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Of juitificauon FOUR DISPUTATIONS Clearing and amicably Defending the Truth againft the unneceffary .Op- poftionsof divers Learned and Re- verend Brethren. By ichard`Bax ter, A fe want of Chril} for Truth and Peace. JOHN 3.18,19. He that Believeth on hits, is not condemned : beet be that believethnot is condemned already ; becaafe be bath not believed in the Name of theonly begotten Sonof God. And tkis is the condemnation, that Light is come into the world, andmen loved darknefs rather then Light, be weft their deeds were evil. Dr. Twifs, Vindic. Grat./ib. r, part. 3. pag. (Vol.min.) 302. Verum in- diverfo genere ad Juftitiam Dei refertur Chrifti fatif- faâio, & fides noftra : Chrifti fatisfaâio ad eandem refertur per modum, meriti & condignitatis : noftra vero fides ad eandem, re- fertur duntaxat per modurn congruædifpof tionis. ] .471 LONDON, N Printedby R. W. for Revel Simmons Bookfeller in Kederminfter, and are to be fold by him there ; and byilathaniel ekns, at the Gun in Pauls Church_Yard. z 6'5 $

. . The Preface. . "· . ... . - Chritl!ian·R:eaQetS,, · p:eve»t your, trot~Me t:ndmifumler· f!.anding .in the peraf~tl 1[thefeDif– pt~Mtions: I ha«Je·· tw' ·things here, . .. iiJ.the~· entrance 10 acq:uaint ryou with. Firft; 7h~ ·ttccafion ·of·afl thefe·wri"' ·tings : Secondly, Tbe · erur of 1 the Cimtroverfies here 11M1htget/. The · firft 1Jtfimt~ttion il #pon. A ·fl...t~t{lton• of conftJerahle 'IVtig/ii:; whetheri Chri:fr' 114 ' 0hrift, ana [ff- .U P1"Ut1 pbet-, Pricjl;andf\ing, be the abje.ll of that F~#h by which wt- are · juflified ~ Thflee points efpeciaUr ·1111· . Jt~perendBrother ,Mr. :Blake,· wm plea-J~d . to p11blijb hi&. ~R-e~faiu· againfl~ whicli:'inmy Aph0rifins· -f. •.had affert·eJ~ Thefe b~-ing ~vindrcA~Y:d·by ~-'"~1~tJJ at~ 'Apollgi'4; he~emtre4. the conflitl~n h!s Tteatif-e ofthe ·Sacram_mt.s. '1.\b.e fi"ft A 3 ' Abosl , I .

ThePreface'; about the Sacraments I have defendedagain in aVolume by it (elf. The fecond is this inhand . which I bad fj oijb- ed about fifteen or ßxteenmonths ado. The third is about the Intrumental efficiency ofFaith to our fu,lificatien, ofwhich i had .31fo begun above 4 twelve month five. But it bath lately ?leafedour wife andgracious Lord to call this ReverendBrother to himfelf : whereupon,though this fir/I Difputation wasgonefofar,thit ¡couldnot well recall it,yet the others ,whichwas not out of mypower, I re-. folved to condemn toperpetual filence.l fyouaskme it rea- fon ofthis refolution, t malt de/Ire that my di fpo/ìtion and pafsionmaygofor part ofa Reafon this once. The grief ofmy heart for the lofs ofthis precious fervant ofChrift would notpermit me toappear any further in a way that Teemed to militate with the dead , and with one whofe death, we have all fo much came to lament. _4las, that our fin Mould provoke our dear Father , to put out the precious Lightsof his Santluary, and tocall in fuck experienced faithful Labourers , while ignorance, and error, and prophanefs, and all Vice doth fo plenteoufly furvive. When thefe plants ofHell do thrive upon as, under all our care to weed them up : what willthey do when the Vineyard is leftdefolate ? Though Godinmercy is railing up a fupplyof young sues, that may come to be Pillars in their Styes : yet alas, what difference will the Church findbetween thefe, and theirgrave experien- cedGuides : and bowmany years Rudy, andexperience, and patience, is necefjary to ripen thefe tender plants, to bring them to the gesture, and ftability, andfirengthof fuck a this Blued fervant of chrifi, that is now taken from us. The fenfeof our lofs clothmake it doubly bit- ter tomy thoughts, that ever Iwas unhappilyengagedin anywayof [crying the Lord of Truth, which muff con- sein 4C,777---

The toiJfo tomb coutradiilion of fuck a friend ofTrdt&. As it is for God, or forTruth , or for the ufe of the Church, 1dare not difiwst it ; but As it faveuretb of difagreement (thoughnecefsitated to it ) it is very un- grateful tome to thinkof,or review. But our difeafes mill have their pains. We mufl bear the finites of our own and our Brethrenweaknef jes, rather thennegleíi thefer- iice ofChilli, hi Church and Truth. We quickly par- don one another, and at the furthefl Heaven agreeth us ,ill: But thebenefit ofour fearch , though mixed with our infirmities, maybe fomewbatferviccable when we are tone., ThefecundDifpatation ss yet more ungrateful to me, then the ftrf : the Reverend Brother whom 1 contradiít being ds highanddear inmy efleem ,co moll men alive ; indeedbeing an Honour and Blefing to theChurch in this unworthyGeneration. The Lord preferve him long for bis fervtee. But my Defence here alfe is necefsitated. I. 1 didmy heft to have prevented the Necefsity , and couldnot : I mean, not by di(wading himfrom oppofng me in Print, for that might have hindered the Church of the Benefit of his oppo/ition ( for ought 1 knew, till 1 .had feen it :) But by trying frrfl, whether 1 could receive or give fatisfatiion. 2. 1 had publickly obligedmy felt, if this ReverendBrother didDrffens , to fearch again : and by an Bpiflle. became more accountable to the world for Drfenting fromhim then ether men. 3. His Name defervedly precious in the Church , both the greater ad- vantage to over-lay theTruth, wherehumane imperfetii- on engageth him againfl it. let do I not blame him for beginnw this Contefl withme ; but take the blame to my felfthat might occafien it , by dtlhonouring his Nome bya temeracious prefixing it to my undigeffed rapers (.though

ThePreface: (though nothing .tut tgh ept:ma:too, and Aliettivn y Motive.) The Letters that raft between sis were never intended for theview ofthe world r And therefore 1mull de fire the Reader to remember it, if[onetime 1 be more prefsing and vehement,then'manners and reverence require ; be- caufe we life to fpeak freelier its private among Piends, then in thehearing of the world. tAndyet I thought it my duty now to joyn them with the refsfor theft ,deafens. . Becaufe fome paffages in the Writings ofthis Reverend Brother, do in a manner invite me to it. 2. Becaufe the matter requireth me to fJ eak the fame things ; and there- fore it is asgoodaffix the old , as be at the fame .labour needlefly again. 3. Andit can b` no wrong tohim, be- e-dale it is my own Papers that are the nain bulk of what 1 publifh : His Letters being brief , and annexedbut as the occafions of mine. 4. But ofecially, 1 was brought to think it meet, by the open blame that I have received from fame very dear andReverendBrethren,for not pre- ventingthispublike Conteft. And therefore .I thought good to let themfee, that 1 was not wholly wanting topre- vent it. if there be any pikes inthefe Writings too eager or .provoking (which I mufl needsfufpeti even where 1 have not obferved them, as beingconfciotss of too keen a fide, forgetting the per.funs while 1 freak meetly to the words and matter,) 1do intreat my Brethren topardon it,s be- ingnot defigned to their provocation or di(honour,andruI _heartilydo the like by theirs, andas 1 hope Godwill do. both theirs andmine. And 1 do adjure the Reader tAbe' lieve that this Controverte : for all our infirmities is ma- naged withavery high efleem and honour- of thole Reve- tendBrethren, whores lam necefcitated to ,t7ainfay. Nor n>>1uld

ThePreface. wouldI have it be any diflionourto them .( thoughan ex- rule to me,) that they have been the Affailantslandbegun the confis : for the Truths ofGodmull be precious to la ..all, andIdoubt nvt but they were confident that it WIU fame dangerous errour, which they let upon, and I have here provedto be the Truth, -Nor is it any fuck wrong to either fide, to be openly contradiled,that PeaEons may be openly produced, andmen may have fomefurther help, to fee into thefe Points. Let the proud (well or fmart, be- catcfe they are thus proclaimed fallible , and miflaken but the Humble that are devo:ed fervants to the Truth, are ofanother f irit, and have learnt another le/fan. And ifany Papift or enemy to our unity andPeace,/hall from thefe Writings predicate our difentions or diva f ans, let them know to theirfaces, that even thefedifferen- ces 2s momentous os they feern,are not veerfogreat as are commonly pubis/hea' among themfelves : nor are they for Number one to twenty, perhaps to a hundred,that are agi- tated in their .Schooles,andthe writings oftheir DoGIors Hadwe fuch differences os thofe ofthe Jefuit Cafuifts opened by Montaltas the Janfenian in his My/lerie ofJe- iuitifm, out of their ,own writings, fomething they might then fayagainfl us. Tea -I doubt not but we differ with more hearty Chriflian Love, then they agree ; ßná have more real union in our controver f es, then they have in their Articles of Faith, and are neerer one another in our fmaller differences , then the French and Italians are in their very Fundamentals. The thirdDifputationwas calledforth by Mr. Warner's Treatife of the Objeé and Office of Faith, and takes ttp the fubjetl of the firft Difputation, with fame others. When that was in the Pre.", Mr. Tombes'sBookagain Infant Baptifmcarneforth, in which 1 found the Pa- (a) pers

ThePreface pers that I feat to him ( upon his importunity) printed without my confent, (which ifGod will, I (hallyet 'vindi- cate.) Andtherefore feeing that it is his way, I thought hemight do the like by other Papers , which formerly i hadwrote tohim on this fubjelt of lohification. vind therefore thinking it fitter that I fhoold publifly them ( of the tivo) then he,(i havelavedhim the charge ofprinting them, and annexed them to thefe. The fourth Difputation was added,becaufe it is the ve- ry heart of our controverfie, which ntofi ofour DifPotes about the infirumentall Caufalsty of Faith u to luflifl- cation, and the other Concomitant,arc refolved into. That the Reader may underhand there DO:stations the better, I _pall here at the entrance /hew him the face ofthe way that I maintain, and alpoftheway that I op-, pole. Theway that I plead for is contained in theje Propefi- tions. 1. Man havingbroken the LawofNature orworks, is loll, anddifabled to his own Recovery,or todoanyworks by which that Lawwill ever juflifiebins, 2.1efus Chrifl bathRedeemedhimfrom this loft con- dition,byhis Incarnation, Life,Death,Refurreclion,&c. fulfilling the Lint' by his obedience, andHering for our not fulfilling it, and thereby fatisfying the Lawgiver , andattaining theends ofthe Lan' ,andmore: making him- filf an example to us ofhdinefs, andbecomingour Tea- cher, High Priell and King, to lave us fromall fin and enemies, andrecover us to God,for our Salvation,andhis Glory and Pleafure. 3. The offices andWorks ofChrifi, are for other ends an well as for our jollification; even for our Stlaifick: ion, Glorification, &c. 46The Believer ought not to confound the offices,works,..- or

The Preface. er ends and effelts , but to ,apprehend them a diftlntfly_ ft$ he can. S. The fame Offices ofChrif are exerci fed in the ef- fecrting feveral works : He doth jufifie us both a rrief, Prophet andKing andhe fantirfleth its a Prieft, Pro - phet andKing, His Death parchafang both our juftifica- tion and fanFtifacation ; andhis Teaching *wing ups the way toboth, andhis Kingly Office conferringboth, though moll notably our juftification ; and the Prophetical 441- hag more ofour fanclifcation, thenofour ¡unification. 6, We muff havepart inChri f himfelf as our I ead,in order of Nature before we can partake of jufti ication, Sandification, (as following our frrft faith) or Glor,fib cationfrom him, 7. Though our Phyfical Communion with Chrifi is e f- fetied by a Phyfical change on the foal ; yet our Right to him andto Juflification, and other following benefits is the lea ofa free Gift, or Tefament, or Promife, and that Promifeorfree Gift is our 'Title,rwhichis Fundamen- tum juris, or the efficient Infirurnental caufe. 8. Chrif and pardon, or ¡unification, and ,Right to Heaven, &c. aregiven usby one and the fame Deed of Gift : fo that he that hash Right to Chrift bath by the fame Title& on the fame terms Right to therehis benefits. 9. This Promire or Gift is conditional ; though it be but the Condition ofa free Gift that is required. 10. No mangy works, Repentance or Faith is hisproper Title to pardon or life , nor any proper meritorious caufe of it ; nor any efficient , Principal or !granger-gal castes ofhis Right ; Noat of ours can be more then a meer con- dition of that Right ; and a Cau(á fine t uá. non (which, as it is an at that'spleating toGod,andhash the Prorrt-ifc of a Reward, the Fathers calledimproperly by the Name (aa)

The Prerrce. Offerit,whichyet lefs fitlyagree, to the Condition of our firfl lufliflcation then ofour Glorification.) II. Chrifls pardonandlife are given by this Gofpel- "whip on condition of our faith in chrifi, that is, ifwe become Believers in Ciift ; or Chriflians ; which is, If we accept cf Chrifl 44 offered in the Gofpel,and that is, to bring to fromour fin, and'elves toGod,by the acts ofhis Teaching., PrieIlly, andKingly office ; or, if we believe inCbrift itf Chrifi. So that it is not any one jingle acl of Faith that is the condition offuflification : nor are the feveral Benefits of Chriflgiven ta on condition offeveral atis ofFaith; ad ifwe hadRight topardon byone aa,and toChrifl him/elfby another, and to Adoption by another and to Heaven by another,&c. Nor have the feveral aas ofour faith asdivided an Inter(ft inprocurement of the Benefits ea chrifls actions bad: But it a one and thefame entirefaith in chrifl Chrifl, that is the conditionofall theft con(equent fpecial Benefits ; without divifion in the procurement. So that the Belief in chrill as our Tea- cher andKing bath as much hand inour pillification, as believing in him as Priefl ; it being the backw4rdnelsof nature to the acceptance of chrifls Government andDo- Urine, that ù afpecial Reafon why faith is made the con- dition ofthat pardon, which Nature ¡s notfo backward to, accept. 12. The iteafons to be arigned, why faith in chrifl ii made the condition of lullification, is, The rvill of the free Donor. 2. The fltneffof faith to that office ; 41 being fuited to Gods Ends, and to Chrifl the objeilì andto mansneceritota eflate. Not only becaufe it is the Receiving ofRighteoufnefs but for all thefe Rearms to- gether, inwhich its aptitude doth confift ; and its pti- tude to the Honourof th-e Redeemer andftee yoflifler is the

The Preface. to principal part of its Aptitude ultimate endbefore hat God (hold prefer mar; bimfeíf. 13. Though the Reafon why Faith is made by God the condition of ouru /fijcation , mu/ partly be fetebt from the Nature of Faith, which force call its Inftru- mestalltty in apprehending Chrifi, yet the Reatanwhy we are Juftified by Faith, mull be fetched from the Teneur of the Promife andWill of the Promifer. So that though the Remote Reafon be that Aptitude of Faith, which is the Difpofi materix; yet theformal neereft Reafon is, becaufe Godbath made it the condition of the Gift, which (hall fuf]end the efficacy till performed, and when per- formed, the benefitMall be ours. 14. As Faith path its denomination from fome one or few acts, whichyet fuppofe many as concomitant and con fequent : So thole concomitant and confeyuent Aits have their anfwerable place and Interefi in the forefaid Conditionality, as to our part in Chilli and 5ufiifica- tion. 15. e../ nd therefore it was not the Apofiles meaning to fet Faithagainfi thefe concomitant alts, ( as Repen- tance, hope in Chrifi, delire ofChriff,love to Chri ft,&c.) and to exclude thefe under the notion of Works : but con- trarily to fruppofe them in their order. 1 ó.The burdenforme works of the Mofaical Law, fuppo ed tobe fuch as from the dignity and perfeciion of that Law) would jufiifie men by procuring pardon of and acceptance withGod , are they that the Jews oppofed to Chrifis Righteoufnefs and fufirfcation by Faith , and which Paul di//iutethagainfi , and confequently ag infi any works, or acts, or habits of our own, oppofed to aril', or this way of free jutification by hirn. ( a 3) . The

The Preface: z7 The not looting our lufifcation and ritltto ChriII andLife , bath more for its condition, then tt, fir¡l Reception or Paffeßionbath. And fa bath the final Irrnificatiots at judgement, ifmen live after their frrfl believing. 18. yuftifcation at judgement, being the .Adjudg- ing us to Glory, bath the fame conditions as Glorification itfei fbath. Reader, In thefe Eighteen Propoftions,thoumayft fully fee the Doctrine that I contend for, which alto in my Confeilion, Apologie, and this Book I have expreffed. And now I will thew you fomewhat of the face of the Doctrine, which the Diffenters commonly do propugne, but not fo largely, becaufe I cannot open other mens Doctrine fo freelyand fully ash can do my own. I. They agreewith me that Chri fis Righteoufne ff is the meritorious or material caufe ofour luflification, though force addthat it is the formal caufe, I füppofe it is but amiftaken name. 2. They agree that Chrifl,andpardon, and Life, are Given itsby theGild-Promife, 3. They yield that an entire Faith in Chrift es Chrift, 'is the condition ofour Right to his entire' Benefits. 4. But they fay that the A/`is of Faith in their pro- curement ofthe Benefits haveas divers an Intereft .d íos the s of Chrift, whichFaith believeth. 4. Andthey fay, that it is fame one at (or two, or fame of them) that is the foie juftifying at7 , though others be comprefont. 6. This

The Preface. 6.. his iuf ifyingaft fore call the, Apprehending of Chi.: Ai a Sacrifice forme Affiance, or Recumbency, or lettingon hies, as a Sacrifice forfin, or as others, alfo on his alliveRi hteoufnefs ; or an4pprehenfior$ of Chrifis Rigbteoufise[i; or as others , .rl perfwafian that his Pro- mile is true ; oranAffent to that truth; or as others, an Affurancc, or at leaf -a Relief, fide D'iviná , that we are jufified. 7. They fay, that the neereft Reafon. of our iu f ifica- rion, by thisfaith is, becaufe it is an Infirument ofor ¡u- fification, er ofourApprehending Cbrifls Righteoufnefß Andfo, that we arejßifiedby Faith as anlnjirumental efficient cau e; fayfume : and as it Pafsive Receiving Infrument, fay others. 8. They fay, that there kingbut two ways of Irse- frcation imaginable, by faith, or by works ; all that de- fert the formerway (if they defßair not of luflifacation ) fall under the expectation ofthe latter : AndIgrant that Scripture mentioneth no thirdway. 9. Therefore fay they, feeing that Pauls lufification by Faith; is but by the at before mentioned : whoever looketh tobe juflified, inwhole, or inpart, by another ac`i: ( as by Faith inChrifl as Teacher, as King , by defiring him,_by Hoping in him, by Lovinghim , by difclaiming all our own righteoufnefT,&c,) dotb feek Jollification by Works which Paul difputes againff, andfo (et againft the only true lufification by Faith. io. Tea, and theyhold , that whoever looks to be Iu o flifted by that aft offaith, which themfelves call the lu- flifying acct, under any other notion then as an inflrrument, doth fall to jollification by works, or turn from the true lufl:frcation by Faith. By tbefeunwarrantable Definitions, and .Diflin6ions, and

The Preface. andadditions to Gods Word ; A' lamentable perplexity is prepared for mens fouls ; it being not pofsà le for; any living man to know, that he jail hits" ,an the juflifying Act, and which is it, and that he takes in no more, &c. andfo that he is not a Legalifl, or Jew, andfalls not from r o ,evangelical lull/flexion4y faith in Chrift. So that ¡u- flifrcationby faith inChrifl,es Chrift, (confidered in all fae ential to his office,) is with them no . luflifrcation by ith inChrift, but juflification by Works, fo much ¿if- ' owned by the Apoflle, the expectantsofwhich are fo mach condemned, 1 have gathered the funs of mof of the Diffenters minds as far tie 1 can under/landit. If any particular manof them, difown any ofthis, let him better -tell you his awn mind: For i intend not to charge him with any thing that he difowns. The Lord Illuminate and Reconcile all his "collie , by his Spirit and Truth. Amen. The

The CON'TETso Di.putation T. nether we aye juPifed by believing in 3efrt4 Clarifi as Q,uei. i cur Kivg and P-eachsr, aa `j: well 04 by believing in his blood r pag. r. The fate and weight of the C'ontroverfe. p.2, Ten Propftionsfor fuller explication. Argument firfi. Argu. 2. Argu. 3. Argu4. Argu. s. Argu. 6. A rgu.7. P.30 î rgu.8. P-31 Argu.9. P.35 Argu. i o. p.38 defended againf Mr. Blak's affault. p.10 Whether the LOP of Grace condemn any, andhow. p.444 The :+1ßín5 ion of fides quæjuitificat,& qua juiiificat con fder- ed. p.46)&c- ( b p. ro, p. r3 p. 14 P. r 9 p 24 p.27 p.28

TheCowrENTs; MBlak'sfrfi drgunoent ftVered. Argiment 2. 4nfivered. Argument 3. Argument 4. Argument 5. 4nd6. p.53 P.55 P.57 p.63 p.64 Difputation 1. nether Workj are a conditionof condition of Qua, fi7etodfibiyfiztriekns,:fnudfok awchoent condition? pep- The terms [workv and luflificAtion ] explained. p.70,7t The TermCondition explained. plz The Truth laid down in feveral Propolitions. P.75 Negattveand Affirmative The main Propofittonproved. p.79, Cteft. Can Chriji be 14nrumental in jtellifYing. ap123:8C4 Qua. DadChrifi expiate the fins, that by theGe4e1 menare obliged to petniAmentfor ? p.86 Of Repentance, and the habit of Faith in iteflificationa'p. 85, 86 Cklett. Doth the Goffrel jullifie NJ ? p.86,87,88,89 Other points brieflydifcufed. p90 TheOpponents'kiting of the aueltion. pp.9971.fos';96olc Divers onjull charges repelled. Hon, Abraham ry p.10I O : asjaftified, debated to The Opponents Thefts and Arguments. AlkWorks make not the Reward to be not of grace, proved by fix Arguments. p.III,to I15. And by Expo-. 'ital.,. Hiffecond Argument from thedifference pot betWeenfaithanì other Graces in Jugh.Pation. p la The cafe of faiths loeseren °pumaby4fialilit41e. p.i 20 HA- thirdArgument confidered : Our fill ?unification hotly, dffis.,.

TheCONTENTS, different from thefollowing. His fourth Argument of fell' Righteorsfiefi and tattfaitho di'- taons. His Fifth Argument, Works are thefruits, therefore' the condition. .I 28 Hisft'xth Argument. p.132. Hisfeventh Argtsmest. Of a twofoldRighteoufnefs or 7ugifcation. His eight .Argument that cannot, be a conditionof 7uftifi-arion, which it Pelf needeth 7ufttfcation. p.136 .Anfitered. Pauljudgeth them dung. , . P. 1 40 How juftifying faithbelongs to the Law, and the difference be- tween the La* and Gofpel. p I4a More of Chrifts fufferi :g for the violation of the nett" Cove- nant. p.146 Hie ninth Argument, wefill menWith doubt:. P.147- Anfveered. Bis tenth Argument. P.149 Of the rectuciling of Paul and James. p i 50 'c.`` Letters that pall between this ReverendBrother and fife. p. t 57 In whichudifcuffed the Argument fromAbrahams ?tefifica- tien. end in the laß Letter thefe gueft.ons. i. Whether vidcre, audire , be only Grammatical anions, and Phyfical T#lams. P. 194.0Nc z. whether Sei evine be only fo, and credereonly pati. p 198 3. Whether Faith be pa=ve in its Inßrtmentality+. p 207 4: 'rt'hefñ.'r the Oo onents Way make not other Graces as lscpar Inßruments cif 74 ` fication. +.21 I 5. Whether Faith be a probe l;ß(urrsént m fufl.fica:i,n. p.212 6. °seflier.. .13r Faith be an Inflrument, whether it j e/t :fie prinoar iy and proxime as fuck,or as an apprehenfion of Chri cr Righteoufne%s. P.214 7. ose,Rion, 'hich is the more clear,fadeand certain De rire. P 133 Repentance, whether excluded. p.220 p.227 of

The CoNTENT'S.;. Of Faith relatively taken. Of the Affevsblies Definition offaith. The judgementofDome Divines. whether a dying man may loop, on his tiens of theCovenant performed. Further Explications. p122,8 p.23o P.233,6c own ,Rth, as theL'ondi- pa4.=,&c. p.244&c. Difputat1i0n , Hther elides the Righteóssfnef, f.0 JJ o f `Chrifl imputed, therebea per- finalevangelical Rigbteoufnefs ntr ceffary to 7stfligicationand Salvation ? Affir. p. 25 9 Diflinitions andProportionsNegative and Affir»sativefor exl plication. !Proved. 06jetlions anfwWered Mr. Warnet's Arguments confuted. `. p.26o,, c PZ69,0c.. pz73: to 2135 Mr. Warner's t 3th chap. confutedabout .,fußificatien, and the Interefl of Obedience, &C. p.286 Mailer Warner's eIrgumenas anfwered, by which heWould exclude Cbrifl as King, &c. frombeing the Object of jsefli- fyingfaith. p.293. &c no other chiefpafages in bis Book confidered. p3o5,&c I3fs diflinélionof fides (lux &qua'.. p 308,&. Hsu Preface ánfWered in an Epifilee 1;94 3;

TheCorrTENT°;s R. John Tombe's , his friendly Animadverfions on my Apborifms, witha Difcufon of them. p.3 2 Z . . fuftification in Law.title bytbe `Promife fully vin- dicated. P. 332,&C, Whether 7uffiftcation be a continued AEI, or but one AEI. p.341 whether Faith cornprize Love, Subjet-lion or other &at large. Whither Faith be only in the IntelleE1,or alfo in the Will. p.3 &c. yußifjiugFaithreceivethChriffasLord, &c. p.358 It it Faith, and not only Love , or other Graces, by which the Will receivetbCbrifl . p. 361,&c. The Cj ofpel is a Law. p.369,&e. Repentance nece/fary to Tat ification. p.37o,&c. Bo* Faithjrsflifietb P377 Whether Christ hada Title on earth ta Rule. p.37) Of Chrifts univerfal `Dominion and Redemption. p.38o Moreof the 7taf ifica*tion by the Gofpel-Promife. p.384 Of Preparative: to Jul ification. p.387 What 'Paul excludetb as o;pofìte tofrith in ,Juffifacatior. p.39í,_ .. 392 OfIntercifion,. of 5ufti fcation, and theguiltof particular fins. p393,&c. Difputation 4. Hither the FaithwhichPaul oppofeth to C2Liett. ') worlej in 7uftifac,ttion,be one only Pbyf:cal AEI of the Soul ? Or,14/¡eetber all FHu- maneAlit except one Ployfatal AEI of Faith, be the Worlds Which Paul' excludetbfrom uftification ? Neg. p.399 The .Lu flìon opened: and its proved that this Faith is not one on- (b3) ly,

TheCONTEIrTS+. i. Either 3Vurrtrically. z. Or of all iafiriorGoias, fo as :o be of one only Faculty s Nor only God the Fat ber, Cbrill, `-Fromfe,Pardon,Heaven,&e.tbe®bieff. 3. Nor in fpccie fpecielìiTmaDprovedby many grgunenta. ERRATA.

f. +4444+ Lt6 443 +4-4441 ;;etf4,44+ 4644 4444 b1-,a A.. _ . . ...... ERRATA. pAge 6. line z;. read that I. p. t tihril?utgr. p.141.9.r.promitentu.1 I. zz.r.hath. p.18.1.3.r.ns this.l.;4.r.proofef,. p 9./ the. 1.34.r, ~. p.z1 1.17.r.that be ú. p.24l 3 S.r. thus. p. z9 l.t 3.r.though. p.3 2.1.3 z r. nufl be. p.39. 1. p.44.1. r.t I need. p.45.1.30.r.comnttnation. p.52..1. t t.r.ea. p. 55.14.6.r. noJl> i. 1.3 z.r.exclufion. p.64.1.;o.r.ctarfe. p.74.1.8.r.capttibus. 1%81.1.134%o. 1.2,0. r. Ail. p.85.1.6.btot out againf3. p.87.1.2,z.r.that is.1. z1.r.executton. p.88.1.12. read there. p.95.1.;.r.ù.1.9.r.your. p.99.1.19.LAS mediate it. p.119.1. p.t3S.'.5.r.that hebathnot. p.í36. 1.18.r. ifl. pì39 15 z.l 17.r. beef'. p.1661.3 8.r. we may. p.168.r.Gods. p.170 1.17.r.fgns. p.175./ í 5. r.d:vers. p.178./.19.r.he that rim, k5 not. p, t 80,1,4. r.or. p, i8;./, t9.r.eafuals.p, t86.1. zf.r.fenfu.p.t97.1.z9.r.Potentia. p.zaß.l.8.r. Porret.1.;í.r.`Paffive in. p.z10 1 Z,}.r. medaante. p. a 1z.L 1 z. r.except.p. 2,33.47. the.p. 2+3 .1. 3 z. blot out till.p. 152.41 3., r.veritatu. },. t7.r.he.1. 2.4.r.the.p. z90.G1.r.marks.p.294.1.zz.andl.z6.andp.z65.1.z3.and 26, for.quæ .p. 2994 i.r.unProved p. 314.1.36.r.cull.p319.'.14.r.tbat is. p. r.fuY. p.32.6 1.3,1. r. fruit. p.35:41.t11t, 360.1.z7.r.God.p.36t.1.3z.r.thokgbt.p,386.1.z7.r. /s it not.p.; 87.1.3z.r.f anc`l,ftcation. p.390.1, z z.r. morally. p.398./. t 5.r.probable.l. z3 r;Impenitenc». W404§IWIStregg

( ) Quefi:. Whether Re are fuJlifled by Beliveing in fefu.r Chri,g,s our I(ing. and Teacher as Dell a,s by believing in his Blood : Aff. AA '% 2, '/ Hough I have oft fpoken to this QIellion in the ears of the world as taking it to be rs of very great Confequence ; yet upon the Invitationof this opportunity, I Tall once } and the rather, becaufe the Anfwers of a :iá' s-,T ` Reverend Brother (Mr. Blake ) tomy for.. mer Arguments, and his Arguments for the contrary opinion, may wrong the Truth and the fouls of men, if their Fallacy be not manifefted by aReply. And I fhall firft speak fomewhat of the Importance of the Q eftion, and then of the fenfe ofit, and then endeavour a B clear

clearRefolution, and the Confirmation thereof , and the Con- futation of the contrary conceits. And for the firft, I {hall give you my thoughtsof it in thefe two Propofitions. Propsfition i. Thedifferenceamongft Proteftants about this Q ueftion is not of fo great moment, that either party mutt Ea .vonaine be judged to deny the Effentials ( or Fundamentals ) of the faith,and fo to be of a different Religion from the other, or to fall (bort ofSalvation. I lay down this Propofition firít, Becaufe of the Papifts who $and looking uponall our differences with a mind too like the mind of theDevil ; rejoycing in them r and endeavouring to encreafe them, and tomake them feemgreater in the eyesofthe world than indeed they are, that fo they may make ufe of them for the reproachingof our Profef ion , and take an advantage from them tomake the truth and Servants of Chrift become odious unto others. Secondly, And I do it alfo for the fake of force (even too many) amongour felves, that fpeakofcontroverfies as they are concerned in them,or as the party to whom they joyn doth fpeak of them, or as they appear to them in the dark, or at a diftance, or upon a batty fuperficial fearch ; but have not the skil ( nor force of them, the will) to open the true ftate of a Controver- lie, and make the difference appear no wider, then indeed it is. To the provingof thePropofition, it muff be obferved, Firft, that the Affirmers doyield, that it is not the Doarineor Go- vernment of Chrift, but his blood that is the Ranfome for our fins, andhis Righteoufnefs that is the foie Meritorious Caufe of ourJuftification : and that believing in Chrift as Prophet and King, is not a proper Inftrument of our Juftiftcation ; and that Christ as a Ranfome forus, and a deferver of our juftification, is the formal Objets of that other a& ( which accordingly be- lieveth in him;) andnot of this as of believing inhim as Pro- phet and King, On the other fide, it is granted by them that are for theNe= gative, that it is our duty tobelieve in Chrift as a Prophet and King and that it is of necefiïty to falvation, yea to 1uftification it felt; For theyyield that it is the Fide; qux J,ißih'csc-t,the faith by

( 3) by whch;we are Justified ; but not qaa 7uj7í¡icae, or that it ju ffifieth not qar; talis, as fuch : Theyyield alto that it is a Con- dition of Juftification , for fo they confers that Repentance it fell is; but they only fay, that it is not the Inftrument ofJuifi- fication, as they think the other act is. So that thedifference is here : They yield all that we affirm( ifI canunderhand them; but they affirm fomewhat more themfelves which we do not yield [hey grant that believing in Chrift as our Teacher and Lord is a Condition of our Jufti ication, and the fide, game 7ftfii- ficat; which is all that 1 dcfire : But then they add, that theBea lief in Chriíis blood and Righteoufnefs is the Inftrurent of our. Juftification, and that it jufinfieth qug tedis ; which we utterly deny, if the words be properly taken ; and Tropes fhould no upon choice be made the terms of our Queftion , while them are plainer to be had. So that by this time its eafie to fee that neither of thefe opinions are filch as mutt unchurch or damn uR, or makeus Hereticks. Firff, We that are for the Affirmative areout of that danger ; for we hold no more pofitively then is yielded us by the other. All that they can charge us with, is this Negative, that _ believing in Chriíis blood dotti not properly Juftifie as an Inftrument ( that is, as an efficient Infirumental Caufeof our Juf'tification) nor yet gstâ tali' : J And I think theywill not layour falvation on the Affirmative when they confider what we yield (ofwhich more anon) And on the other fide, we arefar from payingany damning fentence on them that are for the laid inftrumentality ; efpecially as we perceive it commonly held. Let no Papift therefore infult over us and fay, we are difagreed in our fundamentals,uniefs he be refolved todo it in deign againft the light of his own confcience. I the rather premife this Caution, becaufe I hear that the Papifts do mutter thus againft us already to filly people that cannot fee their de- ceit : they fay,[ Is not the death ofChrift a fundamental ? and yet fome fay that he died for All, and fame fay he died only for the Deft ; fome fay he paid the /dew, and fome but the Tan -, tandem but they tell not thepeople the true Rate of theCon- troverfie, and wherein we areagreed,or that they differ as much about the extent of the death of Chrift among themfelves, without filch a charge. Chrift is the Foundation : but yet whe- F 2 the

( 4) ther his hairwerecut, or not or whether he were thirty three or thirty five, or fifty years old when he died ; or whether he was buried in a Garden, or in a Sepulchre of ftone, thefe are not the foundation. So much to the firft Propolition for narrowing our difference. Propofition 2. Though this controverfie be not of fuch Mo- ment as is denied, yet is it of great weight, and the Confequents of the Errors of one party hereabout, are fuch, as if they were held practically and after the proper fenfeof their exprefsions, would bea great hinderance to falvation,ifnot plainly hazard it. And therefore the queftion is not to be caft by as needlefs or unprofitable. It is fo seer the great matters of our Redemp- tion, Juftification, and the nature of faith , that it is it felf the greater. Arid if 4,neßrre fay true,that truths are fo concatenat- ed, that every Error mutt by confequence overthrow the foun- dation, then it mutt be fo in this. Theconfequents (hall be men- tioned anon in the Arguments, where it will be more feafonable. And in great matters, it is not acontemptible Error which con- ifteth but in mif naming and mif-placing them : It is a very great help to the clear and full underftandingof Truths,to have right Notions andMethods. And the contrary may prove dan- gerous to many others, when the particular Patrons of thole miftakes may be in no danger by them. For perhaps their firft Notions may be righter than their fecond ; and they may not fee the confequentsof their miftake; ; and yet when fuch mi- flakes in terms and methods (hall be commended to the world, other men that hear and read their words, and know not their hearts andbetter apprehenfions, are like enough to take them in the moft obvious or proper fenfe, andby onediforder to be led to more, and to fwallow the Confequents as well as the mif- leadingPremifes. And therefore I muff needs fay,that this point appeareth of fuch moment in my eyes,that I dare not defert that. which I confidently take tobe the Truth, nor facrifice it . to the honor or pleafure of man. For the explication ofthe terms iris needlefs to fay much,and I have neither time for, nor mind of needlefs work. By [lufti- p.rtsion ] herewe mean not either SanEtification alnne,or fanti fication and remifi .onconjnnt as making.0 p our Righteoufnefs, as

(5) as thePapifts do : ( though we deny not but fometime the word' may be found in Scripture in foram luth fenfe : ) For thus it is pail controverfi`, that our juiiification, that is, our fantificati- on as CO, all that followeth faith, is as much, if not much more, from our belief in Chrift as Teacher andKing, as from our be- lief inhim as a Ranfome, But by Juílification we mean that Relative Change which Proteflants ordinarily mean by this word ; which we need not here define. The Prepofition B) ] (when we fpeak of being -juflified by faith ) is not by all men taken in the fame fenfe. Firft, Some- time its tiledmore ftridly and limitedly to lignifie only an effi- ciency,or the lntereft of an Efficient caufe. And thus forneDi- vines do feem to take it, when they fay that we are jullified by faith in Chrifts blood and Righteoufnefs, andnot by faith in him as a Teacher or a Lord : which occafioneth the Papifis to fay our difference is wider then indeed it is : For theword [ B. bath an ambiguity : and in their fence, we yield their Negative though not their Affirmative, in the laft-mentioned conclufion. Secondly, Sometime the word ¡ By] is ufed to lignifie a Condi- tionality, or the Intereft of a condition only in fpecial. And thus we take it when we explain our felves in what manner it is that weare juftified by faith, and by thefe qutftioned ads in particular. And therefore thofe Protef}ants that difpute againft us who are for the Affirmative, do (if I underfiand them) deny only the propriety of the phrafe which weufe, but not the thing or fenfe which we express by it ; for they grant that thefe ads of faith are Conditions of our Juftific'ation, when they have never fomuch difputed, that we are not juftified by them, and fo a fmall fyllableof two letters, is much of the matter-of their con- troverfie. Thirdly, fomerime this word is ufed to lignifie the Intercft of any other caufe as well as the Efficient, and that either general- ly, or efpecialiyoffome one. T his Paper is white By the white- nefs as the formalcaufe : we are moved to a godly life By God and falvation as the final caufe &c. Fourthly, Sometime the term [ By J. is taken yet more largely ( and fitly enough ) for all or any gleans in General, . or the intereft of an, means in the att inment of the End. And 13 3 fo

( 6 ) fo it comprehendeth all Caufesd, even thofe Per accidens and Conditions as well as Caufes, an all that doth but remove im- pediments. And in this cornprehen :ve fenfe we take it here in the Qaeftion, though when we come to determine what is the fpecial Intereft of faith in Juniication, I take it in the fecond fenfe. Take notice alfa, That I purporely here life this phrafe E weare Junified 13,, Believing, or by Faith ] raher than thefe, ¡unifying faith ] or Faith doth mnifie us. j And I here foretell you,that if !Intl at any timeufe thefe laft expreffions, as led to it by chafe with whom I deal it is but in the fenfe as is hereafter explained. The Reafons why I chook to flick to this phrafe, rather then other, are; Fa, Becaufe this only is the Scripture phrafe, and the other is not found in scripture ( that I remember ) It is never faid, that Faith doth jufti- fieus -I though it be laid that we are ¡unifiedby faith. And if any will affirm that I may ufe that phrafe which is not found in Scripture, be cannot fay. I muft ufe it. And in a Controverted cafe, efpecially about fuch Evangelical truth the fafety of adhering to scripture phrafe, and the danger of departing from it is fo difcernable, ( and fpecially when men Make great ufeof their unfcriptural phrafes for the countenan- cingof their opinions, ) I have the more reafon to be caute- Ions. Secondly, Becaufe the phrafes are not alwaies of one and the fame fignification.The one is more comprehenfive then the other, if firiftly taken. To be ¡unified by faith 1 is a phrafe extenfive to the Intereft of any Medium whatfoever: And there are Mediawhich are not Caufes. But when we fay that Faith cloth ¡uflifie us ] or call it [ ¡unifying Faith ] we ex.. prefs a Caufality, if we take the wordaridly. Though this Ian phrafe may fignifie the Intereft of a bare Condition, yet not fo properly and without Draining as the former. The Re- verend Author of the feond Treatife of Junification, is ofthe fame mind as ro the ufeof the termsbut he conjectures another reafon for the Scripture ufe, then I (hall ever be perfwaded of, viz, that it is becaufe Crel'ere is not Aere, but Pati ; to Believe is to S Pr, and not to AE that it is a grammaticK11 AClion, but Pk7fic4lly a Paffion. Though think this no truer, then

4 then that my brains are made of a lookingglafs, and my heart of marbl`;yet is there fornwhat in this Reverend mans opinion, that looks toward the truth afar off. For indeed it intimateth that as to Caufality or Efficiency ; faith is not Active in the jullifying of a firmer, but. is a meer condition or moral difpo- fition, which is neceffary to him that will be in the neareft Capacity to be juftifyed by God. The Tall words , [ Believi in his blood] I ufe not as the only way that is taken by the Opponents ; but as one inftance among divers. For they ufe to exprefs themfelves fo vat ioufly, as may caufeus to think by many(as we know it offome ) that they take more wares then one in oppofing us. Firft, Someof them fay,that the only A&of faith that juflifieth; is our believ- ing in Chrifts blood, or fufferings, or humiliation. Secondly, Others fay, That it is the believing in, or apprehending, and rating on his whole Righteoufnefs , even his Obedience as Obedience, to be it kif imputed to us, Thirdly, Other Re- verend Divines fay, that it is the apprehendingand ratingon his Habitual, as well as Active and Pafíive Righteoufnefs ; that his Habits may be imputed to us, as our Habitual Rightcouf nefs, and his Ads as our wive Righteoufnefs; in both which together we are reputed perfectFulfillers of the Law ; and his fufferings as our Satisfaction fdr our breaking the Law. As for thofe that mention the Imputation of his Divine Righter oufnefs to us, they are fo few, and thofe for the molt part fufpected ofunfoundnefs, that I will not number it among the Opinions of Proteflants. Fourthly,Others fay,that the ¡Jellifying Mt of Faith is not the apprehenfion of Chrifts Righteoufnefs or Ranfome , but of his Perlon, and that only as he is Prieft, and not as Prophet or King. Fifthly, Others think that it is the apprehenfion of Chrifls perfon, but no t in his incite Prieflly, office ; for he performeth forne Aas of his Prieftly office for us ( Interceflion ) after we are juftified : Therefore it is his Perlon only as the Satisfier of jaflice, and Meritor of Life, which they make the adequate Ohjed of the jurifeing Aft of Faith. Sixthly, Others fay,that it is bothhis Perfon and his fatisfaction, Ment, Righteoufnefs, vea, Pardon and jufli- ficationi; fclf, that is the adequate Objeft By which they muff,

mull needs grant that it is not one onlyTingle A&, but many. Seventhly. One Reverend man thats now with God ( Bifhop Vfer) underftanding that I was engaged in theControverfie, did of his own accord acquaint me with his judgement, as tend- ing to reconciliation : And becaufe f never heard any other of the fame mind,and it bath a confìderable afpe&, I fhali briefly and truly report it as he expreffed it He told me, that there are two Ads (or fort of A& ) ofFaith. By the firft we receive the Perfon of (Thrift as a woman inMarriage cloth firft receive the `Perfoi oftier Husband: This is our Implantation into (-hrift the true Vine and gives us that Union with him, which mutt go b:fore Communion and Communication of his Graces, and fo before jufihcation. The fecond of Faiths As are thole that apprehend the Benefits which he offereth ; Of which Juflification is one,and this is ftri&11 the a'ufirifyug A&ofFaith, and followeth the former. So that (faid he) it is true that the firft A& which apprehendeth Chrifts perfon doth take him as King, Prieft, and Prophet; as Head and Husband that vwe may be united to him but thefollowing ads which Receive his Be- nefits do not fo, but are Inked to the feveral benefits. ] The opinion is fubtile, and I perceived by his Readinefs in it, that it was one of his old Ifudied points, and that he had been longof that mind ; my anfwer to him was this r i Youmuch confirmme in what I have received: for you grant the principal thing that I define; but you add fomething more which I cannot fully clofe with, but (hall plainly tell you what are my apprehen- fions of it. Firft, You grant that the ad of faith by which we are united toChriff, and which goes firft, is the Believing in , or Receiving whole Chriff as Prieft, Prophet, and King. This will do all that I defire. Secondly,You add, that another a&,even theReceivingof his Righteoufnefs is after neceffary, that we may be juftified. Your reafon feems to be drawn from the dif- ference of the effeEls : Union goes before Juftification,therefore the uniting aft goes before the ¡unifyingad. This is it that I deny ; M . Reafons are there. Firft,Scrtpturedií inguifheth be- tween out Union with Chrift and our Juftification:but no where between theuniting and ¡unifyingads offaith. Secondly, The nature of thething requtreth it not, 'becaufe faith ¡unifies not by .._

(s) by a Phyflcal ca ufality, as fire warmethme ; but by the moral intereft of a condition : and the fame at may be the Condition of divers benefits. Thirdly, Scripture bath exprefly made the Receivingof the perfon in his Relations to be the Condition of the participation of his benefits : [As many as received him, to them gave he power to become the fons of God ; ?ohn i. whoever believeth inhim Jha11not perifh, but, &c. believe in the Lord 7eíus,and those (halt be faveef, &c.J Fourthly, Your own Similitude cleareth what I fay : Though thewife have not poff'ef- f on of all that is her husbandsas foon as the is married ; yet the bath Fight to all that is her part , and poffeffionofthebene- fits meerly Relative, which confitt but in a Right. The accepting his perfon in marriage is the condition to be by her performed to inflate her in his Honours fo far as the muff partake of them. When the is made a wife by that Confent , there needs not any other ad before the can be noble,honourable, a Lady,a Queen, 6c: For the former was the full conditionof the firl} pofl'effion of this benefit; and the benefit immediately refulteth from the Union. Fifthly, I conceive that thefe twoalts which you men- tion arebut one moral work(though diversPhyfical a ts)and to be done without any interpofition of time, before we can have Chrift for Union or Juftification. For the end is Effential toRe- lations : and he that receives Chrift, mutt take him to fome end and ufe : and that teuft be to, ¡uftifie, Reconcile and fave him ; to bring him to God that he may be, blared in him. He that loth not receive Chrift to thefeends , receiveth not Chrift as Chrift, and therefore cannot be united to him; and he that doth thus receive him, doth both thefe aô s in one which you require. Sixthly, And the cafe is much different between Phyfical and Relative benefits : For its true , that when we are united to Chrit , we may haveafter need of renewed as of faith to aetu- ate the Gracesof the Spirit Inherent in us ; For here Right is one thing, andPoffon is another : But the Relation of Son- ihip, Juftification, &c. are benefits that arife from the promife or free Gift by a meer refultancy to all that are united to Chrift ; and whoever hath prefent Right to them, even thereby bath po{fefïion of them, fo that this anfwereth your Reafon, For there is no filch dittanceof time betweenour Union t¡ith Chrift and

(ion and Juftification, as that any as of our own mot/ interpafe ; but they are in eodem inftanti, and differ only in order ofnature. In fu n , we prove a promife ofpardon to all that receive Chrift himfelf, and believe in him : If any will affirm the neceffity of any other at before we can be juftified, it is incumbent on them to prove it. This was the fubftante of myAnfwer, to which theReverend Bithop faid no more ; whether fatisfied or not , I cannot tell . But I thought meet to recitehisJudgement, both becaufe it comes fo neer the matter,and becaufe I knownot ofany other that faith the fame or fomuch of feeming ftrengch agaïnft us. Againft all three (even particular Opinions, I am no N to de- fend the Thetis ; when I have firft told you in certaindiftin- &ions and propofitions, howmuch I grant, and. what I deny ; which I thall in (bort difpatch. And here I need but to rehearfe what I have faid already to Mr. Blake, png. 3.4. or to give you force (bort account of my thoughts to the fame purpofe Firft, We muff not confound Juftification by Conftitution or Guift , and ;uflification by theSentence of the Judge, and, the Execution of that fentence, which are three diftint things. Secondly, We muff not confound jollification with the affu- rance or feelingof Juftification. Thirdly, We muff diftinguifh between our firft Juftificati- on from a Rate of fin, and our daily Juftification from particu- lar As of fin. Fourthly, Between that whirh is neceffaryonChrifts part, and that which is neceffary on our patt to our Juftificati- on. Fifthly, Between Chrifts purchafing our Juftification, and his . actual juftfying of us. Sixthly, Between theee two fenfes of the phrafe (juftified by Faith] viz. as by an efficient CCaufe,or as a meer Condition. Seventhly, Between the Caufality of faith in the Ph.yfical'' tffeets of far.tificatión on the foul, and its conducing to the efficacyofthe Promife in ourJuftification. Propotition g. E. parte Cbriffbs We eafily grant that it

(II) it is not bis Teaching , or Ruling us , but his Ranfome and Obedience that are the Meritorious caufe of our Juftification and Salvation. Propofition 2. Therefore if Chrift did juftifie us per modem objeai .apprehenjiin the neaten fence, as the Belief of facred Truths doth make a ualitative imprehion on the foul in our Sanctification, and the exciting and acting ofour Graces ,then I fhould confefs that it is only that Aa ofFaith which is the ap- prehenfion of this Objet,that Both help us direcgly to the bene- fit of the Object. Propofition 3. But it is not fo : For the Obje& juftifieth us caufally by way of Merit and Moral rocurement, and thebenefit of that Merit is partly the Promife conveying to us Juftification, and partly Juftification conveyed by that Pro- mile ( not to fpeak now of other benefits) and the Promife conveyeth-Juftification by Moral Donation as a deed of Gift, ora Pardon to a Traylor : Therefore the Gift flowing purely from the Will of the Giver, and the Promife or deed of Gift being the Immediate Inftrumental efficient Caufe of ir, as it is fignum voluntatis Danat6rls, our Belief or Apprehenfion qua taliscannot juftifie us, nor have any nearer or higher interelt in our Juftification, then to be the Condition of it, as it is a freeGift. And therefore the Condition muff be judged of by the will of the Donor expreffed in his Promife, and not immediately by the conceits of men concerning its natural agreeablenefs to the Object in this or that refpe&. Prop ,oftion q.. Yea, Even ex parte C'hri f i, though he Merit Jultification by his Ranfome and Obedience, yet heaaually jui ifieth us as King of his Church, and that in regard of all the three forts or parts of Juftification. He giveth it confti- tutively by his Promife, as Lord and Legiflator and Benefaaor, on thefe terms of Grace. He fentewceth us Juft, as our Judg; and he executeth that fentence as a yufi Judge, governing ac- cording to his Laws. So that if Faith did juftifie ex natur4 rei, which they call its Infirumentality , I fee not yet but that the apprehenfion of Chrift as Lord and Judge mull juftifie us, becaufe the Obje& apprehended doth thus juftifie us. Propofttion 5. I eafily grant that inour Sanïtifacution or the C z exciting