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86 The Life of Faith. merit, for fins as committed ágain(l 'finite/ I.? And are his re. wards nogreater than a mans ? Thefe, and many more fuch Evidences may afThre you that there is another life of Rewards and punifhments and that this life is not our final (late, but only a time ofprepa ration thereunto. Settle this deeply and fixedly in your minds. 8. And look up to the heavenly Regions, and think, Is tail world Co replenithed with inhabitants, both Sea, and Land, and Air it fèlf? And ein I dream that the vaff and glorious Orbs andRegions, are all uninhabited? Or that they have not more numerous and glorious pofíelfors, than this (mall opacous fpot of earth. And then think, that thole higher creatures are intctetival #irits : (This is many waits apparent) and alloof the corn- munionwhich they have withman : And whenwe find àlfo an intehcival nature in our jetties, why fhould we not be- lieve, that our likencfs ofnature, doth infer our likenefs in our future duration and abode. 9. And mark well but the inward and outwardtemptations, which foliate all the world tofin; and what notable Evidences there be in many ofthem, of ad invifrblepower ; and you will cafily believe that man ha`th a foul to fave or lofe, which is of longer duration than the body. ro. Lalily, Ifyet there be any doubt, confider but of the fallible Evidences of Apparitions, Witchcraft and Poffofi ns, and it cannot chufe but much confirm you : Though much be feigned in hifiories of fuch things, yet the world path abundant evidence Of that which was certainly unfeign cd. See the Devilof Malcom, Mr. Mompeffons Flory latelyact- cd and publithed : Remigiva Rodin, Danaus, etc. of Witches, Lavater de Speeiris; and what I have written clfewhere, HAP.