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àYfz The Life of Faith. firit conquered all the rets ofyour enemies, may be able alfo to overcome the lati ; and may do your lati work well, when it bath donc the refi. CHAP. I. Diretiions bow to live by Faitb : Andfirff hem to firengthen Faith: Andfecondly,tbe natural Truths prefuppofed to be con- fidered. THe Direêiions whichI [hall give you, as helps to live by Faith, are of two ranks. i. Such as tend to the ffrengtbening of your Faith. 2. Such as tell you how to of it. The urti is the greate[i part of our task : for no mancan ufe that faith which hehath not ; nor can ufe more of it than he hath. And the commonefi reafon why we ufe but little, is becaufe we have but little to ufe. But on this fubjed (fuppofng it moti weighty) L have written many Trcatifcs already (The fecondpart ofthe Sàints Reti : The Unreafonablenefs of Infidelity: And la[i of all, TheReafons of theChriflian Religion : Befides others which handle it on the by.) And fomewhat is Paid in the beginning of this difcourfe. But yet becaufe in fo great a matter I am more afraid ofdoitsg too little than too much ; I will here give you an Index of Come of tic chief Helps, to be dole to- , gether before you for your memories, to be the contiant fuel ofyour Faith. In the workofFaith, it is firfi needful that you get all the prerequifite Helps of Natural Light, and be well acquainted with their Order and Evidence, and their Vjefulnefs tobefriend the fupernatural revelations: For it is fuppofcd that we are men before we are Chriffians : We were created before we were redeemed : And we muti know that there is a God, be- fore wecan know that we have offendedhim, or that we need a Saviour to reconcile us to him : And we muti know that we M have