Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

have life through his .Name : ] That faith by whichwe have life is certainly it by which . we are juftified : for as J utlification is part of that life , fo Right to Eternal life is given on the fame terms as j uflification is. And the object of this faith here is, Chrill in Perron and emire Office , , the fon of God by whole Name we have life. Àtls 2.30,3'1,32,33,34,35,36,37,38. [ Knowing that god had fn orn with an Oath tohim, that of the fruit ofbid leinel ac- cording to theAlb, he wouldrafe up Chrifl', tofit upon hid Throne, be feeing this beforefpake ofthe RefurretlionofChriff,that hisfoul wad not left in his Hell, neither his flefbdid fee Corruption : ThI "'elm bath God raifedup, whereof We are all witneffes ; therefore being by the right hand ofGod exalted--- therefore let all the houfeof Ifrael knowoffuredly that god path made this fame IefusWhom ye have Crucified,bo,hLord and Chrifi. NoW when they beard this ,-- Then Peter Paid unto them, Repent and be baptized every one ofyou in the chine of felted Chrsfi , for the Itemiffîon of fins ----- .3 Here it is evident that Remitlion of fins is a Benefit that by this faith they were to be made par- takers of; and fo that it is the faith by whichwe are juftified,that theyare Invited to : And that the Object of this faith implied in the terms, Repent andbe baptized, &c. is the Name of Jefus Chrift, and that eminently inhis exaltation, as Rifen, and fet at the Right hand of God, and as Lord and Chrig. So flits Repent therefore andbe Converted, that your fins may be blottedout For Mofes trulyPaid, A Prophet ¡hallthe Lord your Godraife up .] Here the Jews are ac- cured for killing the Prince of life,verr1 . and exhorted to Re- pent thereof; and fo of their Infidelity, and be converted . (to Chrifi, and fo to become Chriftians,) which is more then one act of faith ; and this was that their fins may be blottedout : And Chrilt as Prophet is propounded to them as the object of this faith, which they are exhorted to. So AU. lo. 42,$3. with 36,37,38,4©,41[ And he command- ed us to preach unto the people, and to teffife that it it he that is ordained of god to be the judgeof quick anddead ; to himgive all the Prophets witnefs, that through his name, Whofoever be- Leveth inhim /hall receive Remi f on of fins. 3 Here the faith is defcribed