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The Life ofFaith. 79 "Vifron, Love and Praije, will be thy unceffant cafe and plea- t Pure ; and thy endlefs work, will be thy endlefs reti ! De- " part, O my foul, with peace and gladnefs ! Thou leaveft "not a world, where Wifdom andPiety, Juflice and Sobs. e- " ty, Love, and Peace, and Order, do prevail ; but a world " of ignorance and folly; of bruitifh fcnfuality and rage; of " impiety and malignant enmity to good; a world of inju- ".ftice and oppreflion ; and ofconfufion anddiffra$ing tirifes ! " Thou goeft not to a world ofdarknefs, and of wrath ; but of Light and Love ! From hellifh malice, to perfect amity ; "fromBedlam rage, toperfect wifdom ;frommad confufion, " to perfat order ; to fweeteft unity and peace ; even to the " fpirits ofthe juft made perfed, and to the celcfial glorious " CityofGod ! Thou goeff not from Heaven to Earth, from " hand's to fin, from the fight ofGod, into an infernal dun- 6c goon ; but fromEarth to Heaven ; from fin and imper- "fe(ion unto poled holincfs ; and from palpable darknefs, "into the vital fplcndour of the face of God ! Thou goett "not amongtienemies, but to dearcll friends ; nor amongft "weer ftrangers, but to many whom thou haft known by t6 fight, and to more whom thou haft known by faith, and: " mutt know by the fweetelt communion for ever. Thou "goeti not to unfatisficdJuffice, nor to a condemning unre- "conciled God; but to Love it fell; to infinite Goodnefs; the "fountain of all created and communicated good ; to the " Maker, Redeemer and Sanctifier offouls ; to him whopre- " pared Heaven for thee, and now hath prepared thee for Heaven ! Go forth then in triumph, and not with terrour, " Omy foul! The prize is won : Poffcfs the things which " thou haft fo long prayed for, and fought ! Make halle and "enter into thy Matters joy ! Go view the glorywhich thou. " haft fo long heard of; and take thy place in the heavenly "Chore; and bear thy part in their celetiial melody ! Sit "down with Abrabaar, Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdomof "God! And receive that which Chrilt in his Covenant did " promife togive thee at the !aft. Go boldly to that bleffed "God, with whom thou, haft fo powerful a Mtdiatour ; and " to the Throne of whole grace, thou haft had fo oft and fwect accels. IfHeaven be thy fear or forrow, what can °`be