Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

1.5óe Opporr: Works are not a Condition, much let's a Càufe of our Jultiftcation, under any Notionwhatfoever they are taken i.e. Neither Faith in Chrift as Lord and Teacher, becoming his Difciples, Repentance, Love Hope, Prayer for Pardon, Confelíion, Self denyal, fincere Obedience, etc.. are Caufes or Conditions of Juftification, as begun, continued, or as it is molt eminent in the fentence at Judgement. Conf.Err.This?aith,Repentance ,Prayer,Obedience,&c.are not truly means ofour Juftification now or at Judgement. Ergo. Not means to the pardonof fin, and freedom from punifhment. Ergo. Not means of Salvation fromHell, or of that Glo- ry towhich the final Juftification will adjudge us. Ergo. I. They are not neceffary necejfitate medii, and 2. No Man muft ufe them as means to his prefent pardon, or Juttification, or final Juftificationor falvation. N Ergo. o means muft be ufed for prefent or final Juftifica- tion or Salvation, but only the inftrumental receiving, :or ap- prehending of Chrifts Righteoufnefs, or of Chrift as Prieft Ergo. Objet!. There are means betides- Caufes and Conditions. S4nfro. Befides C°aufas Conditioner preximas, there are : but betides Caujas e . Conditions & proximiu ek remotas, in this cafe there are none that i know of : if there be, name them. Letters