Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(in ) cationand Salvation , then man for a trifle. This proves the Confequence. Now theAntecedent I prove by Inffances. i. If a man be ready todrown in the water , and you offer to help him out,if he will lay hold of your hand : this a iof his is Aiiur humanise vel moralis, and yet makes not the deliverance to be of Debt andnot of Grace. z. If a man be inprifon for Debt and you ranfomn him , and offer him deliveranceon conditionhe will but confent to come forthon the account of your Ranfom : this moral Anion makes not his Deliverance co be of Debt, and not of Grace. 3. If a man be condemned for Treafon, and up- on Ranfommade, you procure and offer him a pardon, on con- ditionhe will take it ; or if you fay , Ifyou willgiveme thanks for it, or take, it thankfully or , If alto you confefsyour Trea- fen ; or , If alfo you crave pardon of the Prince ; or, If alfo youcanfefa meyour benefatl or ; or , If alfo you Will profefsyour purpofe to take up rebellious arms no more or , If alfe you will openly profefs the rinces Soveraignty , and renounce the Leaders of theRebel/Is, whom you havefolloWed ; Vpon any one , or onall thefe conditions you fball have afree and full pardon; without any colt or frsffering ofyour oWn. Do you think that anyof thefe domake the pardon to be of Debt and not of Grace ? 4. If you give a man a Lordihip on condition he take itas a freeGift from you, and pay you yearly a grain of fand , or do fomeact of homage (-as to fay I thank you) which hath in it no confideration of value, but only of acknowledgement of dependance, doth this make your Gift to be not of Grace? 5. If you give a beggar a pieceof gold , on condition he will sake it,and put off his hat, and fay,1 thank you. I will not be- lieve, that any of thefe As do make the Reward to be not of Grace. But if youbid them ,Co and do me fo many dales wont for it , importing fomewhat profitable or valuable for your felf, then the tale is altered. Argument z. Thole works which a man cannot be luftified without, make not the Reward tobe of debt and not of Grace : But there are force works that a man cannot be jufhified withou lam. 2. 24. Matthew z z. 37. what ever they be, forne they are. Argument