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The Life of Faith. f 5S flop. And mutt all there trifles be confidered in our Faith? 4f- fenting to the truths is ro: one Faith (unlefs when feparated from the reti) and confnrioog to the good, another at : Nor is it one Faith to b:licve the promife, and another to la; hew: the pardon of fin, and anoiher to believe (Ovation, and another to believe in God, and another to b fieve in Jrfus Chrift ; nor one to believe in Chrift as our Ranfom, and another as our Interceffor, and another as our Teacher, and another as our King, and another to believe in the Holy Ghoft, &c. I deny not but tome one of there may be feparated from the reff, and being fo feparated may be called Faith ; but not the Chriftian Faith, but only a material parcel of it, which is like the limb of a man, or of a tree, which cut offfrom the reti, is dead, and ceafcth -when feparated to be a part, any otherwife than Lo- gical(a part ofthe defcription.) The Faith which hach the promife offalvation, and which you muff live by, bath r. God for the Principal Revealer, and his Veracityfor its formal object. 2. It hath Chrift, and 4n- gels, and Prophets, and Apoftles, for the rub-revealer's. 3. It hath the Holy Ghaff by the divine attefting operations before defcribed, to be the f al and the confirmer. 4. It hath the fame Holy Ghoti for the internal exciter' of it. 5. It hath all truths of known divine revelation, and all goodof known divine donation by his Covenant, to be the material general objets. 6. It hath the Covenant of Grace, and the holy Scriptures, (and formerly the voice of Chriff and his Apofties) or any loch figs: of the mind of God, for the inffrumental efficient calif, of the objed in lie cognito: And alfo the intirumental effï_icnt ofthe alit. 7. It hath the pureDeity, God bin fel f, as he is to be known and loved, inceptively here, and perfelily in Heaven, for the finaland moft neceffary material objet(. 8. It hath the Lord Jzfus Chrill, entirely in all effential to him, as God and Man, and asour Redeemer or Saviour, as our Ranfbmc, In- terceffor, Teacher and Ruler, for the melt neceDary, mediate, material objet(. 9 It bath the gifts of Pardon, Juftiticarion, the Spirit of San6}ificationor Love, and all the.neccffaiy gifts of the Covenant, for the material, nevìr-final objects, And all this ís eftential to the Chriflian Faith, even ro that Fach which hath the promueofpardon and falvation : And do one X 2 of