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Eeafon ,4. (70) City to God anymore then a Village,that for it he fhouldmake fo partial an inftitution ? Doth he regard Rome any more then Eugubium or Alexandria more then Tanis, for their worldly fplendor or priviledges ? Nodoubtlefs it is for the multitude of inhabitants. And if fo,its manifieít that an equal number of in- habitants elfewhere fhould have the fame kind ofGovernment. 2. Is it probable that God would have twenty thoufand or an hundred thoufand_people in a Diocefs ( and in fome a Malion ) to have but one Church .Ruler , and yet wouldhave every (mall congregation in aCity to have one,though there be noneelfe un- der him ? What proportion is there in this way of Government, that an hundredor fifty men (hall have as many Governours as a Million ? as if ten thoufand or anhundred thoufand Schollars out of a City (hall have no more Rulers then an hundred in aCity ; and all b,caufe one part are in a City,and the other not ? Or a Phylitian (hall have but an hundred Patients to look to in a City, and if therebe a Million in that City and Country, he (hall alto upon pain of Gods everlafting wrath undertake the care of themall ?Let them that Drive forfuch a charge look to it; I profefs I admire at them, what they think z. Of the needs of men fouls : Of the terrours of Gods wrath. 3. And of their own fuf ìciency forfuch a work ? Were it my cafe, if I knowmy own heart at all, I fhould fear that this were but to ftrive to :damn thoufands, and tobe damned with them, by undertaking on that penalty to be their Phylitian ( under Chrift) when I am lure I cannot look to the hundreth man of them , and I had rather Drive tobe a gally-flave to the Turks, or to be preferred to rid:Chanels, or the bafeft officeall my dayes. Reafon :6. AccordifT to the oppofed opinion it is in the power ofa King to make Bàfhops to be either Congregational or Di- ocefan to make a Bifb p to have a Million offoulsor a whole Na- tion in charge, or to have but a+few. For ifa King will but diffolve the Priviledgeand title, and make that noCity which was a Ci- ty though he diminifh notthe number offouls; and if he will do thus by all the Cities fave one in his dominion, then nTuft therebe but one Bifhop in hisdominion.And ifhe will but make every countrey Town, that bath four or fivehundred ora thou. fand inhabitants to be incorporate, and honour it with the title and priviledges ofa City,thrn (hall they have a Bifhop. More- over, thus every Prince may de pare banifh Epifcopacy out of his