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96 The Life of Faith. difcerncd : For you may hold them Co loofely, that they may be eafily wrefled from you : And you may fee them with fo clear and full a knowledge, as.fhail flablifh your mind againfii all ordinary caufes of mutation. It is one kind (or degree rather) of knowledge ofthe fame things, which the Pupil,and another which the Doh or bath. I am lure the knowledge which I have now ofthe evidences of theChrifian Verity, is much different fromwhat t had thirty years ago, when per- haps I could fay necr as much as now ; and ufed the fame Arguments. 17. Confider well the great contentions of Pbilofopbers; and thegreat uncertainty of moli of tbofe Nations, to which she In- fidels would reduce ourfaith, or which they would make the telt by which to try it. They judge Chriffianity uncertain, becaufe it agreethnot with theiruncertainties, or certainerrours. r 8. Enflave not your Reafon to theobjeas offenfe : Whilewe are in the body, our fouls are to imprifoned in fiefh, and have fomuch to do with worldly things, that motsmen by averfc- nefs anddifinfe, can hardly at all employ their minds about any higher things than fenfitive; nor go any further than fenfe conduceth them. He that will not ufe his foul to con- template things invifible, will be as unfit for believing, as a Lady is to travel a thoufand miles on foot, who never went out of herdoors, but in a Sedanor Coach. 19. Where your want oflearning, or exercife or light, loth ea* any difficulties which you cannot overcome, go to the more wife and experienced Believers, andPaftors of the Church, to be your helpers : For it is their office to be both the prefervers and expounders ofthe facred Dodrine, and to be the helpers of the peoples faith. The Priefts lips fheuldpreferve knowledge, and obey lhouldfeekthe Law at hismouth : for be is the meffenger of the LordofHcjts, Mal. 2. 7. 20. Laflly, Faithfully praúife with Love and alacrity what you dobelieve, left God in juftice leaveyou to difbelieve that which you wouldnot love andpratiife. So much to dircéi you in the method of your endeavours, for thegetting andfìgengtkening of faith. CHAP.