Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

170 The Life of Faith. ing, to bcgin at the top, and to lay the foundation lilt, and reduce things certain to things uncertain. And it is no wifclier done of Atheitts, who argue from their apprehentìons of other things, againfi the Beings or Perfec}ions of God. As when they fay, [7here is much evil in the world permitted by God, and there is death, and many tormenting pains befall even the in. nocent bruits ; and there are wars and confufions, and ignorance and wickednefs, have dominion in the earth : Therefore God it not perfectly good; nor perfectlywife, and jug, and powerful in kir government of the world.] Theerrour in the method of arguinghere, helpeth to continue their blindnefs. That God is perfectly good, is pr ¡If s cognitum : Nothing is more certain than that he,who is the caufe of all the derived goodnefl in the whole Univcife, mutt have as much or more than all himfclf:. Seeing therefore that Heaven and Earth, and all things, bear tò evident a witncfs to this truth, this is the foundation, and firfl to be laid, and never more queílioncd, nor anyargument brought againtt it. For all that poffibly can be faid againfi it, mutt be à minus notis, horn that which is more obfcure. See- ing then that it is molt certain byfente, that calamities and evils arc in the world,; and no lets certain that there is a God, who is molt pettedlygood ; it mutt needs follow that thefetwo are perfectly confittent; and that tome other caufe of evil mutt be found our, than any imperfe@ion in the chief good. But as to the Beingof things, and Order in the worhí, it followeth not that Theymuft be as good and,perfeíi as their Maker and Governour is himfclf a nor one part as good and perfect in it feltas any other. Becaufe it was not the Crea- tours purpofe when he made the world, to make another God, that thould be equal with himfeif (for two Infinite Be- inks and Perfetiions, is a contradi6tion.) But it was his will to imprint fuch meafures of his own likenefs and excellencies upon the creatures, and with fuchvariety, as his wifdom law ittctt; the rcafons ofwhich are beyond our fearch: The Di- vine Agency, as it is in him the Agent, is petted But the -- 'feet hath thofe meafures of goodnefs which he was freely pleated to communicate. And as I have given you this inflame, to thew the folly of trying the ccrtrtin fogadation by the. lets certain notions or accidents