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cut his (hoe, fo that they fhould fin if they did difobey, which is ridiculous to imagine : and if they go about to introduce new ttatedOrdinances or Symbols in the Church which they have nothing todowith, or in any other work fhall affurne to them- felves a power which God never gave them, it doih no more ob- lige then in the former cafe. Prop. 8. Another reafon of the fixthPropofition,i becaufe The Peoplehave a judgement of difcerning, whether the s, Gover- nors do goaccording to Gods word or not : elfe they fhould be led blindfold, and be obliged by God to go againft Gods word, whenfoevertheir Governors flail go againft it. It is not bruits or Infants, but rational men that we mutt rule. Prop. 9. The three things which Church-power cloth conffi in, are (inconformity to the three parts of Chrifts own office ) i. About matter ofFaith, 2. About matter of Worfhip, 3. About matterof Fra¿lice in other cafes. z. Church-Governors about Dothineor Matters of Faith, are thePeoples Teachers, but cannot oblige them to Err, or to believe any thing againft God,nor make that to be truth or error that is not fo before. z. Inmatter of Worfhip, Church-guides are as Gods Priefls, and are to go before the people, and Band between God and them, and prefent their prayers and prayfes to God, and admi- nifler his holymyfteries, andbiefs them in his name. 3. The commanding Power of Paflors is in two things : i. In Commanding them in the nameof Chrift toobey theLaws which hebath made them already. And this is the principal. 2. To give them newDireElions of our awn, which as is faid, 1. Mu fl not be againfl Gods Direfions. z. Nor about any matter which is not theobjeâof our ownoffice, but is without the verge of it. 3. But it isonly in the makingof under laws, for the better ex- ecution of the laws of Chrift ; and thofe sender. smull be on- ly theDeterminationof Circumflancesabout Gods fervice which Scripture bath madeneceffary ingenere, but left to the Governors determination in fpecie ; and they are fuch asare alterable in fe- veral ages, countries, &c. fo that it had been unfit for Chrift to bave determined them inhis word becaufehis word is an mi. verfal Law for all ages and countries ; and thefe Circumfiances will not bear an univcrfal determination: elfe why could not Chrift