, having not a Bifhop or. Presbytery, bat a 'Presbyter af- figned to it fo beforebe faith, by a Church, he means a Compa- ny ofChr f i xs.havinga Bifhopand Presbytery.] But if he will fo, define aChurch as that thePrelate (hall enter the Definition, thenhe may well prove that every Church hada Prelate. And fo. ,a,. Patriarch may be proved co. be Ìsieceffary to every Church, if you _will fay, you mean only fuch congrega- tions as have a Patriarch,. But it was denominateda. Church, Aff. 14.23.. before they had Presbyters ordained to them, and ,. fobefore fixed Bithops: when the Apollles. had converted and congregated them,, they were. Churches. And the Text faith''. that they ordained them Elders in every C hurch, or Church by, Cl?t}rsh:',_atld thgtefoNCfachrea being a.Çhurch, pitta have fuck/ Elders