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,. -- The Life ofFaith. 73 tell you, whether he have a real pofitive Decree, de re eveni- ente, or only de eventu rei, or only de proprili permi f one even - tus, i. e. de non impediendo, i. e. de non agendo ; whether non agere need and have apolitive ad of Volition or Nolition an- tecedent ; Though they know not when theyhear the found ofthe wind, either whence it cometh, or whither it goeth; yet know they all the methods of the Spirit : They know howGod as the firfi- mover, predetermineth the motions of all Agents, natural and free, and whether his influence b: up- on the effence, or faculty, or as immediately ; and what that influx is. In a word, how voluminoufly do they darken coun- fel by words without knowledge ? As if they had never read Gods large expoflulation with Job (42 &c.) Deut. 29. 29. The[aril things belongunto the Lord our God; but thofe things which are revealed, unto us, and toour childrenfor ever, that we may do all the words of this Law. Even an Angel could fay to Manoah, 3udg. 13. 18. Why askeft thou tout after my name, feeing it is jeerer ? No man path feen God at any time, ( laving) ebe only begotten Son, who is in the bofome of the Father ;be batb.declaredhim, Joh. x.18. And what he hath de- clared we may know : But how much more do thofe men pretend to know, than ever Chrifi declared ? But who hob known the mind of the Lord, or who bath been bis Counfellor Rom. it r. 34. Efrain vera de Deo loqui periculofum : Even things that are true fhould be fpoken of God, not only with reverence, but with great caution: And a wife man will rather admire and adore, than boldly fpeak what he is not certain is true and congruous. Direct. 6. Let alyour knowledge of God be pratlicaI, yea more pralïical than any other knowledge ; and lit not your thoughts once ufe Gods Name its vain. It it be a fin to ufe idle or unprofitable words, and tfpecial- ly to take Gods Name in vain; it cannot be fauldefs to have idle unprofitable thoughts of God : forr the thoughts are the operations of the mind it felt, There is no thought or know- ledge which ever cometh into our minds, which I. Flash I'D `great work to do; and 2. Is fofit and portierfull to eo it, as theknowledge and thoughts which we have of God, The 4 very