Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

( 69 ) 1511 ®! '..) b 1 - c ÿ .. r .ir ry '4."41 el Whether Works are a Condition of. fuJlcation 'nd fo 73)hether e arefujii fled by Works as fucha Con.- dition Hough we have faid enough already on there uefiions ( which for difpatch I joyn toge- ther,) yet feeing there are fome that muff needs have more, or the fame again; I íhall yield fo far to their Importunity , as torecite here briefly the flareof the Conttoverfie,and fome of that evidence which is elfewhere more largely produced for the truth. And FIrfF, We muff explain what is meant by Corks, and what is meant by 7rsfification ; what by a [ Condition] and what by the Prepofition b'y here, when we fpeakof Juftification by works : And then we fhall lay down the truth in feverril prepo- litions, Negative and Affirmative. It kerns ftrange to me to hear menon either fide to fpeak K .3 againa iii1111111111111Nir---- ,. .