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176 and pardon; and that it, hath nothing to do with God as our Soveraign Governour : And it is too large a dcfcription offaith, which makcth alJual and formal obedience to be a part of it : As Marriage is not conjugal fidelity and duty, but it is a Cove- nant which obligeth to it ; and as the path of Allegiance is not a formal obedience to the Laws, but it is a covenanting to obey them; and as the hiring or covenant of a [avant, isenot do- ing fervice, but it is an entring into an obligation and flare of fervice : So Faith and our firfl CbrJliarniroy, is not firidtly for- mal obedience to him that we believe in, as fuch : But it is an entring ofour felves by covenant into an obligation and flate of future obedience. Faith hath Gods precepts for i s objects as truly as his promifes : But his own Relation as our King or Ruler is its primary objud, be re his precepts, Hof. 13. 10. Pfal. z. 6. & 5. 2. & lo. i6. & 24. 7, 8, ro. & 41, 6, 7. & 89. 18., & 149. 2. Rev. 15. 3. 1 Timotb I. 17, Luke 19.27. Dire& 9 By. Faith acknowledge GOD ae your total Be- s:efallor, fromhimyoubave, and neuff have all that's worth the having : Andaccordingly livein a dependance on him. , Faith takethevery'good thing as a ftream from this inex- baufied fpring, and as a token of love, from this unmeafurable Love. It knoweth a difference in the means and way of con- veyance; but no difference as to the fountain; for all that we receive is equally from the fame original; though not font to us by thefame hand. Faith fhould not take or look at any good abfira&edly, as feparared fromGod; but ever Ice the therms as continued up to the fountain ; and the fruit as pro- ceeding from the tree and roots : Remember full. that bye. doth illuminate you by the Sun ; and he doth nourithyou by your food (for you live not by breadonly, but by his Word and bleffrng;) and it is be that doth teach youby his Minifters, and protefk youby his Magifirates, and comfort you byysa`ur friends : You have that from one, which another cannefgive you ; but you have nothing from any creature'whatfoever; which is not totally from God : For though he honour crea- tures tobs his Mefíengers or Inftruments, the benefit is equal- ly from him, whcn.he ufeth an Inftrument, and whenhe ufeth none. From himw; have our Being, and our Comforts,and all The Lifè 'of Faàlh;