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The Preface. Brethren, nor your hindering theworkofGod in their mi- nifiration, till you are able toproducefuch fälidgroundsfor what you do , as you dare Rand to at laft , before the fudgement-¡eat ofChrifl. z. Some ofyou charge us with no lefs thenHerefe,asfollowing Aerius in the rejectingof Bi/hops, or equalizing Presbyters with them : and can you holà communion with Hereticks ? Ianfwer, i . All isnot here f e that every angry man bath called fo, no not of the venerable Ancients. Do you indeed takeyour Dignity and preheminerce to be an Article ofour Faith ? Why then was it never in the Creed ? a. (Many among us arefor Epif- copacy, that are notfor yourfort of Prelacy. It is that tpe- cies that our Controverfie is about. 3.1 ¡hall anfiver you in thewords of our Reverend Morton (a Prelate, though not of the Newfirain)- 'Apolog. Cathol. Par.'. cap.33. pag. 96, 97. who anfwereth the Papifis that up againfi us thefame abjection [ Non de differentia omni, fed de differentia ordinis, feu roteflate ordinandi ( .NB ) qux- ftio eft inftituenda. Adverfar. Aerius hareticus.ordinis differentiamnegabat.elfe juredivino; idem Proteftan tes : Refli. Quod idem forte fandins Hieronymus, nec aliudPatres alii aflëverarunt : hoc fcholx veftrx Do- fitorprimarius non ita pridem facile largiebatur : Mich. Medina, lib.r.`"de fac. orig. affirmat, non modo S. Hiero- nymum idem in hoc cumAerianis hxreticis fenfiffe, ve- rum etiam vlmbrofium, fluguftinum, Sedulium, Frirna- fium, Chryfoflomum, Theodoretum, Oecumenium, Thäophy-. 'atrium. Beliarm. lib.4. de Ecclef. milit, c. 9, Ita, (in- quit Valent. Jefuit. Tom.4. difp. 9.p. I 41470. 2. ) ill viri alioqui fanaifíimi & orthodoxi At (inquit id. ibid.) non eft tolerabilis hxc refponfio. Probabo vero hoc non modo ferendum, fed etiam omnibusaliis re- fponfis prxferendumelfe. Advocatus. Erafmus Annot. in I Tim.:}. [Anciquitas inter Prxsbyterum&Epìfco- pum