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The Life ofFaith. 135 power. And thus the Holy Gho(t is the protnifed Agent or Advocate of Chritl ; to do his work in his bodily abtènce is the world : And that in this fenfe it is, that we Believe in the HOLT GHOST, and are baptized into his Name; and not only as he is the third perfon in the Eternal Tri- nity. And therefore it is to be lamented exceedingly, r. That any Orthodox Teachers fhould recite over many of thefe parts of the witnefs of the SPIRIT , and when they have done, tell us, that yet all thefe are not fufhcient to convince us without the tetiimony of the Spirit t As if all this were none of the teftimony of the Spirit ; and as if they wouldperjwade us and our enemies, that the teftinsony which mutt fatisfie us, is only fome inward i #sprefs of this Propo- fition on the mind, by way of infpiration, [The Scriptures are the Word of God, and true.] Overlooking the great witnefs of the Spirit, which is his fpecial work, and which our Bap- tifm relateth to, and feigning Come, extraordinary new thing as the only tdlimony. And it is to be lamented, that papifts, and quarrelling, Sc- darks thould take this occafion to reproach us as Infidels, that have no true grounded faith in Chrift ; as telling us that we refolvc it all into a private inward pretended witnefs of the Spirit : And then they ask us,who can know thatwitnefs but our felves ? and how can we preach the Gofpel to others, if the only cogent argument of faith be, incommunicable, or fuch as we cannot prove ? Though both the Believing foul and the Church be the Kingdom of the Prince of Light, yet O. what wronghath the Prince of Darknefs done,by the mixtures of darknefs in them both Somuch for the fir.ft Dire'ion for theftreogtheningofFá tb; which is, by difcerning the Evidences of Truth in our Re- ligion. CHAP.