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150 The Life of Faith. hopes of endlcio glory, 2 Cot.. t I.3o. Sc 12. 5. 9, to. And when he could fay, Icount all things but lofsfor the excellency of the knowledge of Chriff yefus my Lord; for whom I have [offer- ed the loft of all things, and dicount them but dung that I may wilt Chriff- '-that I may !mow him, and the power of his re_ furreêiian, and the felow(hip of his [offerings, w being made con- formable to his.death, Phil. 3. 8, 9, to. No man will well mi.. litate in the life of Faith, but he that followeth the Captainof his falvation, Heb. 2. r o. whofor the bringingof many Sons" to glory (even thole whom be is not afhamed tocall bis Brethren) was madeperfeli, (as to perfeéiion of al7ion or performance) by [offering: thereby to thew us, how little the bell of thefe vifable and fenfible corporeal things, are to be valued in corn- pardon of the things invifible : and therefore as the General and the fouldiers makeup one army, and militate in one noi- litiez; fo he that fanllifieth, and they who are fanitifted, are all of one, Hcb. 2, to, r r, 12. Though that which is called the life of Faith in ur, deferved a higher title in Chrifi, and bar faith in his Father, and ours, do much differ, and he had not many of the objefls, ails and ufe of Faith, as we have who are (inners; yet in this we mull follow him as our great example, in valuing things invifible, and vilifying thingsvi- fible in comparifon of them. And therefore Paul faith [I am crucified with Chrifi: Neverthelefs I live, yet not I, but Chrifi livetb in me ; and the life which I now live in the flefh, Ilive by the Faith of the Son of God, who lovedme, and gave himfelf for me, Gal. 2.2o. L iret`k. 5. Remember therefore that God and Heaven, the unfeen things are thefinal objet of trueFaith: and that thefinal obje& is thenoblefi; and that the principal ufe of Faith, ie to carry up the whole bears and life from things vifible and temporal, to things invifible and eternal; and not only to comfort its in the ajfurance ofour own fergivchefs and falvation. It is an exceeding common and dangerous deceit, to over- lookboth this principal objed and principal ufe of the Chri® fiian Faith. r . Many think of no other object of it, but the death andrighteoufnefs ofChrifi, and the pardon of fin, and the?remits of that pardon : And GodandHeaven they look at u the objear offome other common kind of Faith. 2. And they