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The Life ofFaith. and that all your pleafures and contents on earth, will be as if they had never been, (and much worfe !) O wonderful ! that a change fo lure, fo great, fo near, fhould no more aff f# you, and no more be fore-thought on, and no more prepared for ! and that you be not awakened by fo fall and certain a fore-knowledge, to be in good fadnefs for eternal life, as you fcem robe whendeath is at hand ! 5 Suppofe you taw the great and dreadful day of Judge m :nt, as it is d,:fcrib_d by Chrift himfclf in Muth. 25. [When the Son of man [hall come in his glory, and all his holy Angels with him, and thali fit upon his glory, us Throne, and all Nations fhaft be gathered before him, (yid he "hall (eparate them one from another, as a Shepherd divid lb hisCheepfr ;rn the goats, and'bill let the Cheep on h s right band, and thegnats on his (dt.] v. 31, 32, 33. and (hall (entente the righteous to eternal lire, andthe re(f into everla(ling pu»fhmcnt. If you dbd now behold the gloryand terróur of that great appearance, how the Stints will be magnified, and rejoyce, and be ¡unified againfi all the accufations ofSatan, and calumnies ofwicked men ; and how- theungodly then would fain deny the words and deeds that now they glory in ; and what horrour and confufion will then overwhelm thofe wretched fouls, that now out-face the Meffengers of the Lord ? Had you Peen them trembling before the Lord, that now arc braving it out in the pride and arro- g,ancy of their hearts : Had you heard how then they will change their tune, and with they had never known their fins t and with they had lived in greater holincfs than thofe whom they derided for it : What would you fay, anddo, and be, af- ter loch an amazing fight as this? Would you (port it out in fin as you have done? Would you take no better care for your falvation ? If you hadfees thole fayings out ofthe holy Ghoft fulfilled, Jude r4, 15. 2 Thef. r. 7, 8, 9. [When the Lord Je_ fus. shall be revealed from Heaven with his mighty Angels, .in flaming fire, taking vengeance on tbem that 10,3w not God, aotti that obey not the f ofel of our Lord left's Cbriff a, .whoJbhallbepu- nifhed with éverlaftingdefivuîlion from the pretenceof the Lord, andfront the glory ofhis power.] What mind do you think you fhould be of ? What sourfe wouldyou take, ifyou had but Peen this dreadful day ?. Could you goo on to think, . and fptaka