Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

The Prerrce. Offerit,whichyet lefs fitlyagree, to the Condition of our firfl lufliflcation then ofour Glorification.) II. Chrifls pardonandlife are given by this Gofpel- "whip on condition of our faith in chrifi, that is, ifwe become Believers in Ciift ; or Chriflians ; which is, If we accept cf Chrifl 44 offered in the Gofpel,and that is, to bring to fromour fin, and'elves toGod,by the acts ofhis Teaching., PrieIlly, andKingly office ; or, if we believe inCbrift itf Chrifi. So that it is not any one jingle acl of Faith that is the condition offuflification : nor are the feveral Benefits of Chriflgiven ta on condition offeveral atis ofFaith; ad ifwe hadRight topardon byone aa,and toChrifl him/elfby another, and to Adoption by another and to Heaven by another,&c. Nor have the feveral aas ofour faith asdivided an Inter(ft inprocurement of the Benefits ea chrifls actions bad: But it a one and thefame entirefaith in chrifl Chrifl, that is the conditionofall theft con(equent fpecial Benefits ; without divifion in the procurement. So that the Belief in chrill as our Tea- cher andKing bath as much hand inour pillification, as believing in him as Priefl ; it being the backw4rdnelsof nature to the acceptance of chrifls Government andDo- Urine, that ù afpecial Reafon why faith is made the con- dition ofthat pardon, which Nature ¡s notfo backward to, accept. 12. The iteafons to be arigned, why faith in chrifl ii made the condition of lullification, is, The rvill of the free Donor. 2. The fltneffof faith to that office ; 41 being fuited to Gods Ends, and to Chrifl the objeilì andto mansneceritota eflate. Not only becaufe it is the Receiving ofRighteoufnefs but for all thefe Rearms to- gether, inwhich its aptitude doth confift ; and its pti- tude to the Honourof th-e Redeemer andftee yoflifler is the