Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(i6I) think I am inrerefted. Had I known the Contents of the book before publifhcd, I would have moll importunately urged you at leaf} to have taken more time of deliberation about the divulgation of them , which you know have much novelty in them. I know things arc not to be embraced or rejcfcd, becaufe either old or new ; yet `P It 1 doth diílike xsuroefoidç if we may fo read it, and not x4Y0Pwvixs. I (hall con- clude with this : Let not any difference from you in Judgement beany obflru&ion to improve your utmoft Abilities ( which are many and lovely) to the finding out, and propa- gatingof Truth. If God prolong your life, I hope this next Summer we mayhave mutual oral Conference together, which is the molt conducible way to clear both Truth and our Opi- nions. roar f ithfUll Friend and Brother Decemb, 3: To the Reverend and bit much Honoured Friend ,(MK- Baxter, Preacher of the rfiord of god at Kederminlier, tbafe lDeliver, Sir, IReceived yours , which I acknowledge a Favour but not fo great as I expect. Your diffent is fogenerally known, that I cannot but hope to know tome of the tirounds of it. I hope you cannot fo vehemently diffent in points of fuch Mo- ment, and yet deny me a difcoveryof mine Error. The defer- ing of fuch a work till you have wrote another Book, doth intimate what will be injurious to the Church , your felf Y and