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The Life of Faith. CHAP. z. Some Wes. Vfe z! His being the natire and ufe of Faith, to appre- hend things abfent as if thy were prejent, and things unfren, as if they were vifible before our eyes; you may hence underhand the nature of Chriftianity, and what it is to be a trueBeliever. Verily, it is another matter than the dreaming,. Pelf deceiving world imagineth. Hypocrites think that they are Chrifhians indeed, becaufe they have entertained a fuper- ficial opinion, that there is a Chrili, an immortality of fouls, a Refurrec`,fion, a Heaven and a Hell ; though their lives bear witnels, that this is not a living, and ffeUual faith ; but it is their fenjtive faculties and intereft that are pred minant, and are the byas of their hearts. Alas, a little obfervation may tell them,, that notwithflanding tl.eir moli confident pretentions to Chrihianity, they are utterly unacquainted with the Chri- ftian life. Would they live as they do, in worldly cares, and pampering of the ficfh, and neglect of God and the life to come, if they jaw the-things which they fay they do believe ? Could they be fenfual, ungodly and fecure, if they had a faith thatferv'd inftead of fight? Would you know who it is that is the Chriflian indeed ? I. He is one that liveth (in force meafure) as if he jaw the Lord : Believing in that God that dreelleth in theinaccefble light, that cannot be jeen by mortal eyes, he liveth as before his face. He !peaks, he prayer, he thinks, he deals with men, as if he law the Lord hand by. No wonder therefore if he do it with reverence and holy fear. No wonder if he make lighter of the !miles or frowns of mortal man, than others do that fee none higher and ifhe obferve not the luhre ofworld- lydignity, or fi:fhiy beauty, wifdom or vain - glory, before the tranfcendcnt incotnprehenfible light, to which the Sun it felt is darknefs. When he awaJeeth he is 'fill with God, Pfal. 134. 8, He jets the Lord alwaies before him, becaufe he is at hue right band, he is not moved, Pfal. 16. 8. And therefore the life of Believers is oft called, a walki7g wit b God, and a walk;7rg C 2 before II