Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

TheCorrTENT°;s R. John Tombe's , his friendly Animadverfions on my Apborifms, witha Difcufon of them. p.3 2 Z . . fuftification in Law.title bytbe `Promife fully vin- dicated. P. 332,&C, Whether 7uffiftcation be a continued AEI, or but one AEI. p.341 whether Faith cornprize Love, Subjet-lion or other &at large. Whither Faith be only in the IntelleE1,or alfo in the Will. p.3 &c. yußifjiugFaithreceivethChriffasLord, &c. p.358 It it Faith, and not only Love , or other Graces, by which the Will receivetbCbrifl . p. 361,&c. The Cj ofpel is a Law. p.369,&e. Repentance nece/fary to Tat ification. p.37o,&c. Bo* Faithjrsflifietb P377 Whether Christ hada Title on earth ta Rule. p.37) Of Chrifts univerfal `Dominion and Redemption. p.38o Moreof the 7taf ifica*tion by the Gofpel-Promife. p.384 Of Preparative: to Jul ification. p.387 What 'Paul excludetb as o;pofìte tofrith in ,Juffifacatior. p.39í,_ .. 392 OfIntercifion,. of 5ufti fcation, and theguiltof particular fins. p393,&c. Difputation 4. Hither the FaithwhichPaul oppofeth to C2Liett. ') worlej in 7uftifac,ttion,be one only Pbyf:cal AEI of the Soul ? Or,14/¡eetber all FHu- maneAlit except one Ployfatal AEI of Faith, be the Worlds Which Paul' excludetbfrom uftification ? Neg. p.399 The .Lu flìon opened: and its proved that this Faith is not one on- (b3) ly,