Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

`lU) all men (ball pray,and howmany words he (hall fay,or how long he fbill be, and fomake flanging Laws upon mutable circum- flances,and this without anyneceflìty at all,but meerly to domi- neer , as if theyhad been themfelves ordained andentruflcd with Gods worfhip and mens fouls ; fuch fottifh Presbyters,that know not how to fpeak or do any thing but as it is prefcribed them, nor how tocarry themfelves foberly or reverendly without be. ing obliged which way to bow, and when and how oft, with the like. Unneceffary things made Neceffary have deflroyed the Churches Peace ; and fo blind are the Authors ofit that yet they will not fee their errour, though the cries, and groans, and blood of the Churches have proclaimed it fo long. The Church Hiflorie of thefe one thoufand and three hundred years at leafl loth tell us that it is the Church Governours' by their too much bufinefs and overdoing in fuch wayes, even by too bold and bufiedeterminations about do&rines or Cere- monies that have broken all in peices and caufed that con - fufion , diffention and feemingly remedilefs divifions in the Church. Prop. i o. In cafes which are beyond the ?relent underflanding of the people,theyare bound as.Learners,to fubmit to the judgement of their Guides :If they feeno fufficient caufe, either in the mat- ter to caufe them to fufpetf that their Teachers are miflaken, or in their Teachers -tocaufe them to fufpett them to be feducers, . they owe them Co much creditand refpec`t as their Guides, as to believe them fade humania, or to fuppofe that they are likelier to be in the right then themfelves; and therefore in matters of Dot`hrine not to contradi& them,, but to fubmit to learn of them, till by learning they come to that ripenefs of underftand- ing , as to be capable of difcerning the errors of their Guides, and fo to contradict them groundedly, if indeed they err : fo alto in theorder of variable Circumflantials about the fervice of God , though the peopleought not toobey their Governours, if under that pretence they fhould command them things firnful ; yet when they are not able to fee any certain evil in the thing commanded , nor fo flrong a probability of evil as fhould caufe them to fufpend obedience whilethey take better advice in fuch a ca it is their Duty to obey theguides of the Church, For theyare certain that they are commanded to obey them that