Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

141 The Lifé ofFaith. 3. The many prodigies, or extraordinaryevents, which have fallen out at feveral times, would be found to be of ufe this way, if wifely confidered. A great number have fallen out among us of late years, of real certainty, and of a con - fiderable ufefulnefs : But the crafty enemy (who ufcth rnofi to wrongChrift and his Caufc, by his moft paflionate, inju- dicious followers) prevailed withCome over-forward Miniftcr of this firein, to publith them in many volumes, with the mixture of fo many falfhoods, and miftakcn ircumftanccs, as turned them to the advantage of the Devil and ungodlinefs, and made the very mention of Prodigies to become a fcorn. 4. The ftrange deliverances of many of Gods frrvants in the greaten dangers, by the molt unlikely means, is a great encouragement to faith : And there are a great number of Chriftians that have experience of fuch : The very manner of our prcfcrvations is often fuch as forceth us to fay, It is thehand ofGod. g. The notable anfwer, and grant of prayers, (of which many Chriftians have convincing experience) is alfo a great confirmation to our faith, ( of which I have before fpokcn. ) 6. The three fcnfible evidences formerly mentioned, com- pared with the Scriptures, may much perfwade us of its truth : I mean r. Apparitions; 2. Witches; 3. Satanical poffeffions or difeafcs, which plainly declare the operation of Satan in them ; of all which I could give you manifold and proved in fiances. Thefe, and manyother inftances of Gods providence, are great means to help us to believe his Word (though we mutt not withFanatical perfons, put trft our own interpreta- tion upon Gods works, and then expound his Word by them; but life his works as the fulfilling ofhis Word, and expound his Providences byhis Preeepts,and his Promifcs and Threats. Direft. 7. Mark well Gods inward works of Government upon the fouls and you fhaR find it very agreeable to the Caro fpel. There is a very great evidence of acertainKingdom ofGod within