Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

i THE Life of Faith. /an, In Three PARTs. to71-Yk- The Firíl is a Sermon on Heb. ii. i. formerly preached before His Ma.jelly, and publifhed by his. Command; with another added for the fuller Application. The Second is Inf ruaions for confirming Be- lievers in the ChriftianFaith. TheThird is Direstions how to live by Faith; or how to exercife it upon all occafions. By Ri CHARD BAXTER. 2 Cor. 5.7. Ftr we walkby faith, not by fight. 2 Cor. 4, i 6, 17, :8. For which caufe we faint not: but though our outwardmanperifh, yet the inward man is renewed day by day : For oser light afillion which is but for amoment, worketh for us afar more exceedingand eternal weight ofglory : While we look not at the things which arefeen, but at the things which are not feen : For the thing; which arefeen are temporal i but the things which are not feen are eternal. Heb. 12. 27. By faithheforfoekEgypt,not fearing the wrathaftbe King: for he endured, asfeeing him that is invifible. LONDON, Printed by R. W. for Nevil Simmons, at the three Crowns over againli Holborn Conduit. 167o.