Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

*WeI (hall not wholly negleet your requeft inyour letter, bat give you an hint at one of thofe feveral Arguments that move me todiffent fromyou ; which although it be obvious, yet fuch, Arguments as moft men pitch upon, have the greateft ftrength and that is the peculiar and proper exprefi<ìons the Scripture giveth to faith in the matter of juftification, and that when the Marine is purpofely handled, as Patel in his Epiftle to the Rena, s , attributing it fo to faith, as it excludes not the pre- fence, but the co-operationof any other, He doth fo include faith, as that he doth exclude all works under any notion : for Abrahamwas then godly, and abounded in other Graces, pet the Apotle fattens his Jufiification upon this in fo much that if a man would have defired the Apofttç to make adiffe- rence betweenfaith and other Graces, it could not have been done more evidently. As for the Apoftle James, your fence cannot be admitted to reconcile them , but rather makes that breach wider : theolle faitb,a Juftification without works ; youmake Faith as well as works,thougfi one primarily : where. as the Orthodox both againfi Papiflr and .rminians, and Soci.. nians, do fweetly reconcile them. By the hint of this, I fee a Letter cannot reprefent the vigor of an Argument. I fball only add one thing : we may hold Opinions, and difpute them fpeculatively in Books; but practically, and when we come to dye, we darenot make ufe of them. I know not how a godly an at his death can lookupon his Graces asConditions ofthe Covenant fulfilled by him ; though the Graceof God and the Merits of Chrift be acknowledged the procuring caufe. The Papiás alto verballycome to that refuge : For how come the Imperfeetions in theConditions tobe pardoned, and conditions have a moral Efciency ? Raptisx. But of thefe things more fullywhen I fee you. TheLord preferve you an Infirument in his Church, and di- re& and fan tifie all your parts and abilities for his Glory. Feb, t 3 Tour loving Brother in the Lard To his very laving andmuch refpetled Friend Mr. BA X T & , Mini/1er of Çediwordat Kederminfter, theft' be delivered. Sir,