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The Epi/IleVedicuory, nefs among the Godly , as lately there bath been A Spirit ofPeaceand Healing is lately rifen in the hearts of many thoufands in the Land, and Minifters that dif- fered,do lovinglyaífociate, and molt do feel the fmart of our Divifons and are fo prepared for a perfeaer clofure, that theywait but for fome Leadinghand., l am certain that there are Healing Principlesbeforeus, and a temperament is obvious to judicious charitable men, upon whichwe might accord. And, though fome are too rough to lie in any building, yet moderate men are to be found ofevery party, that deferveth your en- couragement, whomyoumay ufe as a precedent to the reft, and inftruments to promote this work. It is you that have thofe great advantages that can facilitate that which to others were impofíible : and from you it is ex- pehed. In this Book, and one of Confirmation,which I lately publifhed , I confidently affirm, is contained much of that Reforming, Reconciling Truth which mull heal us if ever webehealed. And though theflu- dy of fuch matters require much time, yet Peeing God commandeth Princes that theBook ofbis Lawdepart net out of their menthes, but that they meditate in it day and night, that they may doo according to it, 7ofb. i 8. I may fuppofe that they will be willing alto to meditate on fuch Books ashelp them tounderhand it. I fhould have been as ready as another to cenfure fuch an addrefs as this,as guiltyofprefumptuous boldnefs,but that Icon- fider what is the work of my Calling, andwhat it is to be faithful' to the Eternal' God , and am confcious of fidelity to your Highnefs in my boldnefs , and know that there are neceffary Truths , and that to the Cm- fellers of Peace isjoy, Prov. 12. 2o. and have no interefl in this world that I regard , in comparifon of the Churches happinefs. My earneft Prayers for your Highnefs