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78 The Life of Faith. The effì:Ets of Gods Power, are alwaics the cffeds all) of his Wifdone and his Goodnefl : And the effec$s of his WiJdona, are alwaies the effects of his Goodneß and his Power : And the effects of his Goodnefs, are alwaies the effects of his Power and hisWildorn.The effects of his Dominion on his rational Cub- jeers, arc alwaies the effects alfo of his Government and Love: And the effects of his Government, are alwaies the effects al- Co ofhis Dominion and Love : And the effects of his Love as Benefactor , are alwaies the effects of his Dominion and Government. Though Come one Principle, and tome one Re- lation, may more eminently appear in one work as others do in the other works. Difpofal is the effect of Propriety; but it is alwaies a Regular and Loving difpolal of the fubjects of his Government. Legiflation and judgement are the effects of his Kingdom : But Dominion and Love have a hand in both, till Rebellion turn men from fubjcction : Glorification is the higheft effect of Love : But it is given alto by our Owner, as by one that may do as he lift with his own ; and by cur Gover- rsour by the way of a Reward, Mat. 20. 15. 2 rim. 4. 7, Mat. 25. throughout. Direct. 12. Efpecially let Faith unvail to you the face ofthe Goodnefs of God; and fee that your thoughts of it be neitherfalfe nor low ; but equal to your thoughts of his Power and Voider - fianding. I. As our lofs by fin, is more in the point ofGoodnejr, than of Power or Knowledge (TheDevils having much of the two hfl, who have but little or nothing of the fiat) fo it is the Goadnefs of Godwhich muff be more Readied by a Believer, than his Power or his Wifdom, bccaufe the imp-refs of it is more neceffary to us in our lapfed time. 2, They have falle thoughts ofGods Goodnefs, who make it to confift only or chiefly, in a communicative inclination ad extra, which we call Benignity : For he was as Good fromEter- nity, before he made any creature, as he is finte : And his Goodnefs confidered as effcntial in himfelf, and as his own per- fection, is infinitely higher than the confidcrationof it, as ter- minated on any Creature. Man is denominated good from his adaptation to the will of God, and not God chiefly from his adaptation to the commodity or will ofman. And they do